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Loli Laurence Viallard "Le temps orgasmique"

Book Edition

About the project

Loli Laurence Viallard, Visual artist-ritualist, poet and facilitator in the transmission of creative knowledge has long worked in publishing and created circles and performances "SacredLink, sacred link".

She has leaved this earth on February 1, 2017 and leaves us a legacy of beautiful works, poetic and sensitive books including "Le temps orgamisque, un chemin d'éveil du ciel à la chair" (The orgasmic time, a path of awakening from the sky to the flesh).

Founded in july 2017, Loli Sacred Link Association aims to grow the sacred bond created by Loli Laurence by putting the human in the heart of the art to bring out the talents.

We are now working with Rêve de Femmes Editions and the Rêv'Elles Association on the publication of Loli's first book "Le temps orgasmique".

This book is a collection of Haikus illustrated by Loli on the theme of desire. She declares her passion with a poetry that women and men will rejoice to discover.

Preface by "Paule Solomon" Philosopher and Therapist, author of "The Solar Woman", this book, through its poems and drawings, paints the orgasmic time that is skewed in a delectable feminine sweetness.

A lover delicately tells the erotic desire during a period of a separation with her soul mate ...

What are the funds for?

We are launching a crowdfunding campaign to raise the money needed to pay the graphic designer, the printer and the professionals working on the project so that the book can be published in the spring of 2018.

We would like to print 500 copies of the book.

If you want to support, please donate and share the information.

About the project owner

Founded by Christine Colin, Christine Blanchet, Nirmala Gustave and driven by the energy of Loli Laurence, who leaves us inherited her philosophy of sharing and co-creation, the Loli Sacred Linkassociation remains faithful to the values and intentions of Loli by the link of joy in beauty.

Member of Honor and Ambassador of the association: Anne-Marie Verdier, the mother of Loli Laurence.

More information at :[email protected]  and