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Taikiken - man between earth and heaven

documentary and learning method

About the project

"Man between earth and heaven"

In a world where everything is going too fast, where technology, overload and stress have replaced the contact of man with nature, it becomes essential to renew this link. The practice of the budo opens the way towards a harmonization of being with nature and gives him the tools to calmly follow the frantic pace of the modern world.

It's a documentary project and a method of technical learning about the martial art created by Kenichi Sawaï sensei; the Taikiken.  A Japanese martial art of Chinese obedience based on the use of internal energy.

This documentary between France and Japan  is made to discover this martial art in its principle and method as well as the actors who work to transmit the heritage left by Sawaï sensei. Its duration will be the documentary format is about 52 minutes.


Alain Stoll Sensei is the head of the organization Taikiken France. Every year he sends one or more of his pupils for a martial trip. This year it's Guillaume; self-taught videographer and member of the association, who leaves for fifteen days in Japan in June to meet great masters of the Japanese taikiken and to bring back the images that will be used to make this documentary.

A route that starts from Tokyo to Oyama then direction Nikko for an intensive course

The contact maintained between Japan and France is in good shape:

Several sensei have made the trip from Japan to come to animate courses on the hexagon and see or meet the masters and practitioners of europe. Theproduction of this documentary is motivated by this good relationship between France and Japan and wishes to seal these links by a joint participation around this project.

(Stage organized by Alain Stoll Sensei under the direction of Iwama Sensei, Ito Sensei & Yokoyama Sensei)

The trip is funded by the association as well as by personal funds. The scenario is finished, all the video part: the filming, the editing the post production are insured by me.

Your support is precious to us! Funding for this project has several objectives depending on the levels reached:


  • Investment in video equipment     
  • The remuneration of a doubler for the voiceover of the documentary    
  •  The making of the DVD     
  • The ULULE Commission    
  • Miscellaneous expenses

For any contribution equal or superior to 20euros a code of viewing of the documentary will be sent to you as soon as it is on line
For counterparties including the DVD of the documentary the delivery date of the DVD will be established according to the time of production. Other items offered in return will be shipped on the dates indicated.


Alain Stoll Sensei

Taikiken Kyoshi / DE 2 Godan

Alain Stoll Sensei is the head of Taikiken France and the founder of Seishin Taikiken Dojo.

With more than fifty years of martial arts practice he is an eternal pasionate who made many trips to meet sensei and practitioners around the world.

After practicing for ten years (from 2002 to 2011) in Japan A.Stoll returned to settle in France in the department of Ariège, he founded his own dojo where he teaches Taikiken and Seiso Taikyokuken ( Tai Ji Quan authentic synths).

He is the author of several books on Budo and Taikiken practice.


self-educated videographer / member Taikiken France

Passionate videographer of martial arts I wrote the scenario of this documentary proposed by A.Stolll Sensei with his collaboration.

Responsibility for almost the entire project has been entrusted to me (writing, shooting, editing and post-production). Armed with my SLR camera and a great motivation I prepare this first trip to Japan for several months to 'bring back a unique experience and quality images.

Realizing videos for several years for Taikiken France, this first project in documentary format is for me the opportunity to offer both the public and the initiates a journey into the world of authentic budo through the art of Sawaï Sensei of the Europe to the land of Samurai.

Conctact us:

Alain Stoll Sensei:[email protected]

Guillaume:[email protected]