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Hiking Tent MAG 10.10

It takes about 10 seconds to mount it and less than 10 seconds to disassemble it.

About the project

Presentation of the MAG 10.10 long version:

The MAG 10.10 is the first tent for ultra-fast hiking in deployment and folding.

It takes about 10 seconds to mount it and less than 10 seconds to disassemble it.

Its storage bag is compact and easily hangs on a backpack.

It has a large apse at the entrance and can easily accommodate two people and even three possibly

The MAG 10.10 can be configured as a single shelter, or as a complete tent with mosquito net and double roof.

The MAG 10.10 has an application in civilian.

Indeed, it's tarp mode (without mosquito net) can protect a wounded quickly to apply first aid or waiting for its evacuation.

Capacity: 2 people in total comfort and  even 3 possibly

3-season self-supporting model with an entrance and a frontal apse

Minimum weight: 2678 g

Weight :  9 (stakes) aluminum stakes + tarp strap + stays: 208 g

Weight of the tent cover: 45 g

Aluminum poles: 7001 T6

Aluminum parts:  7075 T6

Double roof: 20D Nylon Ripstop silicone (PU 2000 mm)

Floor mats: 30 D Silicone Ripstop Nylon (PU 8000 mm)

Interior Room: Polyester Mesh B3 (40g / m2)

Dimension packed: 52 x 18 *18 cm

Dimension of the room: 220 cm / 150 cm

Delivered with: 9 aluminium stakes, 7 aluminium tart straps  and 2 inside storage compartments

What are the funds for?

To launch the production in small series via different countries, Italy, Spain and China.

This tent will be assembled in France.

The model proposed in counterpart will be red

About the project owner

After studying economics and management with a specialization in marketing at the end of the cycle, I worked in various fields, yield management, marketing, commercial activity ...

I have always been creative since my childhood, either designing products or composing music or writing  songs My mind is always on the go....

How did the idea of ​​this tent come to me?

I went hiking in high mountain with a tent deploying quickly (pop up). I wanted to be equipped with a tent that can be mounted in a very fast way in case of sudden bad weather .

Only the pop-up tent offered this system as the rapid deployment system does not exist for hiking in tents (intended for hiking).

So I tested this mountain tent for five days to the glaciers in the Pyrenees. Despite its advantage in the deployment, it remains a tent intended for camping for several reasons: its circular form of cover is awkward (difficult transportable) je ne comprends pas trop ce que tu veux dire... and the roof falls( goes) down as soon as the wind becomes strong

"How to make a tent that can be assembled and folded quickly and that fits in a compact tube cover, able to resist wind gusts?  that’s how the idea came to me..."


If you still have an unanswered question, feel free to ask the project owner directly.

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