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So'Filles & The Swing French Cookers

Help us to make it loud !!!

About the project

              This new jazz band suggests you participating in the financing of the shooting of its first official clip. Dedicated completely to the Jazz 20’s, the Music of this original quintet invites you to waddle on the furious rhythms of the Gipsy Swing !

The Swing is a musical current of the Jazz which also takes its development during the 20’s. A lot of bands were enormously supported by the dancers and their various styles of dances as the Charleston, the Lindy Hop, the Black Bottom … The Gipsy Jazz is a style of Jazz appeared a few years later in France with the inimitable sound of the god of the gipsy guitar Django Reinhardt, and his famous fellows, Stéphane Grapelli on violin and the Quintet of the Hot Club of France.

Today, The Swing French Cookers and the vocal duet So'Filles are inspired by these two nearby cultures to suggest to the public to live a vintage dancing night. Having a big experience in jazz bands, their objective is to be able to offer most happiness to people by the Music and by the Dance.

To realize this objective, So'Filles & The Swing French Cookers needs you to finance the shooting of a first clip which will then allow them to sell live concerts in Paris, live tours in France or Jazz festivals all over the world... It is for the band the opportunity to meet finally his audience. In fact, you !

A project of clip shooting represents an investment very important and we would be honored to have all your support !

How to help us?

You can contribute financially to our campaign : give us the amount you want to give. Even 1 €, it is beautiful ! By giving, you can win some special presents following the amount of the gift !!! (Consult our gifts list).

The Shooting place :

When everything will be financed and everybody will be in touch, our clip shooting will take place in the Péniche Léocadie (, an old boat moored on the banks of the river La Seine, not so far from Paris. All the wood inside of this magic boat is completely decorated in a ballroom for dance (Vintage Art deco style) and have a magnificent scene for the production of Live Music. During the clip shooting, this strange place will be considerably embellished to be filmed and will give the most beautiful shots. These shot will make us tripping in the past to get back the famous atmosphere of the Jazz bands in the 20’s.

What are the funds for?

The collected money of this campaign will reward the work of all the artists as well as the remuneration for the persons who also worked on the production and the direction of the clip:

5 Musicians : 1 750 €

Recording + Mixing + Mastering : 500 €

Shooting + Editing : 1 180 €

Dressing + Make-up + Hairstyle : 200 €

Photography : 300 €

Catering + Furnitures : 300 €

Cost of the gifts : 400 €

Total cost : 4630 €

About the project owner

             So'Filles & The Swing French Cookers is a 5 musicians band. Each of these professional artists have passed by long musical studies and works today regularly on stage within several different artistic projects. Shiran Azoulay and Auriane Orinel are singers, Olivier Leclerc is a violinist, Gwenaël Gourlay is rhythm guitarist and Tristan Loriaut is double bassist.

So’Filles - Natural Voice Duet

So' Filles is a vocal duet composed by two “Sophie” so much… girly !... They laugh, eat, squeal, but they know how to sing so very well between two “chouquettes”. Auriane Orinel, of lyric formation is so sweet on Pop sounds and R'n’B (She sings as well the Night Queen of Mozart as Single Ladies of Beyonce). Shiran Azoulay, self-taught and alto in spite of her, vibrates through the World Music, the Pop and the Jazz (Michael Jackson, whom she believe in since the age of 6), Ella Fitzgerald and so many others). The vocal duet So'Filles makes its own videos during their rehearsals, always in the esthetic concept of the Live Music. They find musical arrangement a capella from famous songs, with different collaborations (Tristan Loriaut, Laurent Azoulay …) and recently, they have found their own compositions. Crumbs of chouquettes also.

To follow them in their crazy adventures, Alex Deschamps, multifaceted artist, accompanies them in the production of their first concerts in duet and also manages the artistic design of their first EP.

To discover, their first title, "Perfect Size", which represents very well the work of these 2 young ladies, follow this link : V=B18R3Po2iQs

Olivier Leclerc (Violin)

Violinist since the age of 4 years, Olivier is a special musician. Endowed with classical music studies, he was quickly very passionate about the Musics with improvisations and honorable characters, in particulary the “International Music Center Didier LOCKWOOD” in 2003. Olivier crosses so diverse musical styles and use them to help him to develop his sound. The release of its first album in trio entitled "MEMORY" collects all these influences by covers and compositions. We can find on it Pierre Achache on guitar, Jean-Michel Charbonnel on double bass, and as invited, Jean-François Gautier on drums. It’s with this project that Olivier gave famous live concerts in particular in the first part of the famous French humorist Elie Semoun's new entitled show “Merki" at the Olympia (Paris) as well as the Lille’s Zénith in 2008. He gave also some memorable concerts beside big musicians such as : Didier Lockwood, François Laizeau, Mario Canonge, Eric Seva, Tania Kassis… Violonist, Olivier is also a composer for diverse artists, Elie Semoun ("Tranches de vie" on the entitled sketch “Mikeline”), Tania Kassis ("One Last Dance"), Verbaudet (“Parfums de vacances")… Today, Olivier continues to play on Jazz scene in different bands : "Olivier Leclerc Trio & Quartet", "Texas Line", "Thierry Anquetil", “Swing French Cookers”…

Gwenaël Gourlay (Rythm guitar)

Gwenaël discovers very early his passion for Jazz Guitar of Django Reinhardt, and takes lessons of Music within the association "Les Amis de la Pie" à Saint-Maur-des-Fossés (near Paris, France). He has joined afterward various jazz bands as robust rhythmic guitarist. Big lover of the typical rhythms of the Gipsy Jazz, he has played for a long time the various esthetics of the French-style Swing, the Bolero, the Waltz, or the Bossa nova swing. Specialized as a sideman in every bands, he plays the "pompe” in differents Gipsy Jazz trios, during 4 years on the french and foreign stages. Gwenaël Gourlay admits to be also a big passionate of guitar lutherie, being for several years a fine collector of gipsy guitars.

Tristan Loriaut (Double-bass)

In a musicians family, Tristan Loriaut is born in 1981 and begins the cello at 6. He integrate in 1995 the 3rd cycle of the cello class of the Conservatoire de Valence (Drôme, France) and finished his studies of music theory there. It’s between 2001 and 2003 that the musician learns his new job of Jazz guitarist within the IMFP, a private Jazz school in Salon de Provence (Bouches-du-Rhone, France), with teachers like Gérard Maurin, Christian Bon, Philippe Petrucciani and Jean-Pierre Martinez… At the age of 22, Tristan Loriaut moves in Paris and studies in multiple academies like the Conservatoire of the 9th district and the CRR of Paris (Rue de Madrid, 8th), with professors like Manu Codjia, Eric Daniel, Michael Felberbaum, Emile Spanyi, Philippe Baudoin and Pierre Bertrand... At the same time, his guitarist's life on stage takes a wider form thanks to its participation in diverse experiences of improvised Musics, as the quartet of modern Jazz Perceptual, the support of several singers (Christine Flowers, Elida Zulu, Cynthia Saint-Ville ..), as well as the participation in several big bands of Jazz, as Big Band Universitaire de Paris (Direction : Thierry Lalo), and a revival of " Sketches of Spain" with Dave Liebman as invited soloist.

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For any questions about the crowdfunding campaign or special gifts from outside Ulule, you can leave a message to the band : [email protected]

Release party : Sunday December 10th, 5pm @

Photos credits Marie-Laure Duarte