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Bags in plant-based leather

Cruelty-free. Plastic-free. 3x less CO2 impact.


Today, we would like to talk to you more about our production facility. In October of 2018 we visited Porto for the first time. We had already spent 6 months visiting various other cities from India to Europe in the hope of finding our perfect production unit that conforms to our brand values. After meeting many factories over the course of the week, we finally had a promising meeting with one of the top factories in Porto that still manufactures for many French luxury brands.

Their quality was evident, and we were also impressed by their professionalism and commitment to build a truly sustainable brand with us. Soon we were actively experimenting with new materials they had never seen before. We immediately saw how they would be the perfect partner to fulfill our vision - combining quality craftsmanship with natural and sustainable materials.

The next 5 months involved numerous iterations, from one prototype to another, of minute details and a common desire for perfection. This partnership has helped us transform our product ideas and vision into a physical product that we have come to love.

Finally, any product is only as successful as the people who use it. This is where you, our amazing first-backers, have joined the Tarayi story. We have only just begun writing a new chapter that starts with YOU. We still need your help and support by spreading the message to the maximum.

Instagram  : @tarayi_paris
Facebook : @tarayi.paris

Together we can make an impact.


Vysh & Naveen