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TBK - EP "Kitsune no Koe #1"

Take part to the creation of my second album of VOCALOID covers !

  • CDs are here + Lottery winner!


    They're here, nice, hot, I get them this morning!

    I'm really happy with how it turned out. I can't wait for you to hold it!

    You'll be able to find it too on my Japan Expo booth.

    But that's not it because we also know the winner of the lottery:


    You win the Forex (canvas) ! I'll contact you to discuss about how we'll proceed. Unfortunately I didn't receive it yet thus I cannot show any picture.

    See you in the next news or on the social media networks for more pictures of the goodies that should arrive soon (I fight UPS)!

    See you soon!


  • Buttons/Badges are here!

    Hello everyone!

    The very first goodies are here : badges!

    I thought you'd liek to see them! :3

    Have a nice week-end !


  • End of campaign + what's next (form to complete)

    Hello everyone!

    The Ulule campaign ended last night and thanks to you we reached a wonderful 205%! I'm really happy this new campaign, despite being very specific, reached such a success!

    A quick retrospective on the campaign :

    The project has been launched on May 29th and has been funded in less than 24H! We then reached the 125% goal on the third day. By the end of the campaign, you were 126 backers for a total amount of 3704 euros equal to 205%. Therefore we reached the 115%, 150%, 170% and 195% goals, meaning a lot of nice things have been unlocked for you! <3

    What happens now?

    I'll work on the last few files for the production. Ther eis only the booklet of the CD left and I'll check the others. In order to be able to order everything (and know who wants what), I need you to fill the form below before sunday, 12PM, or AM if you can't. This will allow me to order everything I can until Monday. I'm leaving for holidays from May 27th to mid-June and I want to set everything up before leaving, in order to have time to fix some files if needed. Before If I deal with this when I come back, it might arrive too late for Japan Expo.

    If you don't fill the form in due time, I'll use your Ulule nickname for the Hall of Fame credits. Please fill it anyway, even past deadline, in order to let me manage your rewards (especially knowing what I should take with me for Japan Expo).

    I grab the chance to also answer some questiosn you asked:

    - The album will be available on Spotify but later, I don't really know when yet. However it will be the version without the 2 songs exclusives to the physical edition.

    -A cover of DomiNation (song I wrote for ALYS) is considered but not specially planned for now. To be continued!

    Japan Expo

    I'll be at Japan expo on the booth Ame x TBK (Youtaite) ! It'll be pretty easy to find us since we're right next to the indoor garden. Here is the Facebook event if you wanna follow:

    That's it for this news! Thanks a lot!!!!


  • 195% ATTEINTS + 8H restantes!

    Hi everyone! 

    Thanks to a collective effort, we unlocked the 195% strechtgoal! Thus keychains will be 7cm big instead of 5cm and I'll be able to give a little money bonus to my collaborators!

    Don't forget the campaign last until midnight this evening and everyone can enjoy the unlocked rewards, even if you back now.

    I'll work on the files this week-end in order to be able to order what I need. Please think about the form and fill it if not done already!

    FORM >>

    Worst case scenario I'll use your Ulule nickname for the Hall of Fame credits if I don't have an answer.

    Form deadline is May 19 midnight! I need to be able to order items on Monday and then I go to Japan hence I really need to finish everything before leaving. If you don't fill the form before the deadline, I might not have your choice of item or goodies, you'll receive what's left in the stock. Thus thanks for filling the form! <3

    Thank you so much!


  • Choices form for delivery/signatures/options - 1st call

    Hello everyone!

    A lot of you sent private messages to know how I could proceed for some delivery and signatures. Indeed, you'll be able to pick your rewards up at my booth during Japan Expo if you want to.

    If you want already to tell me what you desire, I invite you to fill this form as of now.

    FORM >>

    In any case I'll make another news with this link at the end of the Ulule campaign.

    Thank you and have a nice day!


    PS : Don't hesitate to tell me if there is any issue. By the way if you wish to buy some extra t-shirts after the Ulule campaign, there will be only a few left. You can tell me in the free text space at the end of the form if you want some more shirts (and their size and cut). This way I can arrange my order to the best when I have to fill the batch with some. Thank you!