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Contribute to the Sulfure Festival (9/03 - 31/03)

An event dedicated to alternative, atmospheric and experimental music, organized by the websites IRM and DCALC in Paris

About the project

The idea came from a first concert organized in Paris by Indie Rock Mag (aka IRM) and its gloomy doppelgänger Des Cendres à la Cave (DCALC), on October 31st, 2018. A dark and atmospheric show in phase with the spirit of the two music websites and the intimate and cozy space of Le Vent Se Lève, beautiful small venue with an ideal sound for ambient and experimental music, located at the 181 avenue Jean Jaurès, between the metro stations Ourcq and Porte de Pantin on line 5.

This first successful experience made us want to go further, with the same passion and taste for diversity appreciated in our music reviews. Therefore, for its first edition, the Sulfure Festival will count no less than 30 artists from a dozen countries, over the course of 11 shows spread from March 9th to March 31st, 2019, all hosted by Vent Se Lève, thanks to them for their open mind and enthusiasm. Concerts at low prices, accessible to everyone, 10 euros for 3 acts every night... so we strongly advise you to book your tickets in advance through this presale, because the gauge of the venue is highly limited !


Musically, drone and ambient supporters will be spoiled as much as electronica and electro-pop fans, abstract hip hop aficionados or indie folk lovers, among other discoveries and adventurous crossovers. But this "human size" venue will also - and above all - provide some unique interactions between the artists and the audience, through workshops, showcases and recorded sessions before the concerts, or simply at the bar between two sets because at Le Vent Se Lève, we are a little bit like in our own living room, only with much better acoustics : even if you already had the chance to see some of those musicians on stage, you surely never heard them perform in such conditions.

Although the opening night is scheduled for Saturday, March 9th with a "carte blanche" to the electronica/ambient collective HEP, the unofficial Sulfure kickoff will be given a month earlier, on February 3rd, with a solo concert of Aidan Baker (Canada - ambient guitar, drone, experimental) and The Eye of Time (France - imaginary soundtracks, electronics, modern classical) which will be followed by an introduction of the festival's line-up through a listening session (join our facebook event for more infos). Passes will also be on sale at this occasion (5 evenings from 40 euros, 11 evenings for 100 euros with VIP access and goodies), subject to their remaining availabilities at the end of this fundraising campaign.

What are the funds for?

These passes are also part of the counterparties we're offering here, in order to make this project feasible without restrictions. A first goal at 4000 euros will allow us to advance the transport costs of musicians and bands programmed at the Sulfure, take care of accommodation and catering and produce 30 silkscreened posters of the festival's official artwork. But as you can imagine, it is still very little for a project of this magnitude, and the festival would remain quite a financial risk for the Sulfure team.

Therefore we're asking you to help us increase this figure a little to reach our secondary goals of 150% and maybe even 200%.

A second goal at 150% (6000 euros) would allow us to provide minimum fees for all artists regardless of the number of tickets sold, and print posters and flyers in quantity to spread the word about the festival.

Finally, a third goal at 200% (8000 euros) would give us the opportunity to plan an extra show on March 12th, in partnership with Les Charades Électroniques who also co-organize the Christ. / Alexandre Navarro concert on March 16th. The venue is already reserved for this date in case of success. This 11th show of the festival would feature at least two international acts. Otherwise, this level would also allow us to consider one or two extra dates outside of Paris to take the festival to other territories (Rennes, Amiens or Lille are on the front line).

So do not hesitate to support the event, even if you don't have the chance to be in Paris in March this year, especially since we offer to any contributor of the "livestream" option a private access that will allow you to watch all the concerts from home, about 30 artists live in your living room !

To support us, in addition to being able to buy your ticket for any concert with a digital compilation of the line-up as a bonus, many counterparties are at your disposal in the right-side column, from simple donations to the status of "patron of the festival" with an implication in the organization of our next edition in 2020, through the passes for 5 or 10 shows (or maybe 11 ?), silkscreened posters, surprise baskets with goodies and CDs, tickets for drinks and even the organization of a concert of your choice in 2018 at Le Vent Se Lève along with IRM and DCALC.

But the option not to be missed, especially if you're not living in Paris, is definitely the "pay what you want livestream package" with a code to access our private livestream, all the shows live from home for any donation from one euro. Le Vent Se Lève is indeed equipped with all the necessary material for a high quality sound and video retransmission.

We thank you in advance for your contributions to this ambitious project which, we hope, has already encouraged you to mark a few evenings in your agenda. If this is the case, we promise you some great discoveries (for about one act out of three, this will a first show in Paris - sometimes even in France) and the satisfaction of having supported artists whose unique vision can never be spotlighted enough. All the best and see you soon at Le Vent Se Lève !

About the project owner


Since 2005, Indie Rock Mag, rebaptised IRM, defends the most authentic and idiosyncratic music around in the form of reviews, interviews, news, live reports and monthly "best lists", with unlimited eclectism as a trademark. Since its creation, IRM has published no less than 20 compilations of original tracks, including a tribute to Twin Peaks in 16 volumes available to download for free on Bandcamp.


Through its "pyroclastic echoes and reviews from the basement" and its compilations of original tracks Transmissions from the Heart of Darkness available in free download, DCALC focuses since 2012 on the darkest, most immersive and disturbing kind of experimental music, from post-punk and noise to dark ambient and electronics.


Located at the 181, avenue Jean Jaurès in the 19th arrondissement of Paris, behind the Café Jean, this creative space for art and culture hosts, in addition to music concerts, shared creations, audiovisual workshops, theater and dance companies, poetry, training in digital arts and artistic production, rehearsals, seminars and other multimedia gatherings, in a spirit of solidarity and social involvement, giving voice to actors in society too often ignored by the institutions.




- Christ. (Scotland) : pretty rare in France, the beatmaker from the late great Benbecula label, previously known as the third member of a certain Scottish electronic band from Warp Records by the time of their album Twoism in 1995 and heard on the IRM compilation of original tracks Clashes back in 2012, had co-founded with the aforementioned duo of producers the collective Hexagon Sun before leaving to follow his own path, delivering with Metamorphic Reproduction Miracle (2003), Blue Shift Emissions (2007) or Cathexis Motion Picture Soundtrack 6 years ago some of the most beautiful retro-futuristic and dreamlike electronica records ever crafted.


- thisquietarmy (Canada) : a 10-years career already for Eric Quach from Montreal and his project at the crossroads of drone, ambient, shoegaze and post-rock, among others. After a first concert with guitar, bass, drums and brass last October, the Canadian artist, who released music on labels such as Denovali, Consouling Sounds, Midira or Aurora Borealis over the years, returns to Paris in-between two performances of his Hypnodrone Ensemble (a collective he created with Aidan Baker) to offer us a solo guitar set.


- Jon Porras (USA) : half of the amazing drone duo Barn Owl from Thrill Jockey (along with Evan Caminiti), the American musician just released the etheral Voices Of The Air, which focuses on vintage synths with hazy pulsating textures and bursts of noise. If you're as curious as we are of the direction it's going to take on stage, you will not want to miss this one !


- Chantal Acda (Belgium) : known for the vocal ambient of Sleepingdog with Adam Wiltzie (A Winged Victory For The Sullen, Stars Of The Lid) and the indie pop trio Distance, Light & Sky (which has just released the excellent Gold Coast) along with Chris Eckman (The Walkabouts) and Eric Thielemans (Tape Cuts Tape), the Antwerp-based musician also shines by herself with her lush acoustic compositions and touching songwriting, both solemn and ethereal, lyrical and introspective.


- Strangelove (England) : for the first time ever in France, the London duo that IRM has been following since its very first EP Purple in 2013 offers an ethereal and destructured hip hop, with textures highly influenced by ambient music, further beyond the path of adventurers such as Antipop Consortium, Digable Planets or more recently Captain Murphy (aka Flying Lotus). To discover on March 27th, part of a hip hop evening that still holds many surprises... and not only in Paris, since in partnership with the Sulfure, the British band will also perform two additional French shows - more infos soon on our facebook page !


- Seabuckthorn (England) : seen on the music labels Lost Tribe Sound across the Atlantic and La Cordillère in France, Andy Cartwright delivers a haunted instrumental folk at the crossing of fingerpicking inherited from the American Primitive Guitar movement and more drone-like imaginary soundscapes, often played with a resonator guitar. He is one of the numerous musicians of the Sulfure line-up to have taken part in compilations of original tracks from IRM or DCALC (in his case, along with Chantal Acda, Giulio Aldinucci or Alexandre Navarro : the IRMxTP project, a 200-tracks tribute to David Lynch's Twin Peaks series).


- Fuji Kureta (Turkey) : officially deactivated in 2015, IRM's favorite Turkish act will offer us a one-time concert at the occasion of the Sulfure Festival, a late chance to discover the Istanbul duo's mutant and playful electronic pop. One of the most beautiful hidden treasures of the 10s, heir to the Bristol Sound, Warp label's IDM and the first Björk albums.


- Helluvah (France) : the musician from Paris who took part in the 2007 Fresh & French Tour compilation 11 years ago, links the original Indie Rock Mag to 2018's IRM with her indie pop now infused with electronic beats and synths. Traces of the more rugged folk/rock influences of her early years remain from those brilliant beginnings which had earned her at the time well-deserved comparisons with Kristin Hersh, Shannon Wright and PJ Harvey.


- Giulio Aldinucci (Italy) : recently rewarded by a nice series of mentions in the end-of-year lists of music magazines such as Popmatters or A Closer Listen (and of course IRM) for the superb Disappearing In A Mirrorreleased by Karlrecords, Giulio Aldinucci's stirring and stormy ambient will be showcased at the Sulfure, as part of an evening dedicated to atmospheric and textured electronic music. It will be his very first concert in Paris, so do not miss it !

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