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The Great Story of The Infinite Drawing

An crazy interactive wallpainting with an augmented reality story inside !

About the project


Hi guys! Do you like art, comic books, gigantic projects, silly stories & augmented reality? If so, you will love my new project!


My nam is Loona, alias Elly Oldman. If you want to know more about me, just scroll :)

In April 2017, I began to draw The Infinitive Drawing on Instagram. You can see it here: @theinfinitedrawing. It is more than 13 meters long and carries on growing every week!

A few months ago, I was offered to exhibit this drawing during a festival in Rennes in October 2019. I cannot name this festival yet as no contract has yet been signed, but it’s all about Visual Arts and New Technologies, from Electroni[K] association... quite easy to figure out!

I was thrilled when I got their offer! Not for long though, because I realised the actual Infinite Drawing is very hard to display in real life with its 13 meters length and 63 cm width!

After two months of hard thinking and some talking with the association team, I thought of an even crazier project: an interactive wall-and-floor painting of 2,5 by 5 meters telling an augmented reality story. It will be called "the Great Story of the Infinite Drawing".


The painting will keep the same style as in the original Infinite Drawing on Instagram, but with a different format ratio and some recurring characters. Each new line of drawings will still be posted on Instagram, about 2 or 3 times per week.

The painting will be interactive, and people will be able to scan parts with their smartphone to watch augmented reality videos. These videos will tell the quest of a little girl and her robot across various worlds, giving clues to understand the mystery behind the huge painting.

The wall-and-floor painting will be printed out in two different versions:

- A complete version on the wall on five panels so one can lose himself in it for hours

- On the floor, on 63cm side linoleum squares, like a big puzzle. People will walk on it (in their socks only!) and watch the augmented reality videos while looking for clues

The Great Story of the Infinite Drawing is the story of a little girl and her silly robot, and they go on an adventure together.

One day as they are playing in the garden, a jar falls out from the sky and hits the robot on its head. Inside, there is a little goat who’s reading a book. The goat explains to the little girl that it's coming from another world where a villainous man, the Vile-Son-of-a-Prince, is devastating the environment.

The Vile-Son-of-a-Prince reigns on a wetland once lush and flourishing. Unfortunately, after many years of neglect and abuse of its resources, the wetland is leaking and collapsing.

As the Vile-Son-of-a-Prince is pretty stupid and cannot find a way to fix the wetland, he has sent his soldiers into the other worlds to steal whatever they can to try to fill the holes in.

Since then, it’s a catastrophe! The soldiers are removing bits and pieces from all the other worlds, people, animals, plants, landscapes, and then lock them into jars to fill the gaps of the wetland. But the wetland is made from Wetland Salt, not from the bits and pieces of the other worlds! So the repairs are useless, and the wetland carries on leaking on the little girl’s world. This is why the jar fell into the garden. Rescuing the wetland is now terribly urgent, or all the other worlds will disappear!

The little girl and her robot decide to follow the goat on a mission to stop the Vile-Son-of-A-Prince and save the wetland, restoring peace and preventing all the different worlds from collapsing.


The wall-and-floor painting will include all the different worlds and the characters the two companions will meet during their adventures. In each world, they will have to solve a problem to progress in the story, until they finally meet the Vile-Son-of-A-Prince and rescue the wetland.

I want the Great Story of the Infinite Drawing to also be an educational story, with an ecological and solidarity-based message: taking care of the environment and respecting the people around us is important. This message is entirely in keeping with my work with RiveRennes, a association for which I have already illustrated campaigns against cat-calling and bad behaviors in the street: for example a campaign against throwing cigarette butts and rubbish on the street.

The wetland in distress I’m drawing in the painting is the symbol of the towns we live in, and the behavior of the Vile-Son-of-A-Prince is the daily incivilities we all face, being both responsable and suffering from them.




What are the funds for?



Without the money, the project will be totally cancelled




5€ or more : a big thank you for your support and your name in the thank you section on my website     

12€ or more : same + a downloadable wallpaper (computer/mobile) and an Infinite Drawing coloring set to download and print by yourself.

18€ or more : same + an A5 size print from the Infinite Drawing, handsigned, on an art paper

26€ or more : same + but the A5 size print becomes an A4 size print from the Infinite Drawing, handsigned, on an art paper

36 € or more : same than 18€ with a cute set of 12 stickers print on vinyle

50 € or more : all the first perks (both A4 and A5 prints) and you have an exclusive A4 print illustration, full color, handsigned on an art paper

70€ or more : all the precedent perks + the communciation supports I used for the crowdfunding campain + a set a 3 polaroid prints of my drawings

80€ or more : all the precedent perks + an extra cute badge + the official postcard of the painting (you'll be a year first to have it!)

95€ or more : all the precedent perks + an Infinite Drawing robots Tote Bag ! + a super cute magnet 

125€ or more : all the precedent perks + an Infinite Drawing t-shirt with a bad ass cat print ! + an exclusive patch made by me and my cute mom ;) + I draw an avatar just for you

150€ or more : all the precedent perks + an original handdrawn sketch page I drew for the project , A5 size and handsigned + an extra cute picture of my CAT !!!

200€ or more : all the precedent perks + the ability to have the character (object/anmal/human) you choose drawn in the Infinite Drawing on Instagram (as long as it's something I'm able to draw!)

300€ or more : all the precedent perks + a customized drawing just for you A4 size, handsigned


Here are some examples of the perks. I'm keeping mystery for the others so you will have more surprises ;)


About the project owner

My name is Loona, but you might already know me as Elly Oldman.

That's me!

I started drawing about two years ago, after a big epilepsy crisis which left me with a damaged ankle and motor difficulties for six months. Drawing has been a significant part of my rehabilitation, much more effective than the medical solutions.

I work in a bar in central Rennes, and I am actively involved in actions to prevent violence against women, harassment, bad behaviors in the street, etc.

I spend a lot of time drawing every day, and you can find my work on my various Instagram accounts @ellyoldman and @theinfinitedrawing, and also on my FB page@ellyoldman and my websitewww.elly-oldman.fr