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The Day I Got Into My Head

Close your eyes and look inside.

About the project

The Day I Got Into My Head is a 15 minutes animation film (cut-out and pixillation techniques) in black and white telling the incredible journey of Sarah, after she's been swallowed by a giant reproduction of her own head.

The presentation video above was made with the same animation techniques that we will use for The Day I Got Into My Head, so that you can get a good idea of how it will look like.

If you would find an access to your head, would you dare to enter and discover who you really are?
In The Day I Got Into My Head Sarah, a 40-year-old mother and nurse discovers a giant copy of her own head in the basement of the hospital where she works. After she gets swallowed by the head, she wakes up in an hospital room, dressed as a patient. That's the beginning of a journey full of unbelievable experiences, transformations, and encouters that await Sarah in every corner of the clinic. 
Will Sarah reach the end of these aventures before getting mad... or dead?

Because The Day I Got Into My Head  tells about intimate issues, it aims to be universal. It tells us about anxiety, fear of dying, taboes, expectations of ourself, dealing with everyday's life as a parent, worker, partner, etc.
Everyone, at one point of the film or another, will recognize a familiar problem that one has to deal with. 

The Day I Got Into My Head flirts with surrealism with dreamlike scenes full of poetry that slightly might remind you of Alice in Wonderland.

We were really inspired by surrealism and German impressionism, but not only. Modern filmmakers such as Michel Gondry, David Lynch, Jaco Von Dormael, John Cusack, and Virgil Widrich also tell us stories that take place in a realistic context but have actions that are at the border of reality, or even beyond. 

Never saw these movies? Well, go for it, these are definetely very good ones!

The Day I Got Into My Head is a fully handmade animation film. We use two techniques: pixilation (animation of actors) and cut-out. We first take pictures of the actors, then we print and cut them out (the pictures, not the actors!). Each bodypart is cut apart, so that we can make articulated puppets. 

 Then we animate with a multiplane camera. That's a camera fixed above a table with 2, 3 (or more) glass layers on which you place the characters and backgrounds. 

In the modern society where we live, with internet, laptop and mobile phone, everything goes fast and we have to be constantly available, connected with the whole world all the time. In addition to that, we also get work, house and family responsabilities that we cary day by day as good as we can. I think that everybody gets regularly this "too much" feeling, and would like to drop everyhting... 

That's how we so easily loose the connection to ourselves. But if you don't know yourself, how can you understand the others? More and more, we see people getting depressed, having burn-out or dealing with panic attack on a daily basis...

The Day I Got Into My Head is an invitation to take time to think deeply and accept ourselves. By exploring Sarah's intimacy, we hope to give some keys for people to feel better, to understand that they are not alone feeling that way, or having that kind of problem. 

What are the funds for?

We need your help to start the production of our ambitious film! 

We already wrote the scenario, we have a first version of the storyboard, the casting is done and the crew is almost complete. Now we want to shoot the film.
It will take us approximately 12 months to make this beautiful 15 minutes animation film. For that, we'll need at least 30,000 euros. That sounds like a lot, but we need material, and we are a dozen profesionnal artists working on the film who need to be paid.

We tried two times, together with a producer, to get subventions and funds from audiovisual film fundings. Unfortunately, we couldn't convince them to give money for our project.
Since we know that The Day I Got into My Head will be a great movie and has a real potential, we won't let it down.
At the contrary, we are trying harder now! 
With your support, we want to start filming and make amazing videos that will impress film investors, enough to finance the rest of our project.
Our first step for now is crowdfunding, than we would like to get funding from France (CNC or G.R.E.C). We might also get some help with the European program "Media". Then we'll ask as well for regional funding (Provence in France and/or Flanders in Belgium).

 With the 8000 euros that we would like to get via crowdfunding, we'll be abble to work at least one complete month and shoot a lot of great scenes of the film. If we get more than that, we can even work longer, which would be amazing of course! For now, we have the studio, and most of the material to shoot the film, but with this money, we will purchase licences for animation and editing softwares (dragon and adobe). Also, we will be abble to pay the animators to show their best talent on some very challenging scenes, the componist to make great music, the musicians to play it, the film editor to make a catchy film that you'll enjoy! 

SO, please join us now in this great adventure, and become part of our film! 
You can give from 5 euros up to 3000 euros or more, depending on what you can afford of course. Have a look at the rewards too, we have very nice little and big presents to thank you for your generous contributions! 

Every penny counts, since we really have to reach the 8000 euros in order to receive the money. 

Are you a broke artist so that your bank account usually sticks around zero? You can still help us by sharing our campaign, and talking about it with your friends and family! 
Any help is welcome, you can even come visit the studio and help us print or cut out all the backgrounds, accessories, and characters! 

About the project owner

The one who's writting this text to you is Floriane Montcriol, french animation film maker and children books author/illustrator, and proud mother of 2 sweet little girls. I'm currently living in Ghent, Belgium. You can discover more about my work and watch my former films on my website: . You can also find me on facebook "Floriane Montcriol Schneider" and on
twitter " Flo- Studio Zozo". 

For this movie we have a bunch of french and belgian engaged and motivated artists!

To play in our film, we also have these very interesting actors (and goat!):

We also have a facebook page of the film, which you should like, to see all the updates on the project, and news about the film!

And a page about the studio where we shoot, Studio Zozo, located at the top floor in my own house!


If you still have an unanswered question, feel free to ask the project owner directly.

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