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The Darkness Shield

The shadow of a king

About the project

What is a superhero? A man in a tights helping the widow and the orphan? Yes, it exists, but not here. There, Lyons, the city of lust and peach. Who am I, who are we? We are the Darkness Shield, the last bulwark against this crime that rotten us daily and, incidentally, students. We are neither super heroes nor villains, we are the middle, we embody the new wave of protector.

The Darkness Shield offers you to contribute to the release of their first comic adventures. Contributions will be used to add additional content (new boards, artworks, etc.).

The comic book contains 32 boards, including artwork.

During the campaign, we organize two interactions sessions with the entire Wuzzu Editions team. On Friday, June 23, we will be pleased to answer your questions.

The originality of The DarknessShield lies in its characters, all embodied by an actor (except Le Royal). Here is a short presentation. The first episode is onstage Sam Desportes / Aqua Flow and Lucas Martin / Red One in a post-apocalyptic Lyon.


Our protecto

Lucas Martin / Red One

Aged 21, he is the son of Michelle and Gérald Martin. Student at Lyon II University. He was part of the DarknessShield for two years before leaving. He fell into drugs and no longer attended classes. He wants to regain his life as a forerunner. Will he be forgiven for his flight?

Sam Desportes / Aqua Flow

At 21, this young economics student is the son-in-law of the Desportes family. A powerful family who wants to take control of Lyon. Of a calm and joyful nature, Sam experienced the loss of beings in some time. Still very weak mentally and physically the young try still somehow to keep (protect?) Lyon. Perhaps not to think about the past ?


The history of a city

In the course of 2007, the global financial crisis arrived in Europe. In a few months, the European unity has exploded and every country tried to be the first to stop the rise of the economy collapse. A hope that vanishes a little more day after day.  As a result,the unemployment rate in France increased signficantly. The country loses all its subsidies and faces colossal debts that it can no longer repay. Millions of people ended up on the streets following the instantaneous disappearance of social assistance and their property seized by bank creditors. In the French metropolises, huge slums appeared, next to disadvantaged areas already weakened by the crisis. The city of Lyon was considered as a light into darkness during this economic and social chaos. Paris was engulfed in a civil war and the presidency had to flee temporarily from the capital. Between 2008 and 2009, Lyon saw more than three hundred thousand people settling in gigantic slumbs, made out of nothing, in perfect anarchy. Seven years ago, in 2000, to help Lyon in its energy consumption, the State had agreed to the construction of the Neyron II nuclear power plant. The Desportes company, led by the billionaire Georges Desportes, put pressure on the State to authorize and accelerate its putting into service.

The city grew from 2.2 million inhabitants to 3 million in 2010. That year, the deadly nuclear power plant was inaugurated, and  gave up the ghost in July 2010. The Lyons region was completely closed and the French government decreed the city as unlivable The inhabitants and officials who were still in the city succeeded in gaining independence from France. Lyon had become an independancity. Nowadays, nearly 4.5 million inhabitants are divided into seven districts, governed by the Liberté and Egalité party of Lyon.

Who will be Le Royal


The team is expanding

That's not all, The Darkness Shield is not isolated and other protectors await their moments to fight the crime too. The first one that will be presented in the first volume will be Electrik Blade alias Giuseppe Tripartito then in the next issues you will discover Elias Ouharzoune


Julien Grévenot / ElectrikBlade

At 17, he lost his father in mysterious circumstances. Blocked in District 3, he often watches the buildings of District 1 while dreaming of breathing a less polluted air and finally living his life. His passion for rollerblading, will push him, in spite of himself, to become a hero whom nobody wants. Will it be able to make a place in the disputed town of Lyon ?

Ethan Scott / Shadow Eagle

At 19, he became one of the youngest CEOs in the United States. Son of Karima and Trevor Scott, both deceased at the time of the great uprising for freedom which shook the northern states. He directs the T. Company. His childhood is only suffering and mutilations, he will become the Shadow Eagle, while Detroit is attacked. Rather closed and cynical, his encounter with the DarknessShield will be in pain. What dark secret hides its terrible scars ?


The girls are not outdone, because it is a protector who will join the team (for the moment the actress has not been chosen).


The first 4 boards


What are the funds for?

For 3000 €:

6 boards more = 1000 €

500 copies = 550 €

Purchase of 10 rings worth 60 € = 600 €

Ulule 8% = 240

Miscellaneous charges = 600 €

About the project owner

Founded in February 2017, Wuzzu Editions is co-created by Océane Foliot and Samir Senhaji. The result of a collaboration and friendship of 4 years. They decide to take the plunge and create their own publishing house. Between Océane the novelist and Samir the fan of superheroes. . With 3 projects in production, Elferline, a heroic novel Fantasy (April 2018) and Shopping & Dragon (In pre-production). The adventure is just beginning.

The Wuzzu Team is not only two producers (Océane Foliot and Samir Senhaji), it is also draughtsmen, actors and a composer.

The producers

Oceane Foliot

Océane FOLLIOT is a novelist born on 8 December 1975 in Bastia, Corsica. She began by inventing stories for her brothers and sisters in the evening to put them to sleep. On the margins of her studies or work she always has a pen and a notebook on which she notes all the ideas that cross her mind. During a professional experience in a call center, she meets Samir Senhaji. After several years of exchanges on their different projects, they decided to found Wuzzu Editions in February 2017. She is currently writing her future novel. The release of the first volume is scheduled for April 2018.

Samir Senhaji

Samir Senhaji was born on January 15, 1988, in the North of Morocco. It is since Burgundy where he resides, that he decides to embark on the adventure of the superhero. At 19, he is fascinated by Batman and his gothic universe. Inspired by the world of Tim Burton, he decides that the city that will serve as a playground will have to be dark and dangerous. He will be assisted by Laurent Guiot who will write the first draft of the story. For the city, Samir had two choices, Minneapolis (USA) and Lyon. It was Lyon and its many nuclear power stations built along the Rhone that was designated as the city that would see the Darkness Shield appear. Nearly 10 years later, Samir joined forces with Océane Folliot to create their own publishing house, Wuzzu Editions.


The designers

David Bauwens (Ysha)

David Bauwens, aka Ysha, joined the Wuzzu team as a draftsman in December. It will also have the heavy task of ensuring the artistic cohesion of the works produced by Wuzzu Editions. He made his debut in role-playing games and video games (Obscur d'hydravision). For more than 20 years David has been putting his paste into many cartoon productions, LucyloO and Vaudoo Boy. Today, he becomes the director of a new heroic fresco through The Darkness Shield.

Domenico Carbone

Domenico Carbonne was born and resides in Italy in the small town of Villaricca (province of Naples). Since its youngest age Domenico is attracted by the drawing and especially by the ninth art.
From the age of 12 he participated in various exhibitions of local art. In 2009 he joined the International Comic Strip School in Rome. He participates in multiple projects, which allows him to gain experience. It is in January 2017 that Domenico contact Wuzzu Editions, a month later it is decided that he will take charge of the bonus boards related to Electrik Blade and Magical Girl.


The Composers

Nicola Mendes
Nicola Mendes, born on 13 April 1993 in Bourg-de-Péage, France, is a young Valentine composer. He became passionate about music from an early age. It has no predefined style, it plays what it likes no matter the style. That is why he ends up orienting himself towards composition for video games, pubs, musical universes around books / comics or even cinema. His influences are diverse, from metal to classical, from rap to chiptune, which gives him various and varied sonorities, without real limits.


The actors


Maxime Jallerat

Was born on May 4, 1987 in Paris. He lived in the capital and also in the suburbs. From an early age, he practiced combat sports. Passionate about the fantastic stories found in comics, cartoons, video games and movies. After an atypical and tumultuous journey, made of varied experiences, he is spotted during an audition and becomes an actor at the age of 29 years. It was then that he met Samir, co-founder of Wuzzu

Giuseppe Tripartito

Giuseppe Tripartito is the youngest of the team. This actor with multiple facets, actor, musician, model and born in the highs of France. At 20 years old, he plays Electrik Blade, also the youngest of the team. Italian, it is at the age of 16 that he discovered a new passion for modeling and fashion. He took drama classes in a conservatory for 4 years. He practiced Judo-Jujitsu for a few years. After having passed the auditions in December 2016, the young man is retained for the role of Electrik Blade.

Elias Ouharzoune
At 21 years old, Elias Ouharzoune, joined the team of protectors in the role of Shadow Eagle. He will play Ethan Scott and will have to protect Detroit, in the shoes of Shadow Eagle. This stage is the result of his new ambition, to discover the reverse side of the scene of a world that fascinates him. After having evolved in several football structures - Besançon, Dijon, Nancy and Martigues. He abandons everything to begin a new life in the Capital.


If you still have an unanswered question, feel free to ask the project owner directly.

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