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The apron by Alaskan MAKER

The indispensable companion of do-it-yourselfers, cooks, fans of barbecues, gardeners and artists of all kinds.

About the project


MAKERS are those who like to do it themselves.
No restrictions of age, gender, style or activities!

Comes with a beautiful gift pouch 


Stone-washed duck canvas

machine washable (remove leather  first)

Comes with a beautiful gift pouch 

A lightweight apron that allow you to stay dry 

Oiled canvas treated against water and stains.

To be cleaned with a damp sponge

Easy-to-clip with mousqueton

Adjustable in 3 sizes M, L & XL

Comes with a beautiful gift pouch

Strong apron with character, pleasant to wear

Thick waxed duck canvas treated against water and stain
To be cleaned with a damp sponge

Easy-to-clip buckle closing.

Adjustable in 3 sizes M, L & XL

The name of all our supports will be printed on the collector apron Alaskan MAKER
We will be proudly displayed it on our site and on social networks

We will contact you by e-mail a few days after your order in so you can specify the size of the straps for aprons No. 239 and 547. (3 sizes)

Delivery is scheduled for June and it is offered for France/ Belgium/ Luxembourg and Spain
It costs an additional 5€ for Italy, UK, Germany, Portugal, Netherlands and Austrial and 10€ for the rest of the world.

If you have order the wrong strap size, you can send it back to us to exchange it. Delivery costs at your charge

If you don't want to have your name on our Collector Apron, no worries, just let us know by email at [email protected]

What are the funds for?

About the project owner

After our engineering studies we wanted to discover the world. We worked a few years in furniture factories on the Java island in Indonesia and then we designed, built and arranged a villa for vacation rental in Bali.

Back in France after eight years spent in Asia we keep from this experience the desire to spice up the french touch with inspirations come from elsewhere!


Céline: "I've always been a do-it-yourselfer. First for the cooking my mother taught me with passion and then with the plastic arts. I used to see my father with tools in his hand during all my childhood ! No wonder that I spend all my free time for cooking knitting, making sewing, gardening, making pottery, relooking furniture and even tinkering! Anything that requires my ten fingers arouses my curiosity!"

One day I decided to believe in myself and follow my dreams and desires. After much researches and studies of projects, I had the idea to create Alaskan MAKER. There are two words that are very strong for me: passion and authenticity, it is around these two axes that I built Alaskan MAKER. My company is a reflection of what I am: passionate about entrepreneurship, life and crafts.

For Alaskan MAKER I draw and sew the prototypes in my workshop. To develop the website and the Ulule page, I learned how to use prestashop, photoshop and illustrator in the same way as I to learn how to knit: Thanks to the tutos online!

Baptiste : "I am a DIY in the soul, impossible for me to throw a device that no longer works, I disassemble it, I look at tutos to understand the possible failures then I look for the spare parts and I repair it! During weed-ends I like gardening with our 3 kids and I love making good BBQ with friends. For the Alaskan MAKER project I take care of all the commercial and partnerships part and I support Céline for all the global management of the project."

We are full of energy for this entrepreneurial project !

A big thank you for your support!

Céline and Baptiste

A big thank you to Quentin LEPOUTRE et Fred BOREL from EBIM film
Their ideas, their know-how and their professionalism are very very appreciated !

Thank you Margot, Estelle, Diane, Anita, Thérèse, Dim, Jean, Max for photos and videos staging !



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