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Technoir Debut EP

Pre-order our debut EP now and help us make it!

About the project

Ciao! Salut! Hallo! Hi!

We're a music duo born in 2012 ( Jennifer Villa-Voice and Voice Fx & Alexandros Phoenix- Guitar and Laptop).

Our name comes from the union of “Tech” (Technologies) and “Noir” (Black music genre).

We already played together in other projects like :

-La Banda di Piazza Caricamento (B.d.P.C. was  guest of Antonella Ruggiero in some of her tour dates from 2012 to 2013) 

- AUDIOgraffiti

We like new technologies and electronic music, but also the sounds of nature and the music that comes from an instrument played soulfully, we blend all these aspects in our style trying to develop compositions that look at the future without forgetting our roots, that reside in Europe and Africa.

We need your help to pursue our goal independently and release our debut EP, since every aspect of our work is self-made from music to videos, graphics and touring management.

The tracks are almost ready, we need some funds to print 500 physical copies of the EP and promote our project, we could get it all done with 2500 euros, we ask for your help to get the first 1500, that can really make the difference for us!

Take a listen to our music on Soundcloud and, if you like what you hear give us a chance...We believe in a more musical world!

Thanks to all of you!!



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What are the funds for?

The funds will be used for:

- 500 CD copies  (1,000 euros)
- marketing & promotion (500 euros)

About the project owner

The thing that most connected Alexandros and Jennifer, a couple in art and life, is the preference for a specific genre of music, Soul Music from Sam Cooke to Amy Winehouse, up to Erykah Badu's Neo Soul and modern electronica by Bonobo and Flying Lotus.You could say that for Technoir Neo Soul was like a personal revelation: as if all the music they played and listened to in the past years was nothing more than a bridge to a land explored by few.

During their live shows you can hear something unusual, drum machines get triggered, Alexandros' guitar burns and squeals and Jennifer's sweet and smooth voice collects it all creating a modern canvas.

As you can read on Quique Vadis blog:

"Technoir is a band born in 2012 who has the intent to carve out a space in the indefinite black music scene by mixing funk and blues riffs with a powerful soul and classic jazz voice. Everything is revisited and reworked in a contemporary key.

Lit by purple and blue lights, Technoir pervaded the Lilith Festival's audience by closing the Genoese Piazza De Ferrari in an intimate and silent sphere, where they let speak only their music.

Technoir are Jennifer "Jennyfire" Villa, singer and jazz student at the “Niccolò Paganini” Conservatory, and Alexandros "Alec" Finizio, graduated in electronic music and guitarist of the AUDIOgraffiti band, his alternative rock and electro-funk project.

The two had already presented theirselves under the name Seranidae, a word made of their names letters that recalls the Serranidae fish family, which are cosmopolitan, thermophilic and carnivores.

In a trip that reaches Africa, Greece and Italy, Jennifer and Alec redefined and renamed themselves Technoir, a term that brings the attention to their black sound, which doesn't deny the contribution of electronic music. "



Mixing and mastering by:https://www.facebook.com/pages/Gianluca-Polizzi/668661976544200?fref=ts

Photo by: https://www.facebook.com/giuliaferrando.ph

review by: http://quiquevadis.wordpress.com/


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