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The House We Live In

A musical journey through ecology

  • New Drone Shot Pictures

    The campaign is progressing : we have now exceeded 50%! Only 30 days left to reach the goal and enable us to finalize the show and publish the photo-book, music and film. Many thanks again to you, dear contributors! 

    And if you haven't already done so, please talk about it to your family and friends, we still need support!

    Some news of the project:

    New step: complete the film with "homemade" images. Paul took advantage of his last holidays to handle the drone and bring back some superb images viewed from the sky.

    They will be used, beside “Commons“, in the musical sequence "The Parliament Of Things" (echoing the idea of French science philosopher Bruno Latour) which evokes an Earth without human traces : the beauty and richness of the natural world outside of humans and its vision considering  Nature as a simple resource to exploit.

    Why shooting with a drone ? In “Commons“, which also uses drone footage, we see the earth from the sky, as through the eye of a bird, looking down vertically. Beyond the simple beauty of the views, the images allow a distance by seeing humanity both tiny and all-powerful. In “The Parliament of Things“, it provides panoramic and spectacular views of world, encompassing in a single frame its complexity and the interconnectiveness of ecosystems:

    Piloting a drone takes some practice and concentration (the risk of a crash is never far away!) but in the end it offers amazing views of our world. And as a drone is rather light and small, Paul carries it around in all his travels in order to have a great variety of images:).

    A short video to show you the backstage of these shootings :

    Find The House we Live In on Facebook and Twittter.

    Wish you all a good weekend,

    Bravery in Battle

  • While Vandana Shiva was visiting Paris

    Earlier this week, Vandana Shiva was in Paris to talk about her new book. We released the song composed from our meeting ("Commons"), on the music platforms*. As an icon of eco-feminism, Vandana Shiva was one of the most significant encounters of this adventure. Her charisma, her perfect activism, her thinking and her sense of formula: we admire everything about her. So we contacted her through her Navdanya foundation. The project being radically different from anything she has already done, it piqued her curiosity.

    Her voice has proved to be one of the most pleasant to musicalize: it covers a very large range and is very mobile. This gives her melodies a varied and extremely musical character.

    Against the trend of our time, which sees wealth only in property, Vandana Shiva reminds us of the value of "common" goods: wealth comes precisely from the free and shared nature of resources, unlike the patenting of life, which is widespread in the agri-food industry.

    Here is the visual we chose for this song, taken from THE HOUSE WE LIVE IN's film (thanks to Camille for her help with the graphics):

    Almost half of the goal has been reached! That's heartwarming. Many thanks to the new contributors.

    We have 45 days left in the campaign... We need you! 45 days, that gives you time to convince your father-in-law, your neighbour, your yoga teacher and all your friends to join this musical adventure of a new world!

    >>> Follow the project on Facebook - on Twitter

    Wish yo all a good week-end and again : THANK YOU !

    * "Commons (feat.Vandana Shiva)" is available on YoutubeYoutubeSpotifyDeezeritunes & Bandcamp.

  • 30% in 4 Days !

    Thank you for reacting so positively. Thank you also for your messages of support, it warms our heart to see that you like the project. We now feel pumped for the future !

    We just finished the drum recording sessions for the music track "Parmi des millions" ("Among Millions"), based on our interview of French-Canadian astrophysician Hubert Reeves. 

    What an opportunity to introduce you to Greg, our drummer ! Here into action: 


    Tomorrow, we'll announce this crowdfunding on our social networks. We'll also make the 1st official videos public to the medias (kind of stressful moment...but yeah, you've seen the teaser and video of "Commons" feat. Vandana Shiva before anybody else :) ).

    You can keep on supporting the project sharing it widely around you ! 

    Here are our social networks to be kept posted about further news on The House We Live In :

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    Talk soon,

    Bravery in Battle