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About the project

Synopsis: In the depths of a tropical valley, an adventurous young man discovers a giant amusement park dedicated to rock'n'roll. Curious, he decides to try a psychedelic Rollercoaster haunted by Jimi Hendrix. He is greeted by a mysterious jailer who looks like a voodoo sorcerer. During the ride, which runs to the song "Voodoo Child", the spirit of Jimi Hendrix manifests itself in the form of a voodoo doll.

It's a tribute to Jimi Hendrix to celebrate the 40th anniversary of his death. We wanted to try a risky mix of stop-motion animation, video and computer graphics in a psychedelic rock fantasia version of the 70's.

The film uses a landmark technique of stop-motion movie (frame by frame), developed exclusively for the film to revive a Jimi Hendrix-sized Voodoo Doll, singing and playing exactly like Hendrix.

What are the funds for?

We have completed the film but our pockets are empty and the rights for the use of the music ("Voodoo Child") are expensive. Our desire is to spread this video worldwide, but for this the company "Experience Hendrix", which manages the rights of good old Jimi in the United States, asks us for €5000. So, what we need to spread this clip around is your support.

This film already has a soul due to all the obstacles it had to overcome to become real; you now have the choice to give it a body to move wherever it likes...Alright, that's pretty melodramatic, but it's quite true!

Every donor will be mentioned in the credits and shall be accorded the title of "Pépère Benefactor" from the order of the Pirates Pépère. One day, trust us, it will mean something...

Plus: The largest donor will receive his weight in guitar picks...

About the project owner

The group "Pirates Pépère" consists of a dozen fellows from film and music, with an average age of 22. This film has held us in suspense throughout the year and has been an ongoing challenge. Passion is intact and new projects are already on a roll: a web series, a series of documentaries and several shot films.

Why "Pirates Pépère"? First, for the Pirate code of honor, a code of ethics, the spirit of community and brotherhood. Also "Pépère" ("cushy" in french) because we're pretty nice pirates and once the accomplishments are done, we will be pretty cushy.