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The StarChilds - First Album

Help us to finance our first Blues / Rock and Folk Album

About the project

Actually the esential of our energy power is focusing  upon the  elaboration of our first Album , as the necessary VISIT CARD and basic step forwarding professional  realization. That si why, accoding to your means  and according to the  appreciation of our music and composers  ability, we require your welcome help to sustain our adventure. Our faith and feeling so good about our friends-love enterprise, is giving us wings and sweet super power to invest and succeed. HO Gentle us  and let us remember that little donations from a large number  will make a pretty financial amount to realize our  project. Let us develop the power of UNION !!!

What are the funds for?

 The 1500€ amount are corresponding to the registering expenses,  mixing,mastering and printing-pressing disks.

To day , we are praying your gentle generosity,so that we might cover production expenses and, in floowing step, continue and progress in our  professional and artistic career. Once that first album registered, it will easily open precious  producers' doors and  labels ect...


Album realization, 


Mixing  / Mastering


- Diffusion

- Promotion / Communication

About the project owner

Fruits and result from our school young time together, "The STARCHILDS" is a project born from 4  school friends' passion with  Blues and Classical Rock Music, exploring nowdays a repertory which  honors great  and famous "guitarists heroes" as Jimmy Hendrix, Buddy Guy, Eric Clapton, Muddy Waters and BBKING.

After the "grand revival" in the early 2000 years,  with the Strokes or the Artic Monkeys, The STARCHILDS musiciens nourish the ambition to give another "breath" to that style. The way in which they  re-invest a part of Rock history, from the 5Oies to the 70ties, is resounding with the constant interest , sustained by this timeless music style, through "vintage" practices. Thoughts are in favor of re-editing vinyl modality. 

If these new consuming modes could somehow give the impression of minor entertainements, The STARCHILDS Members, have the power to convince about the deeply rooted  interest of their judicious choice, while intensily communicating their passion and super fresh creative energy.

Most of people cultivate the notion of TIME as a circle , when in reality,  it follows much more of the SPIRAL movement process.

TRAVELING THROUGH TIME, as THE STARCHILDS' compositions are transporting us,  is a "FIRE VORTEX" .

Video clip : 

You Can Leave Your Reason
My Sunrise

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