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A Visual Music Album Stage Production

About the project

Synth build-ups, cutoffs and orchestral hits and rises...  

The angelic vocals which lead to imagined transportation.

The sonic soundscapes, ambient transients mixed into tape delays, 

reverbs, and analog tubes to feel the warmth of “The Light.”

The Light is a music album written for a fully immersive live audiovisual storytelling experience by visionary artist, singer, and composer Margaret De Bellis. The live audiovisual show combines multiple art forms and next-generation entertainment technology in a theatre setting. The Light transports audiences into alternate worlds where they will embark on a quest to discover, The Light.

The Light visual music album stage production was conceived out of the need for a musical score to be heard in a stage theatre, be sonically immersive, and be written in a dramatic film scoring practice where the music illuminates the live artistic visual story. The Light dramatic album score blends soundscapes, angelic vocals, the orchestra, synthesizers, songwriting, native beats and sound design.

The Light is a visual music album stage production which lights the way in audio production technology and uses proprietary design and processes using spatial maps, ambisonics and 360­° surround sound techniques to create sound immersions. To restate the importance of creating an imaginative musical score which will lead the album's visual story. 

To draw a future glimpse the visual live story will use showmanship, live vocals performance and interaction with virtual tech-arts.  Virtual tech-arts is a name coined by De Bellis to categorize her visual artwork which is intended to be altered using technology.  Virtual tech-arts uses motion pictures, paint on canvas, photography, projection technology and will be used to create the live world on the theatre stage.  

 The Light also represents a community and social togetherness where... 

“Imagination is limitless, and hopes and dreams can excel into the world of possibilities”.   

Be part of the community, be part of The Light, and…

“Transport the Imagination”.


Autographed Vinyl Album Collectors Edition = Starting @ $56 Beautiful Light Collector or > Rewards

Album Cover Art & Design by: Margaret De Bellis, All rights reserved 2019 - present.

What are the funds for?


  • The audio production mix is the most important asset as the audio leads the story, and the visuals enhance the audio. The audio will provide dimension such as a realistic time and place of an accepted reality. The funds will be used to rent an insulated studio to “test” sound immersion.


  • Contract 2D & 3D artist, visual effects, compositors, textures, cinematographer, editor, and additional performers for the virtual tech-arts visual aspect.


  • Launch a marketing campaign to pre-sell tickets to the experience.


  • Transform operations into an in-house production facility, once the sound immersion processes have been completed, this process can be patented and be used for Games and VR audio implementation. 
  • Fees used for trademarks, accounting, assistants, music software licenses, computers, and technology.

About the project owner

“I am passionate about creating innovative musical experiences and transporting the imagination!”

Margaret De Bellis, a visionary artist who believes in all art forms of expression to bring truth and confidence. Her soul expression and unique designed sounds were born by practicing other art forms (singing, dancing, abstract art, acting, writing and meditation) and industry experience in theatre performance arts, music, film, healing arts, and VR experiences. 

Margaret De Bellis is a Canadian-born, California based composer, singer, producer and audio designer - a performing artist at her core. She successfully completed her Master of Arts in Music Scoring and Composition at the Academy of Art University, where her works “The Light” and “Can You Feel It” were showcased at the 2018 and 2019 Spring Show Exhibition held in San Francisco, California.

It's through De Bellis’ devotion and dedication in practice to execute her audio-visual works to bring the message of meaning and hope.

De Bellis is proud to be among the five percent of women globally who contribute to music and sound in visual media entertainment. 


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