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The Evolution Project

"When horses make us more human"

About the project


Even if we reached the 100% of the amount we asked (1000000 thank you!),
this amount was what we needed to start the Evolution Project in its basic version.
Every goal we will reach now will allow us to make it look better but also to offer you even more!

Next goal to reach:

Travel around the world with my horses to meet the today’s greatest trainers and riders, who have ethical and respectful methods, and who have built a strong and harmonious relationship with horses.

With all of them, I will take lessons with my two horses, and then I will interview them. This discussion will be about what horses have brought into their personal life, about what they have learnt, the way they learnt to control their body and their emotions, and what represents for them freedom, personal fulfillment and making dreams come true.

But the project goes further. Indeed, its purpose is also to find Wisdom, Serenity, Freedom and the values that can make the Human Being evolve outside the equestrian world.

Therefore, the aim is also to interview Zen Masters, sport psychologists, Native American, the greatest freedivers, the extreme surfers, Martial Arts Masters, Buddhist Monks and coaches in personal development. 

Each step of this research will be broadcasted in different ways, so that you will live this adventure with me:

1) A series of free episodes (11 for Season 1): each month a new episode will be uploaded and visible for free on Youtube, Viméo and on the website of the Project. The idea is simple: one episode dedicated to one guest. In the form of a travel diary, the episodes will present the riders I will meet, as well as their relationship with their horses and the reasons that push me to meet them. The episodes will also show strong moments of my lessons with them and their full interview.

2) Special free episodes (10 for Season 1): between the episodes of my encounters with today’s greatest riders, will be added special episodes of my encounters with non-riders specialists. Alexander Technique professor, actors, relaxation therapists, coaches (and many others!), they will help us to reach our goals and dreams as well as being more serene, calmer and more focused when we approach horses, but also in our daily life. 



3) The lessons in their entirety on the website:the lessons that I will have with each rider and my two horses will be spread on three days. These lessons in their entirety will be available to who support the Project and allow it to live on.

Brighten up with exercises videos that I will suggest you to try with your own horse (and based on my 10 years and more than 15.000 hours of experience as a trainer) and also a lot of other bonus in which I’ll explain important moments of the lessons. It is tens of hours of educational videos that will be available on this part of the website! 

This represents an opportunity to watch the greatest coaches and riders of the world revealing their secrets to develop, from the ground and on horseback, a harmonious and respectful relationship with your horse. 

Through my journey and my research, which I’m preparing now since almost two years, I want to inspire those who are dissatisfied and to remind them that it is possible to realize their dreams and to make the world a better place.

In that idea, from all the dreams I couldn’t accomplish and from all my questions remained unanswered, I kept the most universal objectives possible. They are about horse riding but also about our daily life.

These objectives are going from improving the basic locomotion of my horses, to performing Grand-Prix exercises in the greatest Lightness with and without the bit, and by going through different kind of equitation such as working equitation or even sorting cattle. They are also to canter in total liberty on the beach with my stallion, without saddle or halter, or be able to let them free in open environments and play with them from the ground.

But it is also about to understand what makes some riders exceptional. How do they achieve to develop such a strong and magical relationship with their horses?

To understand how to listen better to the horses and their message. And to use this message to make the world a better place.

How to not suffer from our negative emotions like fear, anger, and frustration?

How to be happier, more serene, and more open-minded?

How to follow our dreams as far as we can? To stick to our craziest and unreachable objectives without being distracted, discouraged or simply without restricting ourselves unconsciously? How to not be desperate facing time or obstacles? How to find what we are made for?

How horses can help us? How to listen better to them, to understand better their message, to become better partners for them? How to communicate better with them?

And how to use the purity of emotions that horses bring to us and to use dressage to inspire human beings to evolve?

Horse riding could be the symbol of open-mindedness, of these beautiful things that human beings are capable of doing, of what brings them closer and of what they need to be happy, free and fulfilled? And how the riders’ world and non-riders’ world can answer each other and enrich each other? 

Whatever craziest dreams or hopes you’ve ever left out, the vision that you’ve always thought impossible to realize, my goal is that you’ll find through this Project the keys to dare and to move forward.​

Because through this Project, I would like us to realize our objectives together.

Whether it is to be more serene and more peaceful, to communicate better with your horse, to improve as a rider or even to make the world a better place, we will meet those who made the impossible possible, those who pursued their dreams and who can help us in this quest.

The purpose is to create a gigantic community of human beings in search of something else, of answers to their questions, in search of Freedom, Serenity, Wisdom and Emotions, who are seeking to create a link between Human Beings but also to create a new bond with animals.

A world in which each will attempt in his own way to highlight Love, Respect, and Compassion.

Finally, the Project also aims indirectly to support humanitarian NGO, as well as animal protection organizations and children’s charities. Not only by donating a part of the profits to those associations but also by offering them greater visibility through special episodes.

Click here to watch the other videos


Episode 1 - Bernard Sachsé (Dressage - France)
Episode 2 - Andy Booth (Natural Horsemanship - France)
Episode 3 - Anja Beran (Dressage - Germany)
Episode 4 - Hervé Maurel (Working Equitation/Cow Trial - France)
Episode 5 - Walter Badet (Liberty & Relationship Horses/Humans - France)
Episode 6 - Véronique Bartin (Alexander Technique - France)
Episode 7 - Russell Higgins (Natural Horsemanship - New-Zealand)
Episode 8 - Elisabeth de Walsche (Dressage - Belgium)
Episode 9 - Surprise!
Episode 10 - Surprise!
Episode 11 - Surprise!


Special episode 1,3,8,8 and 10  - Marina Schelfaut/Coach (Belgium)
Special episode 2 - Athanase Vettas/Alexander Technique (Belgium)
Special episode 4 - Laurence Van Ooteghem/Sophrology (Belgium)
Special episode 5 - Actress surprise! (France)
Special episode 6 - Surprise! (United States)
Special episode 9 - Eugénie Cottereau/Saddlefitting (France)



Everything is ready for the Project to start. We only need to raise funds to buy the rest of the equipment and finance the first episodes.

To thank you for your support, we will offer you in return special discounts on accesses to the lessons of the first season but also on the clothing with the project’s name and on the book already published in English.


The principle of a crowdfunding is really simple:  you don’t take any risks! If the amount of money we need is reached before the deadline, the Project will come to life and you will receive your reward (book, CD, clothing, unlimited access to the lessons, according to your choice). And if the amount of money is not reached before the deadline, you will be repaid without losing anything.


According to the crowdfunding rules, it is obligatory to raise the minimum amount otherwise the financing is canceled. However, if we pass the needed amount of money, this will enable us to offer you even more! You will find further down the different scales (and thus, the advantages that go with it) that we will able to unlock with the extra funds! In this way, it will be to everybody’s advantage that the crowdfunding for the Evolution Project is shared as much as possible!


We chose the website ULULE for this financing because it is one of the safest platforms, which has already financed more than 19000 projects. It is therefore without any risks and reliable! 




If you wish to support the Project, I want, first of all, to say a huge thank you! But also to promise you that I will do my best to give you an unforgettable experience and to help you to improve with your horse and in the realization of your dreams.

1) The best way is to read first a bit further down: you will find the different rewards you can have access to, or that will be sent to you, depending on the amount of your participation.

NOTICE: some of the rewards are limited, in order to reward the best way possible those who have supported the Project from the beginning.

2) When you will have chosen the amount and the corresponding reward, you only need to click on it in the right column and follow the instructions on the website.

3) From there, don’t forget to share this page as much as possible to enable us to unlock as many scales as possible!


If your reward includes clothing with the Project’s name (polo and/or jacket), you will be contacted by email at the end of the crowdfunding campaign to know your size and the model (woman/man)!



If the crowdfunding campaign is successful, the broadcasting of the first episode is scheduled for November 2018. We will broadcast then one new episode each month.

Shortly before the broadcasting of the first episode, you will receive your password if your reward includes an unlimited access either to one episode or to the half of the first season, or to the full first season.

You will receive the clothes and the soundtrack CD, at the latest, during the broadcasting of the first episode; we will contact you by email at the end of the campaign to know your size and model (woman/man).

You will receive the book 2 or 3 weeks before the broadcasting on the first episode.



You will find the summary of my career as well as a Question-Answer about the Project but also concerning the different pledges at the bottom of this page.

If you don’t find the answer you need, you will find a link in the right column of this page to contact us. 

Instead of focusing on harsh and non-respectful methods towards horses, on the differences between methods, riders, cultures, and Human Beings in general, what if we would rather seek to highlight those who treat them well, those who respect them and those who have developed a strong and harmonious relationship with their horses and with themselves? 

What if horses would become the symbol that Human Beings can live together?

What if we would attempt to create a world, equestrian or not, where each Human Being would try in his own way to highlight Love, Respect and Compassion. 

What if we would highlight this universal message?



I don’t want to force you to follow me, and I don’t want to listen to those who will say “it is impossible”.

I only would like us to walk side by side, supporting each other, sharing and growing and evolving together, with the hope that we make the world a better place if we are crazy enough to believe in it… 



What are the funds for?

The financing of this crowdfunding will mainly be used to buy video material: video camera, robot camera, lights, editing material and sound recording material.

Another part of the amount will be used to finish the website which requires some advanced features in order to give you an easy access to the episodes, but also a genuine interactivity, which will enable to develop a community around the Project.

Finally, the main part of the amount raised will enable to finance the first episodes (travel expenses, editing, sound mixing, translation French/English and English/French expenses, etc.), the time needed for the Project to be self-sufficient. 

About the project owner

In 2001, I graduated from Free University of Bruxelles (ULB), in Animal Biology with a specialization in equine ethology (study of the horse’s behaviour).

I was trained in the dressage of horses in Belgium by Elisabeth de Walsche, herself student of the Portuguese Master Nuno Oliveira during 17 years, by Michel Henriquet in France, by Joaquim Fernandes and by Sergio Martin in Portugal, where I lived and worked for two years and a half, by Rick Klaassen in Germany and by Jan Brink in Sweden, where I lived and worked for one year.

Settled in Belgium since 2008, I shared my time between the dressage of horses, teaching, writing equestrian books and the realization of artistic and pedagogical DVDs.

I was also invited to give clinics in Belgium, France, Sweden, Germany and Portugal. In 2016, I trained on regular basis the horses and riders of the CAVALIA SHOW (USA).

In 2013, I published my first book “Balance and Straightness” (Equilibre et Rectitude, realeased in English in 2018), entirely self-published and self-financed followed in 2017 by my second book “Images and Dressage” (Images et Dressage, currently being translated in English), also entirely self-published and self-financed.

In 2015, I carried out, produced, financed, and edited the graphic design of the first DVD of a collection of 10 movies where I explain equestrian notions following the evolution of different horses from different ages and breeds. The purpose of those movies was to combine teaching to an artistic vision of equitation (not yet in English).

In 2017, I produced a box set of 4 DVDs recorded during my first Masterclass that I organized and led in Belgium in October 2016 (not yet in English).

In 2013, I also published the novel “REDEMPTION” (drama-fiction), self-published and self-financed (not yet in English).

Since 2010, I write each month articles (in French) on dressage in Cheval Savoir magazine.

I also was for the past 5 years orator of conferences about equestrian techniques as well as the evolution of Equitation, for example during the first meetings of the French tradition equitation in the prestigious surroundings of the Saumur National Equitation School.


How the repeated travels will affect the welfare of my horses?

Of course, this question was my first preoccupation when I set up the Project. It is the reason why it was clear for me, since the beginning, that my horses will do only a few hours of travel, one day per week, and not more. This implies a lot of stops of course, but the great amount of clinics I gave these past years enabled me to develop a network of contacts and stables where I know my horses will be welcome but also where they will have all the comfort they deserve. On the other hand, a lot of long breaks will be planned so that they can rest and re-energize in a quiet environment. My two horses are of course used to travel and they know each other really well, it has been now years that they know each other and that they follow me in my adventures!

Who is going to film the episodes?

It is one of the characteristics of the Project. I would like to film the Project as a travel diary. When I was a child, my dad initiated me into riding and sailing, which is also one of my passions. I would like this travel diary to look like the travel diary of a solitary sailor. I would like this diary to follow my evolution, my thoughts, my times of doubts as well as my times of success. Therefore, to keep something that will be “private” and that enable you to live the Project as an insider, I made the call to film it alone, helped also by robot-cameras. This is not the only reason: I wanted to show you also how amazing is the era we are living now, where everything is possible. Because less than ten years ago, it would have been almost impossible, I believe, to set up a Project like this one, without having a really huge budget. A full film crew would have been needed, sound technicians, producers, editors, and even the uploading of content would have been far more complicated than today. Thanks to the Project, I want also to inspire those who have dreams and want to make the world a better place, to dare to believe in them.

How to know when the free episodes are going to be broadcast?

The simplest way is to subscribe to the newsletter of the Project (on the website: and to like the Projet Evolution facebook page (@HorsesToBecomeMoreHuman). You will be noticed by email or via the facebook page as soon as a new episode is available, but you will also have access to special content made only for you!

I want to become one of the partners of the Project or to know about the possibilities to sponsor it officially, what do I need to do?

First of all, thank you very much for your interest! If you want to know the possibilities to sponsor the Project, you just need to write to us (you can contact us by clicking in the upper right corner of this page) and give us a few details on your activity and what kind of partnership you would be interested in. We will get back in touch with you as soon as possible! You can of course also give us some ideas about potentials guests but the list of guests of the first two seasons is almost already set up!



Why a crowdfunding?

My first motivation is to share this adventure with you as much as possible and that you would be a part of it since its launch. This Project is also yours, and I would like you to get as many advantages as possible in exchange for your support. This means that we will start the Project in the best conditions possible since the beginning in terms of imagery and artistic means, to not wait months before having good quality video and audio material.

How clothing is a limited edition?

A clothing line with the Project’s name will be available via the online store when the Project will be officially launched. But clothes with the Project’s name mentioning the fact that you have supported the crowdfunding will be also provided. Those will only be printed for the rewards of the crowdfunding and will never be reprinted, they will be collectors!

How will you know my size of the clothes from the reward?

You will be contacted by email at the end of the campaign to know your size and which model you wish (woman or man). The clothes are available in XS, S, M, L and XL.

When will I receive my reward?

If the crowdfunding is successful, the broadcasting of the first episode is scheduled for November 2018. Then one new episode each month will be broadcasted.

Shortly before the upload of the first episode, you will receive your password if your reward includes an unlimited access either to one episode, or to half of the first season, or the full first season.

You will receive the clothes and the soundtrack at the latest during the upload of the first episode; you will be contacted by email at the end of the campaign to know your size and the model (woman/man).

You will receive the book 2 or 3 weeks before the broadcasting on the first episode.

If my reward includes unlimited access to half of the first season, how can I then have access to the full first season, and under which conditions?

If you chose the access to the half of the season, besides your password for the half season, you will also receive another password that will give you access to the full season without having to pay it in its entirety. However this access will be 20€ more expensive than if you would chose to have access to the full first season in the first instance.

I would like to receive several different rewards, How do I do?

You only need to choose the second reward you would like after having paid the first one. The second reward will be added to the first one selected.

I selected the wrong reward and already paid it, how do I do to change it?

The best is to contact us by private message, and we will help you in the steps to follow (you can contact us by clicking in the upper right corner of this page).

I saw that it was possible to contribute without reward, what does this mean?

This option is for those who wish to support the Project without having something in exchange. This option also allows those who have already chosen a reward to support further the Project with a greater sum of money.

When will I have access to the unlimited episodes (the lessons)?

Some weeks before the upload of the first episode, you will receive a password to have access to the part of the website reserved for those who supported the Project. From the release of the first episode, scheduled for November 2018, you will have an unlimited access to the videos of the lessons and to the extra videos related to the free episode via this part of the website. We plan one new episode each month (videos of the lessons and the extra videos). Maybe more if we can afford it!

Can we subscribe to have unlimited access to the episodes after the crowdfunding?

Yes of course! But without enjoying the discounts offered in the pledges of the crowdfunding.

Can I exchange the passwords with somebody else?

No, the password is strictly personal. This password will be efficient on your laptop, smartphone or tablet.

Why the rewards are not similar in the French and the English version?

Because some of the books and DVDs won’t be available in English before next year. They are being translated but we want to offer pledges that are available now.



I would like to have a receipt, what should I do?

You just need to send us an message with your billing details (you can contact us by clicking in the upper right corner of this page) and we will send you the receipt at the end of the campaign.

I made a mistake in the shipping address or in the reward, what do I do?

The best is to contact us via message, and we will help you in the steps to follow (you can contact us by clicking in the upper right corner of this page).

I can’t finalize the payment via the website, what do I do?

The best is to contact Ulule directly because we are not dealing with the payment done on the website. To contact them, click here:

How much are the shipping costs?

- For the book, the shipping costs are offered for France and Belgium. They are 10€ for Switzerland and 18€ for the rest of the world.

- For the rewards including the audio CD, the shipping costs are are offered for Belgium and France. They are 2€ for the rest of the world.

- For all the rewards including clothes, the shipping costs are 5€ for Belgium and France and 10€ for the rest of the world. If the audio CD is included in the reward, the shipping cost for the CD will not be added.

- For the reward 14, the shipping costs are 5€ for France and Belgium, 15€ for the European continent and 35€ for the rest of the world.

- For the reward 15, the shipping costs are offered.

If I group several orders, will the shipping costs be less expensive?

Yes of course, but they will be recalculated at the end of the campaign and the difference will be repaid to you at the end of the campaign. You will be contacted by email at the end of the campaign to inform you of the difference.


NB: the designs are non-contractual, except for the clothes. Colors and designs are susceptible to be modified before the shipping.