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Stone Circle Auditorium

Help us to create a unique performance space that celebrates the co-creation of people and nature

About the project

Welcome to Gea Viva!

Be part of creating a unique event space in nature - a stone circle auditorium!

Our charity hosts events that support people to become joyful co-creators in the Earth's current transition - actors on the stage of life. Through these events we explore how we can transform ourselves, and thus the world, to create a culture that brings us in balance with the natural world and empowers us to manifest a positive collective future. So far we have created the stone circle, and now we need your help to design and build seating and lighting for it to become an auditorium.

Join this consciousness shift with your donation. 

Hrvatska verzija (se nalazi na linku za francuski jezik).

Our Story

Based in Milna on the Croatian island Brac, the charity Gea Viva is in the process of setting up a place of inspiration, encounter and creativity that welcomes visitors and offers events, seminars and courses. Its 1.4 hectare site brings together contemporary spirituality and eco education by finding new ways of relating to the seen and unseen aspects of the Earth. Local people and tourists can learn about, try their hand at and evolve communication with nature beings, ecological construction, healthy living, permaculture, arts and crafts.   

In June 2013 our international group created a stone circle with the theme "Honouring the power of the heart". We designed and carved thirteen reliefs (cosmogrammes) that eplore how to create a more mindful culture that brings humankind in harmony with the Earth and each other. Cosmograms are individually designed geometric figures that generate and communicate a healing impulse. This work is based on the ancient science of geomancy, the Western equivalent of Feng Shui and works as an Earth acupuncture. Through this visitors can deepen their relationship with the Earth, their inner self and the community. 

The stone circle is now open and beginning to attract visitors. So far we have organised guided tours, meditations and seasonal celebrations for local people and tourists. We regularly host workshops, and for 2014 we are planning a 72-hour permaculture design course and a mosaic art workshop. On the mosaic art workshop we will create a unique mosaic entrance to the auditorium with Robert Lisac, a collaborator from Slovenia.

We would like to broaden the scope of our work to host concerts, performances and bigger events in this spectacular setting featuring the stone circle, the surrounding olive grove, and sea views. The Mediterranean climate is ideal for outdoor events and this project will give the village Milna a much-needed venue. So we invite you to join us and help us to co-create this auditorium as a celebration of the famous Brač stone, the heart quality the island embodies and the transformational power of our hearts!

To thank you, we are offering unique rewards, which could be meaningful gifts for your loved ones this festive season.

The stone circle auditorium will

  • provide a space for transformative art and entertainment for project participants, tourists, visitors and the local community
  • boost the local economy by offering activities that extend beyond the short peak of the high season
  • promote the tradition and cultural heritage of the island Brac
  • connect the community through various events and activities
  • promote the Gea Viva project to a wider audience

What are the funds for?

Your donation will help to:

  • get a land survey (400 €) and prepare design and construction drawings (200 €)
  • construct seating of traditional drystone walls with a mortared topping (expenses for materials and seminars in which participants learn and gain direct experience about building traditional drystone walls) (2.950 €)
  • purchase and installing solar panels for lighting and sound (2.100 €)

For the drystone walling and solar panels we are planning to organise workshops with specialised NGOs who will pass on these skills to participants.
Additional funding will go towards building a steel construction for shading and creating a meditative garden with medicinal plants around the auditorium. 

You can donate money and choose your reward by clicking on the link: 

Also you can donate money by bank transfer, apart from paying by credit card. 
Bank details: SWIFT RZBHHR2X 
IBAN HR6524840081105921496. Please state Stone circle auditorium as a reference.

Other Ways You Can Help

If you would like to help, but cannot make a donation, please support us by

  • spreading the word about our campaign and share it with your social network by using the Ulule share tools!
  • stay in touch by signing up for our monthly newsletter.
  • or Come to Croatia, roll-up your sleeves and get building!

For more information on our project and the people involved, please visit our website or our facebook page.

About the project owner

Sabine Engelhardt MA Urban Design dipl. arch. - ChairWoman of the Charity Gea Viva

A chartered Architect with 10 years experience in Architecture, Urban Regeneration and Landscape Architecture, Sabine has focussed on creating buildings in harmony with the Earth: that are constructed using natural materials, are energy efficient and complement the site and its surroundings. From 2004 until 2008 she has studied Geomancy with various teachers from Britain and Slovenia, amongst them Marko Pogačnik and Richard Creightmoore. Ranging from houses, businesses and public buildings to local and regional scales, Sabine has worked on a wide range of Earth healing projects and Earth Acupuncture projects. She is a founding member of Gea Viva charity and is currently working on creating a centre for eco and spiritual education on croatian Island Brac.

Here is the Gea Viva coworking team