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ūüíé Terre de Merveilles

Expérience Made in France ✨✨✨

About the project

Terre de Merveilles is a new kind of experience & travel agency Made in France... Welcome to our crowdfunding campaign on Ulule!

I am Aline ONG, an entrepreneur passionate about travel and intercultural understanding. During a trip to China, my mother and I wanted to go off the beaten track. It was far from simple, even for people who, like us, were able to travel independently, to communicate and who knew the culture well. How could we expect that we would be "forgotten" by a transport provider at a small rural petrol station at 5 a.m.?

In fact, we had been through a local receptive agency without knowing the quality of service. We did not have any means of communication such as a simple phone with a local SIM card, not to mention a mobile internet connection. We did not have a reliable local contact that we could reach at any time. Finally, with some local help, we got away with it. I could see that the needs that I had in China, well, Chinese independent travelers have them at least as much in France. Hence the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčcreating Terre de Merveilles, a Land of Wonders.

On the one hand, independent travellers want to experience authentic travel moments, without the hassle of heavy trip organization. On the other hand, tourism professionals want to improve how they welcome them and smooth the seasonality of their activity. 

  • Our vision:¬†foster intercultural understanding while sharing an authentic lifestyle.
  • Our mission:¬†turn travel into local experiences.
  • Our solution:¬†label of¬†quality, online conciergerie & marketplace (bookings, souvenir gifts) meant for independent travellers from remote culture and tourism professionals who welcome them in France.

Among the independent travellers or explorers, we mainly serve visitors from Chinese cultures and we progressively open up to new horizons.

What are the funds for?

  • We strive for harmony between the different cultures. Indeed, when strong economic ties are woven together with bonds of friendship and true intercultural understanding, then peace is also present.
  • We work for a more human and authentic tourism on the field, while relying on the current technologies. We are for innovation in all its forms.
  • We support an industry in its own right, the tourism one, which accounts for more than 7% of French GDP. The people who welcome our community of explorers are employed locally. We are revitalizing the countryside thanks to the attractiveness of the surrounding cities.

With your continued support throughout the campaign, we hope to go beyond the following levels!

Visit our social networks by clicking on the logos above. Subscribe & follow us so that you don't miss any from our news. Like and share massively around you: whether via social networks, email or through word of mouth! This is very important because it will expand the community and get people talk about us and this crowdfunding campaign. All your support is really precious, a huge thank to you!

About the project owner

At Terre de Merveilles we are a complementary & multicultural team, all fond of travel and innovations. From left to right: Gily, Clementine, Yuanyuan, Pierre, and Aline.

  • Aline,¬†CEO, takes care of strategy, finance and business development.
  • Pierre,¬†Projet Lead, is in charge of web development and manage every aspects of technical projects.
  • Yuanyuan,¬†China Coordinator, builds bridges between France & China for every matters that require it.
  • Cl√©mentine, Communication Lead,¬†orchestrates our communication on all media.
  • Gily, Marketing Lead, studies & targets our markets to better reach & satisfy them.

Many thanks to Tristan, Steve and Carol for their valuable contribution.