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Through Abdullah's Eyes

DOCUMENTARY - Idomeni Refugee Camp, What Comes Next?

About the project

Through Abdullah's Eyes is a documentary that follows the journeys of a refugee and his friends as they pass through the Idomeni refugee camp in Greece. These individuals are the heart of the largest migration movement of the century. Trapped by Europe's closed borders, thousands of people are forced to survive in degrading, unsanitary, and uncertain conditions. Many fleeing war and devastation, their homes have been destroyed and they have nowhere to go.

Abdullah is from Deir ez-Zor, Syria, destroyed over years by Syrian, Russian, & NATO bombs and now controlled by ISIS. He, and so many others around him, are looking for a safe place to rebuild their lives. Everything that was familiar to them was destroyed. 

In this film, we follow Abdullah and his friends as they determine what few options they have to reach Europe and understand why they risked their lives for the journey. Was it worth it? Why did they choose to go to Europe? Will they have been too late? 

We will learn about their stories of running from war into a border. We'll see what it takes to survive each day in a refugee camp while the global community argues and lingers to find an adequate solution to the crisis.

This film will get intimate with the frustration of global indifference - the slow and painstaking process of assigning priority to a group of people who are all equally in need of safety, care, love, and a home. 

We look through the lens of those most affected by current global immigration policies at how a culture of dignity and resilience opposes a growing global narrative of intolerance.

We hear the stories of people overcoming an incredible journey to reach Europe only to find themselves confronted with the full might of a state protecting an immovable imaginary line. 

By funding this film, you are supporting independent filmmaking, a film on the refugee crisis from an incredibly intimate perspective. I'll be living side by side with Abdullah and his friends, in a tent, in a car, whatever it takes to be by their side.  

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What are the funds for?

Costs (based on 40 days filming & camping)

I was fortunate to spend a week at Idomeni in April to capture a lot of initial footage for the documentary. To complete the film and explore all the topics this film deserves, I want to keep up with Abdullah and other main characters for several crucial weeks of their journeys as they navigate Europe's closed borders. 

I'm just one person making this film happen, so my costs are pretty low compared to any large budget production. I'll be using camping gear and a small rental car to follow the protagonists of the film over the 2016 summer. The main expense is travel, and the more funds I can raise, the more time I can spend documenting their journeys.  

By funding this film you are supporting independent journalism and helping to authentically document the personal and intimate human impact of the current Syrian refugee crisis. You are making it possible to tell stories from behind the news headlines and from the perspective of the people living the reality of life as a forgotten refugee. 

What your contributions will cover:

Travel (flights, buses, car rental, gasoline, hostel, camping needs, etc) over 40 days €850

Food and necessities €8/day @ 40 days €320

Field translation / fixer €400

Minimum Post Production Editing / Mastering budget (50+hours) €800

Video equipment rental / gear maintenance €300

Equipment Insurance €75

Any extra funds will pay for gear and equipment upgrades and help to ensure the best quality production value of the film.


Rewards! Thank you so much for considering to fund this project. Each donation level unlocks extra rewards! 

5 EurosGratitude, love, and appreciation - thank you!

15 Euros Receive a digital copy of the film on release & the reward above

30 Euros Exclusive access to bonus material, behind-the-scenes footage & the rewards above

75 Euros Funder Credit in the film, skype with the filmmaker & the rewards above

125+ EurosSuper Funder Credit in the film & the rewards below

Thank you for supporting independent filmmaking! 

About the project owner

Jeremy Martin is an independent journalist and freelance filmmaker currently based in London UK. His films focus on human rights struggles & social activism and he founded JUST NEWS in Houston Texas. He has a BA in Political Science and MA in Television Journalism. 

Through Abdullah's Eyes - The TRAILER -

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