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Learning languages through contact with locals !

With 40,000 members in 150 countries after only 18 months, TalkTalkBnb now wishes to continue its development by launching its mobile app.

About the project

TalkTalkBnb is a language-themed collaborative platform which has existed since 2016 and is designed to meet two needs: firstly, the widespread need to learn foreign languages, and secondly, the desire to travel more authentically, meeting locals and discovering their cultures and ways of life.

TalkTalkBnb is based on the ideas of sharing, mutual aid and a sense of community between its members.

We all have a reason to learn at least one foreign language: for our studies, to pass an exam, for professional development... or simply for fun, for a chance to travel!

And the best way to learn a language is to practice with native speakers!

After years of unrestrained growth in the tourism sector, today’s travellers wish to get back to basics and have experiences that bring them into contact with locals.

An opportunity to discuss and share with them for a short while (a conversation, a meal, a drink...)! It’s easier said than done, if you don’t know a single person in a far-off country... The future TalkTalkBnb app will facilitate this kind of encounter, as we have already been doing for 2 years.

What are the funds for?

Our team is not short of ideas when it comes to responding to the needs of our enthusiastic members! The creation of an app remains our number-one project, a key tool in bringing our community together. The application will make it easier to connect, with an instant messaging system, a more practical way to search for “far-off friends” with a larger number of search criteria, and an interactive map to locate them and travel around cities.

About the project owner