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Globetrotting Energy Capturer

Photography book

About the project

After dinner one evening in 2010 in Washington DC, my best friend Laurence and I walked into a restaurant to savor a deep dish cookie. Little did I know that this would become the dawn of a new adventure.

As the delectable cookie came out of the kitchen and made its way to us, Laurence proudly showed me her Christmas gift: a Canon Rebel 450D. Curious about the little black box (I had never used one before), I asked if I could take a few shots. Ten minutes was all it took- I was in love; in love with the shutter sound and with the discreet click it made with each shot.

Back in Paris two months later, I couldn't resist purchasing my very own Canon 450D. I dedicated my "Tania & Canon honeymoon phase" to figuring out what I most liked capturing. People? Buildings? Street art? Nature? To be quite honest, it was a whole lot of clicking.

With time, I shyly started sharing a few of my pictures with family and friends. Thanks to their feedback, and the gradual progression of acquiring a certain photographic style, a few things suddenly became evident to me. I love travelling, discovering cities, observing angles, capturing symmetry and highlighting colors. More specifically, I like these elements because they represent to me an ensemble of the details that make each city unique.

This was made clearer to me when someone from a certain city looked at one of my photographs from that respective place. They told me they had never noticed a specific detail before, and yet they still managed to guess where it had been taken. Perhaps I was capturing more than just scenery, but furthermore authenticity.

Slowly but surely, I could no longer travel without my camera. I started wishing I had small lenses built into my eyes and I walked around new places with my gaze very often to the sky - looking for angles, colors and shapes (which would subsequently lead me to getting lost).

Each time I’d return from a trip or outing, I would go over my pictures and notice indeed how detail-oriented they were. Most of them did not simply portray what I had observed or found most beautiful, but rather what I had remarked and found best represented a city's core energy and authenticity.

To make a long (and very personal) story short, this project is my photography debut and unveiling.
After just over 7 years of roaming and snapping pictures of these intricate details, I’d like to finally work on a project that would allow me to hone my vision. More precisely, I wanted to create something both visual and manual to share with as many of you as possible: a book, but not just any...

I truly believe in the beauty of simplicity. Therefore, I wanted to create a book whose concept, and details, will take you on an energy voyage as you go from one page and picture to the next.

My experience has taught me that each of us has a different degree of sensitivity to the environments which surround us. For this reason, I created a book that allows me to present readers a first voyage all the while allowing readers to then create their own and maybe even to let them be inspired by other different elements than the ones which initially caught my eye.

Globetrotting Energy Capturer will therefore be composed of removable pages in order to offer readers a starting itinerary (imagined by yours truly) and to allow them to then create their very own journey.
This also means that each picture featured in the book can also be removed and transformed into a limited edition print to decorate your walls.

More concretely  “Globetrotting Energy Capturer” will consist of 50 colored pictures printed in A3 format and on 130gr paper to create a A4 format hardcover photography book.

This being my first book project, I am applying two theories: 1/ “go big or go home” 2/ “slow down to go far”.

With this project I hope to reach the campaign's goal through the continued support and participation of my cherished family, friends and followers.
After having seen many projects come to life thanks to crowdfunding (I've been working for Ulule since little over two years now), I have decided to ‘flip the switch,’ and go from being a crowdfunding tutor to a crowdfunding project creator.
This is a daunting step, as I am putting both myself and my vision out there for the world to see. Albeit nerve-racking, this exposure is necessary to give me the extra push I need to keep growing as a photographer, and to interact with as many people as possible.

I hope this project, and adventure, will speak to you on some level to make you want to take part in it. Your dedicated support will inevitably help Globetrotting Energy Capturer to keep growing - and capturing :)

What are the funds for?

The funds raised thanks to this campaign will be used as follow:

> Book printing: 42%
> Rewards (tote bag + stickers + postcards): 30%
> Ulule fee: 8%
> Postal Shipping: 7%
> Graphic designer: 13%

The overall budget is of 5,945 euros.

I've invested a lot of time and energy in this project and few things would make me happier than to see it become reality. However, like in many cases you can't expect people to invest in you if you aren't willing to  do so first. For this reason I will be financing 50% of the project thanks to my savings. For the other remaining half I am hoping to relly on this campaign thanks to the support of all you Globetrotting Energy Capturers out there.

Supporting a crowdfunding campaign doesn't necessarily mean having to do so financially.
If you have the means I would be more than grateful to see you chose your favorite reward amongst the ones I've prepared for you through this campaign.

However, crowdfunding is also about giving a project as much visibility as possible! Sharing this campaign with some of your contacts because you think they could like it or because they might be of some help to the project, these are also very helpful ways to support the campaign. Whether through financing or giving visibility to the project your help well be greatly appreciated!

Thank you for the support and inspiration which have already gotten me this far in my adventure.  
Kisses, bisous and baci,

About the project owner

If I had to describe myself in two words they would be "complexed simplicity". I come from a multicultural background and have always felt inspired by the different people, places and cultures I got to discover and interact with.

I've been wandering around through several cities and doing photography for little over 7 years now and I must say that photography is my safe-place. When behind the lense I get to forgeta bout everything else and focus only on what inspires me. I guess you could say it's my cleanse or source of meditation.
"Globetrotting Energy Capturer" is is my first photography book project, and with a little luck and much motivation, the start of several more to come.

Or if you'd rather, don't hesitate to e-mail me [email protected]
or to leave a comment here.