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The Dali Thundering Concept - Savages

Support The Dali Thundering Concept's new album

About the project

Hi everybody, we’re The Dali Thundering Concept, a Progressive metal band from Paris and we’re launching a crowdfunding campaign to fund our second album, Savages. This is an ambitious project and we need as much support as possible to make it happen !

Out here you’ll find tons of merch with awesome designs, epic bundles filled with goodness, masterclasses with us and mix-mastering (not kidding, you can even get your initials tattooed on our bassist if you want !). We’re getting as much work as possible done ourselves, though to reach this its full potential this project requires a serious push. We’re almost there but we need your help make it come to life !

For those who just found out about us, we released a concept EP about art called “When X met Y” in 2012 (Remastered in 2016) and our debut album “Eyes Wide Opium” in 2014. You’ll find links to the full streams below if you want to check them out. We also had the opportunity to tour around Europe and play with amazing bands like Tesseract, Fit For an Autopsy or Betraying the Martyrs and hit the stages of Festivals such as UKTM or Euroblast. But for the last two years, we’ve been working to take our next release to a whole new level!

Savages is a dystopian fiction. Through this concept album, we offer a credible scenario of mankind’s future if its current behaviour goes on. We did research and met with experts to build a plausible answer to the following question:
What comes after global warming, division and politics of nostalgia ?

To make this project special and a lot more than just an album, we’ve gathered as many people as we could together and created a huge collaboration. We currently work with an international Think-and-Do Tank on climate change called CliMates, various singers from all genres, brass instrument players, graphic artists, actors, a sculptor and an amazing crew that helps us out in various parts of this adventure. Now that you have the overall idea of Savages, you must surely begin to understand why we’re asking you guys to give us a hand.

What are the funds for?

The whole point of Savages is to overpass the scale of “album”, gather other artists, creators and thinkers and create a galaxy of art orbiting around a single concept. We have been able to cut down the costs : thanks to the limitless motivation and special qualifications of our band members and friends we’ve taken care of the recording, the mixing and mastering, the merch art, the communication, the booking, and more... That’s right, we’re talking about almost all the project management ! But we want to go further and provide the best experience for everyone that gets involved and push this concept beyond its limits.But there are still things we cannot do by ourselves and that's why we need your help. All band members have emptied their piggy banks but in the end each and every contribution will help make this project a little bigger.
Here is a list of the different domains we need your support for :

Graphic creations              (2000€)

CD pressing                      (3000€)

Music videos                     (5000€)

Merchandising                   (2000€)

Promotion                         (3000€)

So basically your contribution will help us to have a kickass artwork, awesome music videos, a large number of merch items, good pressing quality, artistic collaboration and even help out CliMates fund their actions. This is not just about making an album, this is about making it count !

What Happens if we raise more than 4000€ ?
Well, 4000€ is the absolute minimum we could set for us to make this the way we want it, so the more support Savages gets, the more insane this projects becomes !

Stretch objective:

6000€   All packages get an exclusive tshirt for free

8000€   We drown ourselves in affordable champagne (and send you the videos) - No seriously we'll see when we get there.

About CliMates
To act rather than just speak we have created à partnership between The Dali Thundering Concept and the Think-and-Do tank on climate change, CliMates . Together we are organizing event on climate change and its many consequences, to raise awarness, discuss and try to find solutions at our scale.
To support CliMates actions we'll give them all the earnings of the "The Dali Thundering CliMates" Tote Bag.

Have a look at the counterparts below !

We really like to thank you all for checking out our crowdfunding page and helping us make Savages becomes reality. We’ve been playing music in The Dali Thundering Concept for 7 years and you guys have been there the whole time making it all happen, so thank you.

We love you all.

One last thing before you leave

The easiest way for this to be a success is to spread it all over the internet and talk about this to as much people as you possibly can. The best thing you can do to support Savages is to tell your friends about it. Before you go please take this facebook cover and share this crowdfunding on social media.