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SUPERTRÓPICA - 2nd album, "Verbenien Berlin"

Please help us bring forward our new project!

About the project


heavens allowing, we're going to record our 2nd album and... we need your help. Supertrópica is an independent band, without label or any kind of economical support from any company or institution. In 2010 we were lucky enough to land a grant to record our first album, "La isla pensada", but those times of public incentives are history... deep buried history.

It's already 3 years since then, and in this time, we've been hitting the road doing gigs and amusing our public. But now it's time for us to leave an imprint of the evolution of our sound and style. The new work is gonna be titled "Verbenien Berlin", and all its 10 brand new songs are already finished and pippin' hot, so you like it. But to record them right, as they deserve, it is required some money, and even if we are willing to contribute what we can, it's not enough, poor rats that we are. In one phrase, we  need your help, and without you, it's just not possible.

It's because of this that we ask you to be our sponsor, for Supertrópica to keep creating and broadcasting its music and videos, and to keep its good vibes going through its hot rythms and ironic and tropical points of view. In exchange. we offer you all kinds of merchandising and knick-knacks (cd, walkman, audio-tape, concert, t-shirt, ...). But that's perhaps not the most important thing. The key is that with your support, you're contributing to keep Supertrópica alive and kicking. And grooving.

This is the tracklist of "Verbenien Berlin", "buen provecho":

Soy un volcán, Odisea carnavalera, Pepe vente a Alemania, Navidad caliente, La berlina de Los Cristianos, Santa Cruz Boogaloo, Me voy de romería, El zurrón del gofio, El tren de la bruja, Amor hundido.

What are the funds for?

We need the quoted amount to pay for:

1 the recording: studio and sound technician

2 mixing and mastering

3 making copies

On top of that, we'd need some money for distribution, advertising and communication, and for producing a new video. So, if we get more money than expected, it'll go to that.

We'll record the album with Luis del Toro in Madrid between June and August this year, and it'll be finished in October.

About the project owner


Supertrópica was founded in Madrid in 2006 by 7, high-school-pals, canarian musicians. We recorded 2 EPs and an LP in 2010, produced by Luis del Toro in studios Multitrack and CATA Madrid. This first album was a first surveying work, where we started to define our style. We counted with some resounding colaborations, for every taste (Chiqui Pérez, Caco Senante, and Domingo el Colorao). The album was well liked and we gave many concerts, but we kept our jobs and working on the band as an aside. Our bosses' asses were safe once again...

Now, we the supetropicals are scattered through Europe (Berlin, Dublin, San Sebastián, Madrid and Barcelona), but that hasn't prevented us from keep writing songs thanks to internet (despite porn, which distracted us at times), and we've also gathered every few months to play in these and other cities. Last February we played in Madrid, and in April we're touring Germany for the 3rd year in a row (this time we hit Berlin, Dresden and Leipzig, "das ist wunderbar, braten meine Würst, bitte!").

Our music drinks from many sources, but it's addict to none. We mix cumbia with soukous, merengue and samba, guitars with american desert sounds and old skool '90's keyboards, beat boxes and lots of percussion. Funny lyrics and many references to our beloved Canary Islands populate our songs. And above all, we put lots of Carnival to give it a soul.

In this time we've also produced 2 videoclips: "Supertropical" and "Se me sube la canariedad", which provide a fit sample of the kind of fresh, fun-loving band we are.




Supertrópica is:

Sergio Oramas - voice, timple and beat box

Ruymán Azzollini - voice and shaking things

Enrique Vergara - voice and congas

Javier Bello - voice and keyboards

Alejandro Blanco - electric guitar

Airán Ródenas - pailas

Tinguaro Rodríguez - bass


If you still have an unanswered question, feel free to ask the project owner directly.

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