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For art and sport in Cambodia !

Give access to art and sport to 250 children from a slum in Cambodia

About the project

Our project : to enable over two hundred children from a slum of Cambodia to practise sport, music and even dance.

Sport and artistic activities are paramount in a child’s personal development. We are convinced that sport and culture are not a luxury !

We hope to make this project come true thanks to your mobilization and your generosity. There is no small donation.

We count on you !

Taramana is an NGO for childhood support which takes action in a slum of Cambodia, at the north of Phnom Penh, the capital city.

Every day and for more than a decade, we have been bringing additional education besides public school, access to health care and well-balanced nutrition. Thanks to our social follow-up, children and their families are followed individually to provide them a response adapted to their needs.

Extra-curricular activities are put forward at Taramana : currently, children can practise football, rugby, drama class and yoga. And some of our students are real prodigies…

We wish to go further : enable the children to reveal themselves through music, dance, arts and crafts, the discovery of cinema or new sports ! We strongly believe that this is the way they will bloom, accomplish their dreams and imagine their future.

This year, we moved into a new medical educational center. From now on, we have a bigger, safer and better-functioning place to welcome the children. However, something essential is missing for extra-curricular activites : equipment.

Thanks to your donations, we will be able to acquire enough supplies so that children from Boeng Salang slum, even at the heart of their neighborhood, will have access to a whole range of activities allowing them to express their creativity and to blow off steam. Because there is no reason that these children cannot reach these.

Cambodia is a country wounded by years of violence and one of the poorest countries in the world. When rural people join the capital in search of a better life, they often have to settle in marginalized neighborhoods on the periphery.

In the district of Boeng Salang, families live under shelters made of a few planks around a disused railway. Children often have to bring some money to the family themselves. They have to leave school early and are often malnourished. They also lack access to care and even less to sports or artistic activities.

The video was written, produced, directed and edited by a Taramana volunteer, with the help of the rest of the staff.
The children you see in the video come from the slum and volunteered to be part of the video.

A big thanks to everyone !

What are the funds for?

If we achieve this first goal thanks to you, we will be able to offer to the children of the slum the following activities :

Arts and crafts :
- Drawing/painting supplies and plastic art (papers, easels, pencils, charcoal, paints…)

New sports :
- Nets, shuttlecocks and rackets for badminton
- Rackets, balls and a ping-pong table
- Volleyball, basketball and football balls
- Yoga braid carpets and pillows
- CD players, speakers and dance bar
- Jungling equipment

Music :
- 1 Roneat Thung (xylophone)
- 2 Skor (percussions)
- 5 Khloy (flute)
- 1 Kse Diev (wind instrument)
- 2 classic guitars
- 1 metronome
- Furniture (music stand, shelf, chairs, tables…)
- Hiring of a new music professor for a year (two hours a week)

UPDATE (02/12/2016) : NEW TARGET GOAL !

Now that we reached our initial objective, we want to go further to complete our music equipment and to enable the children and families of Boeng Salang to watch movies within the Taramana center, as they never got the opportunity to watch films in their homes.

To complete our music equipment and enable more kids to play :
- 3 melodicas
- 8 sets of different percussions
- 1 synthesizer (electronic piano)

To make movie shows for the children and families in Boeng Salang :
- Projection curtain

UPDATE (13/12/2016) : NEW TARGET GOAL !

Arts and crafts :

- To hire an art teacher for a year

About the project owner

From a simple hut in the middle of the slum, Taramana kept on growing up to become in 2008, a center welcoming more than a hundred children per day.

Taramana made the choice of proximity : completely dedicated to the slum of Boeng Salang, our team on the field is made of ten cambodian employees and two french Volunteers of International Solidarity. European volunteers often support the work of Taramana in France and in Cambodia.

Taramana’s actions focuses around 4 main axes :
            - Education and professional integration (language classes, library),
            - Health and nutrition (infirmary, delivery of a meal per day and rice bags each month)
            - Social support (personal follow-up, financial support to the most needy families, equipment donation…)
            - Child development trough art and cultural practise (sport and cultural activities).

Taramana is non-political and non-confessional profile. We intervene by sharing values of solidarity and respect. Our goal is that someday these children can access to a job that will offer them a better way of living and to contribute to Cambodia’s development. We first fulfill our mission by offering them a convenient environment of studies and by strenghtening their education.

Our other actions are complementary to our main goal : we are taking a burden from the families by paying for life expenses that could deflect the child from school (registration, health and food fees…). Our health and nutrition programs, our social support and the extra-curricular activities enable these children to grow up and learn in better living conditions.

In 2016, we took a step further with the opening of our new center with better possibilities to welcome them.

The new Taramana center will offer more dedicated spaces to sport and cultural activities, which remains unfortunately the prerogative of privileged people in Cambodia, in addition to a better access to education, health and nutrition.

Founded in 2005, Taramana is an NGO now supporting 300 children, from primary school to university.

In 2008, Taramana was recognized by the Ministry of Interior of the Kingdom of Cambodia

Since its creation, Taramana also launched several partnerships with others NGOs, to broaden its field of action and to respond to the children's needs the best way.We thank them for believing in our purpose, and to still have trust in us today. 

  • Education

Today, Taramana is the story of 98 children in khmer classes, 66 in english classes, 12 in french classes and 10 teenagers now attending university programs or profressional trainings. We saw the repetition rate drop drastically since 2005, which is really encouraging for the upcoming years.

  • Health

In 2015, we were able to offer 656 medical consultations as well as 166 dental consultations thanks to our partnerhsip with the NGO Cambodia World Family.
Today, more than 700 children and families in the area of Boeng Salang are vaccinated.

  • Nutrition

Our nutrition program enabled to distirbute more than 15 000 meals at the canteen in 2015. Furthermore, more than 15 tons of rice are offered to families each year to support them financially.

  • Activités extra-scolaires

Right now, Taramana offers 4 extra-curricular activities to the children of Boeng Saland: rugby, football, yoga and drama class. Those activities improves their confidence, their capacities and ultimately, their lives. With your donations, we hope to offer soon music and dance classes, as well as new sports !

From November 15th to December 15th, you have the opportunity to make this project alive for the children of Boeng Salang… We count on you !

And if you want to know more about Taramana and our actions, you can also join us on our social medias:

 On Facebook

 On Twitter

 On Youtube