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TBK - EP "Kitsune no Koe #1"

Take part to the creation of my second album of VOCALOID covers !

About the project

I'm TBK, singer and lyricist on the internet since 2009. I specialized in covers of songs related to the imagination culture. After the success (thanks to you <3) of the crowdfunding for my debut album Polymorphose, I come back with a second album.

I present you "Kitsune no Koe #1", my VOCALOID covers EP !

This CD will contain exclusively contents related to the virtual singers community, which I joined since 2011/2012. It will include 5 tracks, in french and japanese, and 2 of them are exclusives to the physical edition. You can listen to its preview here.

The biggest challenge of this EP, beside singing -it wasn't really my comfort zone!-, was to gather the reproduction rights in order to add those songs to the album. I hope you'll like this selection!

Illustrations has been made by the amazing Daria. I really suggest you to have a look at her work because she sings, composes and also do some video animation!

Sound-wise, Lightning/LTG Sound Studio did the mixing and mastering of the tracks! Don't also hesitate to go look at his work as a singer-songwriter!

This EP is created for Japan Expo 2019, it'll be thus available around July.

What are the funds for?

The main goal of the campaign is to fund the production of the physical edition of the album! The basic edition of the album will be a cristal box with a 4-pages booklet, but it can be upgraded during the campaign!

Here are the strechgoals:

I already paid by myself most of the production costs of the album, particularly illustrations, recording of the tracks, copyrights, etc. I only miss for now the money to create the physical edition of the EP! This crowdfunding will help be complete this project!

  • EP and postcard

Either as a digital or physical edition, you'll receive the EP Kitsune no Koe #1 and you'll have your name in the booklet (Hall of Fame)! It includes 6 tracks whose 2 are exclusives to the physical edition. The songs are covers of VOCALOID/ALYS/virtuals singers songs.

It will be a cristal box with a 4-pages booklet but this can be upgraded during the campaign.

The postcard will have DariaP illustration on it.


If you're also interested by my first album, the KITSUNETSUKI reward allows you to pre-order both albums together at once!

  • Badge/Button

Button with the illustration of the album. It'll be a 38mm size and you can pin it anywhere!





  • Keychain

This double-sided 5cm (maybe 7cm?) acrylic adorable keychain has been illustrated by Annabel !

  • T-shirt

White T-shirt with the logo of the album "Kitsune no Koe" and illustration of my OC by Daria. There will be "unisex" and "women" cuts, don't hesitate to tell me what you'd like by answering this form!

  • Live 1H

We can share 1 hour online together. I can do a private concert, answer your questions or just chatting. Or all together, it's up to you!




By the way, if you want me to sign the rewards, I can of course do it if you want, just ask for it! :3

Here is a little recap of each reward:

Shipping to Europe is included in the price of the reward ! If you want to pre-order from outside Europe, you'll only have a little extra to pay.

As you might see, lottery tickets are included with some rewards.

They'll allow you to possibly win a bonus reward : a 70x50cm forex frame of Kitsune no Koe #1 illustration!

Finally, here is a recap of how the costs will be covered by the campaign:


About the project owner

I still love to express myself through singing and writing. More recently, I also want to surpass myself. I take the challenges the best I can and I hope you'll like it!

Don't hesitate to join me on my social media accounts: Facebook/YT/Twitter/Site and to ask me questions about the campaign or other works! I'll be glad to answer! THANK YOU! <3

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