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Recording our first album !

About the project


Alright butt, thanks for stopping by and having a wander around our page! We've been going now since 2013, just a Welsh Valleys boy who got lost in the South of France and some musical mates he's made, composing their songs and writing out their feelings about all that's happening right now.

We've been at it for a little while to be honest, used to be we'd have a little jam in our old caravan (well, it's not much of a caravan anymore since we sliced it in half and made it into somewhat of a studio, but there we are). We've had all sorts of local bands pass through the caravan over the years; Joulik, De La Colline, OnX, Pepper Soul, Siwai, Skump, Nancy Boy, Mau Mau Collective...

And then one day, after yet another six hour long jam that nobody would ever remember how to play again, we thought well, maybe we'd have a go at this "serious band" lark too. After all, Wayne has got one hell of a pair of lungs, and all the other boys had grown a bit too big for games consoles and they had to find something to fill their time. Mighty fine musicians they are too, you know. We thought it would be a better use of all of our time to sit down and think about the things we really wanted to say and what we really had to share with you all.... 

And that's when it really kicked off...

Wasn't for nothing, that little caravan though... Thanks to it, we had a space in which to write all the things we wanted to put out to the world on our first ever album!

We recorded our first ever demo back in 2013, and you can check that out for free at

We even created a sort of non-profit organisation which we called "Caravan Experience" so we could write up contracts and things, organise gigs.....

After that, we made our EP in 2015, with it's own nifty psychedelic cover and everything... You can listen to it and even download it for free (everyone loves a freebie) here:

After that we went wandering about Europe doing a few gigs here and there in 2014 and 2016, we even drove all the way over to visit everyone back in Wales and played The Big Cheese Festival in Caerphilly (the van broke down on the way mind you, but there we are).

We made a couple of videos, because we're all about that audiovisual, see. You can check them out at

We've been hard at work lately, Wayne's been scribbling away at his lyrics, the boys have been composing their little hearts out and we're finally ready to burst out with our first 10 track album!

We'll be recording in early April in our mate Ben's studio, "Hors Phaz", in our village right here in Montferrat (83). 

As for the album design, we're working with our French friend and renowned artist Jacques Puiseux, and we recommend you have a look at the great stuff he does here:

What are the funds for?

Your contribution will go towards: 

  • Studio costs and mixing
  • Mastering
  • Disk printing
  • Sacem (French copyright)
  • The cover and it's artwork

What will you get in exchange for your contribution? Well, we can send you one of the first copies of our brand new album, hot off the press. We can also send you the album plus our EP, how about the album signed, an EP and a poster? Perhaps some stickers with it? Check out what we can do for you down the right hand side!

About the project owner


The Wayners is an alternative rock band, formed in 2013 in the valley of a little French village. The musicians are all of French origin, except for Wayne the singer who hails from South Wales
Inspired by the sounds of the seventies and in the spirit of avant gardism, The Wayners plays to the beat of their own drum with audacious and other worldy vibes.
Since they began, the band have performed hundreds of live shows in France and in the UK, including appearances in the press and on the radio. 
With inspiration ranging from The Doors, The Beatles, Jethro Tull, Radiohead and Pink Floyd, the accompanying musicians follow Wayne's turbulent lyrical journey through all the social and political ills of today. 

The Band

Wayne Brooks: Lyrics, Vocals, Flute, Harmonica

Stéphane David: Backing vocals, bass, keyboard

Sébastien David: Drums

Joffrey Meunier: Guitar


Benoit Martin: Sound engineer

Just want to say a big thank you to all those who have contributed!

Nice one, butt!!!!

Drop us a line:[email protected]
Have a listen:
Have a watch of our videos:
Keep up with what we're up to: