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Super Street Fire : Turbo Championship Edition

Another fire arts collaboration by Site 3.

  • better late than never, our apologies

    we've been incredibly busy because i didn't realize how much work goes into creating and sending out the rewards while also pushing through on project work. please accept my apologies for it taking so long. the shwag is starting to go out now -- hopefully better late than never.

    the project is still ongoing: we were accepted by burning man as one of the 2012 honorarium projects. for more details on what we'll be building on top of the fire game, take a look at our technical plan:

    thanks so much for your patience, and again, sorry for it taking so long to get going. we haven't forgotten about you -- just been still hard at work!

  • project season over -- shwag going out soon!

    This news is reserved for project supporters. You know what you need to do !

  • Thanks to everyone who helped fund the project!

    We'll be sending out rewards soon, so stay tuned... in the meantime, here's the first video we've seen posted from our test run at Firefly:

    We burned through about 800lbs of propane over three nights of running SSF. Everyone had a great time (how can you complain about this kind of fire).

    More photos and video will be posted as people send them to us!

  • the gloves are looking great!

    The gloves are the main input peripheral for SUPER STREET FIRE. Each player wears a pair of them, and they track the player's movements and recognize gestures such as punches, blocks, and fireballs.

    Instead of designing custom boards, we went with simple easy-to-connect pieces for doing the movement tracking. We are using SparkFun 9DoF IMU units (3 accelerometers, 3 gyroscopes, 3 magnetometers-- one on each axis) connected toXBee Series 2 radios, powered by a 3.7V LiPo battery. The gloves even have battery charger boards built-in so that they can charge off USB. 

    The actual wearable gloves are laser-cut leather (using the Site 3 laser), aircraft cable for stretchiness, with acrylic boxes (also laser-cut at Site 3) to protect the electronics. They look something like this, with a few improvements:


    In the final version (the one we're testing with now), the battery and charger board are kept safe in a pouch that snaps shut, but leaves the USB charging port available. All of the electronics are sealed in, and the wires between the boards are connected.

    Many thanks to Carl Penny of Site 3 for the wearables design and construction!

  • progress on the scoreboard

    It's pretty amazing what you can do with some XBee radios and a small amount of code. (Also engineering plastic, custom circuit boards, and LED strips.)

    Timer enclosure and lighting made by Christopher Guard, using a wifire16 board designed by Seth Hardy.