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The Geeky Cauldron

Antwerp's very own Sci-fi/Fantasy bar

About the project

Welcome Wizards, Witches, Jedi's, Sith Lords, Trekkies, Hobbits, Superheroes, Pokemon Trainers, Saiyans, Benders, Thronies, Whovians etc. to the official Crowdfunding page of Antwerp's very own Geek Sci-fi/Fantasy bar - THE GEEKY CAULDRON! Come spring 2018 I will attempt to open within the centre of Antwerp city, Belgium. 

Together we have raised €10 000! That's awesome! 
However, that doesn't mean this crowdfunding campaign is over. We have decided on some stretch goals, with a target of €15 000! The extra €5000 will be invested in several TV monitors and gaming consoles to add some extra fun to the bar. If you're not that much of a gamer, no worries! The bulk of the raised funds will be used to decorate and design the bar. The more budget I have, the more awesome the bar can be and the more fun can be had. So if the concept interests you, please read on, and support The Geeky Cauldron!

The concept is simple: Comic Con in a bar! At The Geeky Cauldron you will be able to comfortably enjoy a nice butter beer (or Rum Weasly if you're looking for something a bit stronger) while being completely immersed in the geek sci-fi/fantasy scene. 

In addition, many fun activities and events will be organised there: 

  • (cosplay) geek themed parties
  • Screenings of movies and series
  • Geek speed dating
  • Board game nights
  • Geek cooking/brewing events
  • RPG/LARP events

... and much, much more. Eventually the plan is also to set up cosplay/LARP workshops for people who've always wanted to cosplay or LARP, but - perhaps because they were intimidated by the high quality of cosplay outfits visible at Comic Cons - have no idea how to get started. Sewing, mask sculpting, make-up, foam armor crafting... you can learn it all right here, at The Geeky Cauldron. 

Photo: fans reacting to an episode of Game of Thrones at the Burlington Bar in Chicago. 

The idea is also to create something that's more than a bar. It's meant to become an experience; by geeks, for geeks. With The Geeky Cauldron I hope to strenghten the geek community in Antwerp and offer a fun place where the geek subculture can thrive. It will be accessible to all audiences, of all ages and backgrounds who wish to explore what geek culture has to offer. Creativity and positivity are the pillars on which The Geeky Cauldron will be built. 

Photo: San Diego ComicCon

Whether or not all of these ideas can be realised as soon as the bar opens, depends greatly on the results of this Crowdfunding campaign. Unfortunately I do not have a tragic backstory in which my parents were murdered while conveniently leaving me with a secret vault full of gold I can use to fund this project. Therefore I offer you this opportunity to contribute to the creation of the bar, and become one of the building blocks that make this idea a reality. 

If you're thinking "Awesome idea! This needs to happen!", great! Please do not hesitate to pledge some hard needed funds. You will receive my eternal gratitude in return, ontop of a fantastic bar and many great rewards listed on this page. 

What are the funds for?

The collected funds will be used exclusively to realise the many ideas I have for the Geeky Cauldron that make it unique. This means mainly, but isn't limited to: The activities and events organised at the bar, as well as the decoration of it. The idea is to decorate the bar to make it look like you're walking into a medieval fantasy tavern. Wooden floorboards, large tankards, barrels, chains, candles, (synthetic) fur carpets, etc. The level of immersion depends greatly on the budget I'll have. 

The decoration will also be done creatively, using interchangeable components that can be exchanged at will with components of a different theme. This way, whenever I wish to organise a sci-fi oriented event or month, I can simply exchange every decorative component with something that screams "sci-fi", so that suddenly you're walking into a bar that no longer looks like a medieval fantasy tavern, but a futuristic sci-fi cantina. If possible, again, depending on the available budget, I wish to do this with other themes as well, such as superhero comics, anime, steampunk, etc. 

If you have any questions about these ideas and/or decorations, or have any additional questions concerning the campaign, please do not hesitate to contact me via the official facebook page. I pledge to answer any questions within 24 hours. 

About the project owner

My name is Alexandru Hul. I was born in Malle, Belgium and raised in Zoersel. Ever since I was a child, I have been completely enthused about movies and series, to the epic dismay of my parents who ever always wished I'd spend more time on my math problems at school. They still joke about how, when I was born, I didn't cry or look at my mother, but my eyes were immediately drawn to the TV monitor suspended in the corner of the delivery room. 

After High School, I studied Dutch and English Linguistics and Literature at uni. It was during these subsequent years I blossomed as a total geek, mainly because it was suddenly socially acceptible (and, dare I say, popular) to do so. While eagerly absorbing all I could about literature, plot structure, character development, setting, writing and storytelling - and failing Diachronic Linguistics 6 times - I immersed myself in everything movies, series, comics, games and different forms of entertaining art. Don't try to make me commit to a conversation while there's something Star Wars related in the background, I guarantee you've lost my attention ;-). It was in my second year at uni - now about five years ago - when I first came up with the idea for a geek sci-fi/fantasy bar while talking to a friend at a christmas market, and the idea kept growing on me ever since. 

After college I worked as a fundraising consultant for charities, for about a year. After that I worked for a year as a recruitment consultant. In this period of my life, I have learned two very important lessons: (1) I need to express my creativity in my job, or I will not be happy doing it, and (2) I want to build something for myself. So about 6 months ago I decided to take the leap. I decided to realise this great idea I've been sitting on for 5 years and take it to the max. That is what I am trying to do right now, and I could definitely use your help! 

Please support my project, and thank you for indulging me ;-). 

You can find the official Facebook page here!
A like and a share is of course always appreciated ;-).