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Bamboo made in France lingerie and clothing - Ethical Fashion

About the project

TheFrenchKiss private sale

New exclusive products (women's bodies pants or tanga shape, backlesstop, tangas, men's polos... ) all in bamboo and organic cotton, quality natural fibres, and made in France, with love!

But also limited edition T-shirts FrenchKiss by Cawacem, bamboo underwear packs for two, t-shirts + underwear packs, and full packs with many made in France products andgifts to shop exclusively on Ulule!

FrenchKiss, you mean..?

We first FrenchKissed in 1944, after French Liberation, when american soldiers met affected, rewardful and... very open French ladies!

France scores really well in some point, compared to other countries in fashion, cuisine and FrenchKissing.

But why fashion products ?

... 2014... crazy night... pimping one friend's white t-shirt with a red lipstick (which stays forever). TheFrenchKiss brand was registered one month later.

What does TheFrenchKiss concept says ?

- It is SOFT !

- It is ethical and eco-friendly

- The Kiss as a symbol

Bamboo clothes are soft, really ?

Yes, it's soft! We look for the softest and most premium bamboo and organic cotton fibres to make our pieces.

We also use linen, organic cotton, Modal and French ecorun forests wood (for the sunglasses). All the fibres we use are treated with environment respectful Oeko-Tex certified dyes, to protect Earth as much as we can.

What does Made in France with love mean ?

We make lingerie and clothes, in Paris or other French regions (Auvergne, Vendée, etc.) respecting humans, their know-how and their working conditions.

FrenchKiss Experts who design, cut, tailor and print each of our pieces are based in paris, work according to french law and are all consenting adults 😜

Even Made in Paris !

For our last collections, we worked with aParisian atelier. We tailor underwear, clothing and accessories paying special attention to fit and finish.

And that Kiss ?

The Kiss, our symbol, represents "le baiser français" and the seduction French are good at! It was red at first place, recalling the brand history, then PopArt, military... it is embroidered or printed on each of our pieces.

OK, let's see the bamboo pieces!

What are the funds for?

IF WE REACH 10 000 €


1. We re-tailor pieces our FrenchKissers do love

  • UNDERWEAR: bamboo and organic cotton shorties, boxers or tanga. Red embroidered Kiss. Made in Paris.

  • TOPS: bamboo and organic cotton backless top for women, unisex long sleeves top, men / women t-shirts or unisex tank top. Made in Paris.

  • WOODEN SUNGLASSES WoodLight x TheFrenchKiss. Made of wood from eco-run French forests. Made in Auvergne, Centre France.

2. We tailor new extremely soft pieces made of natural fibres.

  • BLACK BEANIE. Bamboo and organic cotton . Unique size. Made in Paris.

  • POLOS: Organic pique cotton polos for men. This organic cotton is bought in France, which comes to a 100% Made in France product

  • JOGGING: Unisex trousers in bamboo and organic cotton. Black, with red embroidered Kiss. Made in Paris.

  • BODIES: bamboo and organic coton bodies. Black, with red embroidered Kiss.Tanga or underpants shape.

  • And our TheFrenchKiss mug, which is not Made of natural fibres, but that would be a pity for a mug!

3. We launch a cute French-Russian collaboration

  • T-SHIRTS LIMITED EDITION: FrenchKiss by Cawacem, Russian artist. Men/women white t-shirt or unisextanktop. Made in Paris.

3 possible designs: some Panda, and some Kisses. Cawacem on Instagram

For France contribution on packs prices already include shipping costs


We go to trade shows !

  • Who's Next to see international buyers, MIF Expo for the Made in France, designer's market and pop-up stores in Paris and London. We finance the confection in series, the trade shows, the scenography, transportation and pimping our booth!

We put Kisses on the web...

  • Investment on multimedia product promotion, advertising campaigns and highlighting our Made in France pieces. Promotion on market places we already sell through. We finance Web advertising campaigns to promote the brand. 

... in retail stores...

  • Business development retail Paris / Rest of France. We hire trainees, and students / FrenchKiss Experts.
  • International development. We finance exportation agents for Japan, UK.

... and in the press

  • Investment to get visibility in the Press and Web. We finance a Press and PR Agency who knows everybody.

IF WE REACH 15 000 €

  • We make recycled unisex shirts (yes, they were real jeans before !)
  • We make jumpers for men and women. Grey sweater / Red embroidered Kiss.
  • We make bamboo socks
  • We invest more in Web advertisement
  • We reinforce budget given to our PR agency
  • We prospect abroad. Exportation agents Canada / USA / Northern Europe (where live many ethical consumers) 

IF WE REACH 20 000€

  • We make jackets with pineapple leaves made leather (Piñatex)
  • We embroid black caps with a big red Kiss
  • More retail stores. We hire two trainees or students / French Kiss Experts.
  • More visits anc clicks. We invest more in Web advertisement.
  • More visibility in the Web and the Press. We give a consequent budget to the PR agency.


We dream about...

  • integrating a sales manager to the FrenchKiss Experts team
  • develop a complete vestiaire for clothes and lingerie, make a collection for babies, make a pyjamas and homewear line with bamboo bath suits for him and her
  • finance trade shows and pop-up stores abroad (TheFrenchKiss in NYC ☺️)
  • organize the longgest Kissing chain on the Champs-Elysées avenue

About the project owner


We launched our lingerie and clothes eco-fashion brand in 2014, and we developped it respecting our core values: softness, eco-consciousness and ethics! We created t-shirts, tank tops, tote bags, underwear... and even condoms!

But we also...

  • Sent some Kisses in the press and magazines

  • Made some famous FrenchKissers wearing our pieces

  • Tried to seduce politicians committed in the Made in France promotion... but they want to show pictures of them wearing underwear.

  • Adopted crazy noisy bamboo loving pandas, and that wasn't much relaxing!


Agathe, thirty two, fromParis by adoption, fromProvence for the "pot-au-feu", and FrenchKiss Expert.

My first FrenchKiss, I was twelve, behind a bush... and some others... and that lipstick Kiss on Pablo's t-shirt, at the origin of the brand.

Many trips and adventures, a growing interest in entrepreneurship, and the will to promote what French do best, and makes the entire world know about us: FrenchKissing!

Ecological conscious, as well, especially in fashion industry which damages seriously the environment, and is a tremendous waste of natural resources.

Non-organic cotton, for example, and fast fashion overs consuming feed an insane system which can not last for ever. I humbly did want to throw small water drops into the fire.

Natural and organic fibres, softness, French quality, love, and some fun.

Help me spreading the Kiss among eco-conscious human beings, get a bamboo underwear pack for two and contribute protecting the environment, kiss each other and stick in your tongues for TheFrenchKiss to become a universal way of communication... and beware of Kissing pandas.


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Core values and brand history

Famous FrenchKissers
Press Releases

Facebook - See our pandas in video







or by e-mail if you want to reach our FrenchKiss Experts.