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The Moon Project

The first games for more equality ! #girlpower #stopstereotypes #dreambig

About the project



The moon project is not just showing or saying… but allowing kids to play, do and undo, question and share, laugh and have fun with inspiring games.

Our games are about equality and seek to deconstruct stereotypes.

Our games are also about great feminine figures to illustrate female role models.

Firefighter, Dancer ... male or female, it doesn't matter !

Invite kids to associate a profession to a feminine figure as much as to a masculine one, with no apriorism.

Free their imagination with inspiring feminine role models to dream BIG!

Assign the same role and the same points to both feminine and masculine characters.

King/ Queen - Duke / Duchess - Viscount / Viscountess

In addition to these (quite amazing!) games,

we offer to all a coloring book with unbelievable and inspiring women figures.

Posters of incredible women to brighten the kid’s room and inspire them all year long.

These posters will be large format, and you’ll be able to choose your own at the end of the campaign.

If you want to inspire and make dream a maximum of children, this is the gift you need !

To give as a present to the nearest school, holiday camp and great teacher who wants to learn about these topics. 

At first, there was the bitter finding of the lack of women in the entrepreneurial environment

Next, articles were read, researches and analyses were made and reports amongst the work of Mona Zegai (doctor in sociology), Astrid Leray (fonder of the Tetrezego cabinet), Marie-Cécile Naves  and Vanesse Wisnia-Weill “ Report : Fight against girl/boy stereotypes), and many others…

and all the people we met to talk about this ...

Several researches treated the question, among which more than 150 on gender equality destined for children. But no game. None whereas :

We are convinced that it is during childhood that we build our greatest dreams, and so it seems an emergency to act on it.

Act in order to help kids build their own free from constraints mind to dream WITHOUT BOUNDARIES.

And since aiming for the moon never scared us, The moon project was born.

What are the funds for?

The Moon Project needs you to print the first 1000 copies!

For this, we need to raise 20 000 €, without achieving 100% of this goal, the funds will not be released, you will be refunded.

About the project owner