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Terry vs. Tori to SXSW'18 (Austin, Texas)

All for the ranch dressing! 🍟

About the project

Terry vs. Tori is one of the first andalusian bands to play at Austin’s SXSW.

We have been lucky enough to have been selected to play at the next edition of the South By Southwest (SXSW) festival, which will take place in March 2018 in Austin, Texas (USA). In addition to being one of the best musical festivals in the world, SXSW is a cultural fair, that serves as a meeting point for the most important figures in the business.

From labels to promoters and agencies, we will have the opportunity to show our music to an exceptional audience. And of course, to play next to other bands that we admire such as No Vacation or Porches. We’ll play inside the official festival program, and also in some non-official show, for example in a bike shop with the LA band Rat Fancy.

We want to ask you for collaboration to be able to assist, with exclusive rewards for participants, like our first vinyl or our first t-shirts and tote bags of the band. The vinyl record is a very limited edition, a compilation of songs from our first and second EPs, as well as an edit of our new single Parallel Lines. We’ll feel eternal gratitude towards those of you who help us out!


Pink model t-shirt (sizes S, M, L, XL)

Green model t-shirt (sizes S, M, L, XL)

Tote bag

7" vinyl EP HITS

Leap Day Cassette

Leap Day CD

Terry vs. Tori EP CD

What are the funds for?

Though we do get tickets for the festival, we don’t get paid anything. That means that we’ll have to cover the costs for transport, housing and living. Many people had asked us for merch before, so we thought we’d use the opportunity to release a complete pack of merch for the first time and try to cover some of the costs.

With the minimum of 3.500 we intend to pay:

1. The plane tickets

If we go over that amount and reach 4.500, we’ll be able to also pay:

2. Housing (Airbnb o similar)

3. Transport in Austin (car rental and gas)

4. Food

About the project owner

Terry vs. Tori are a dream pop band from Seville. Terry vs. Tori sound like 80s dream pop with evocative jangly guitars. Their first EP, Terry vs. Tori, released in November of 2016 with Discos FUP, mixed and mastered in Cherry Sounds studios, makes one think of the summer, the beach and holiday nostalgia.

In May 2017 they released Leap Day, their second EP, also recorded at Cherry Sounds with Cris Romero and mixed and mastered at Sputnik grabaciones estelares by Jordi Gil. This EP has be released with the Los Angeles label Spirit Goth and it presents an important evolution of their sound towards more complex lyrics and structures, which evoke autumn’s soft light and the complications of accepting yourself. Their second EP was also reviewed by the likes of DIY magazine and GoldFlakePaint, as well as appearing on USA radio stations such as NPR and Vocalo, demonstrating their international appeal and recognition.

Although they couldn’t be happier with their worldwide fanbase (more than 1.000 Spotify followers mainly from the USA) and their participation in highly attended festivals, Terry vs. Tori have set their sights on playing outside of their country.  Their confirmation for the next edition of SXSW is a great start.

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