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Strainly - Cannabis biodiversity matters

Connect with members. Share great strains. Preserve genetics.

About the project


Connect with members.  Share great strains.  Preserve genetics.

Our mission is to provide a web app allowing peer-to-peer cannabis cultivars exchange and improving access to propagation material. Strainly allows legal cannabis growers and breeders (medical or adult use) to trade seeds, clones, tissue cultures or pollen and have easier access to a variety of cannabis strains to grow and breed.

Whether looking for Indicas, Sativas, Hybrids or even Ruderalis, users can browse, filter and find their cultivars while benefiting from a rating/reviews mechanism, fostering an unequaled level of trust among the community.

What are the funds for?

Meeting your expecations is our priority!

After two years in operation, you're now thousands of members using Strainly on daily basis! Many of you shared their valuable feedback and recommandations. You've asked for new features and improvements and we'd like to implement them through a major upgrade of Strainly.

A sample of these upgrades, just to tease you a bit..:

  • An improved 2-layer rating system (evaluate the transaction, evaluate the quality of the genetics...)
  • Additional social features for a more vibrant community
  • Organize your conversations and transactions, for more clarity and improved follow-up (order tracking, combine orders, calculate totals, mark as shipped...)
  • An "auctions" feature
  • New categories for growing equipment
  • Improved security
  • And much more...!

About the project owner

A long term vision...

Based in Montreal (Canada), I've been concerned with crop biodiversity and intellectual property issues related to plants for 10 years. When I understood how few corporations had acquired control over the production and distribution of seeds across the world, and the consequences this was having on farmers and consumers, something seemed broken. It stayed on the back of my mind since then...

With cannabis legalization in North America and other parts of the world, these issues naturally came up again regarding this plant that has been around mankind for 12,000 years! Few people know, but cannabis has been banned for less than a century before its recent legalization. This plant has moved from one continent to the other with human migrations, leading to thousands of varieties in existence today. Ironically, legalization may represent a threat to this biodiversity.

At the end of 2016, after 10 years working in the software and IT industry, I decided to launch Strainly with the goal to create the largest platform connecting cannabis cultivators and improving their access to varietals adapted to their growing environment and meeting their patients and customers needs. 

After 2 years of efforts, we are now close to 10,000 users... and your expectations are clear: you want more! More features, more options, more security...

Thanks for your support!


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