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Amazons, move freely without a pros-thesis

Swimming costume and sports/swimming bra for asymmetrical women who want to be active without a prosthesis

About the project


we are the association Complètement Femme

We are amazons, meaning that we have undergone the ablation of one or two breasts. The aim of our association is to highlight our image and to help us feel free and good about ourselves, without a prosthesis.

To be active with our new body we need clothes that allow us to move freely and comfortably. At present, tops for amazons include a pocket into which a prosthesis can be inserted and they are not designed to flatter an asymmetrical body. To meet our need, we decided to make these new clothes.

We have created a one-piece swimming costume and a multi-sports/swimming bra. None of us wish to find our prosthesis floating next to us in the swimming pool! Or to feel it jump with each movement.

Designed to emphasise asymmetry, our products are beautiful, soft and supportive. To guarantee both technicality and beauty we have chosen a manufacturing process with French specialists.

Launching our pre-orders with Ulule will enable us to manufacture according to each person’s needs, by defining in advance the combination of size, colour and in particular, which side (left or right breast) is missing. We will manufacture only what is required.

And so finally our amazons will have their own bathing costumes for our next swimming event!

We propose …

Two products that combine comfort and support thanks to a double sided, high density microfiber, manufactured by a French specialist of high technology fabrics. The fabric, which is soft and smooth to the touch, provides muscular support, enabling a reduction in vibrations. It is also designed to be resistant to water, sunlight, chlorine and sweat.

And you can also choose between 2 brilliant, luminous (or even audacious) colours :  vermillon and bleu azurite

A multi-sport bra for complete freedom of movement, and confident beauty.

The asymmetrical shape, in harmony with a one-breasted bust, is secured by a soft elastic band underneath the chest, that maintains the bra in place. The bra does not ride up or twist. This avoids rubbing and irritation of the skin and scar tissue.

To better adapt to the morphology of each amazon, two options are proposed for the bras, right or left, depending upon the side of the mastectomy, and in sizes S to XL, D cup included.



A one-piece swimming costume to take to the water in beauty!

Shapewear effect for this one-piece swimming costume.

The asymmetrical shape, in harmony with a one-breasted bust, is fully adjustable thanks to a fine adjustable strap and a draped effect at the front. Designed to avoid rubbing and irritation of the skin and scar tissue, the costume stays in place and does not slip or twist.

To better adapt to the morphology of each amazon, two options are proposed for the swimming costumes, right or left, depending upon the side of the mastectomy, and in sizes S to XL, D cup included.

And you can also choose between 2 brilliant, luminous (or even audacious) colours …: vermillon or bleu azurite

How we work

A state of mind

Complètement Femme is above all a state of mind: we believe in a freedom of choice and that we can be happy and feel good just as we are. Wearing our swimming costumes is a conscious choice to wear clothes that have been designed for us and that flatter us.

A collaborative process

From our original idea, we have created a design that has evolved during our exchanges with specialists at each stage; style, choice of fabric, manufacture of prototypes, etc. It’s a collaborative process.

This is why we have chosen to manufacture our products locally, to facilitate our exchanges. We are lucky to have experts in high technology fabrics and textile manufacturers in Rhône-Alpes. The commitment of our suppliers towards our association is precious. They propose small quantities of fabric and low volume production, which is exactly what we need to meet our associative objectives. We work with ethical partners and suppliers.

150 km

This is the number of kilometres travelled by our products during their manufacture. That’s all.

What are the funds for?

The funding will enable us to launch a line of swimming costumes and multi-sport/swimming bras for amazons. Normally, swimwear designed for women who have had a mastectomy has a pocket into which the external prosthesis can be placed, but this is not always satisfactory when you want to move freely, especially in water!

Therefore, in order for the swimming costume and bras to cater to the asymmetry of amazons, it is necessary to adapt the side of the bust where there is no longer a breast. This means that the design and manufacture is more delicate, and this is where our specialists come in.

Thanks to the pre orders we will be able to manufacture quality swimwear and bras at affordable prices, completely adapted to each woman’s morphology.

  • Up to 30 pre orders : at least 10 of each model

This is the minimum number of orders we need to meet to launch production with our manufacturer, at least 10 of each model. You will receive your order within one month following the end of the campaign.

  • Up to 60 pre orders

If we attain this level, due to diminishing manufacturing costs, we would like to invest in the organisation of encounters and conferences, in order to present the alternative of staying amazon as a choice. A real choice, just as valid as a breast reconstruction.

  • Up to 150 pre orders

We will have enough funds to develop a swimming costume and multi sports bra for cup sizes above D.

  • Over the rainbow

This would enable us to develop other clothes adapted for amazons. A bra? A dress? What would you prefer?

About the project owner

Three women, three stories, one encounter and the association Complètement Femme was born. The objective of the association is to help women who have had a mastectomy to rediscover a beautiful and positive self-image and to rebuild themselves mentally. We call these women amazons, as there is no other word to describe them at present.

We have chosen to use any and all art and beauty supports to contribute towards changing the standards of beauty and social representation of women. To do that we organise events, encounters, debates, conferences and publish images of amazon women through photos and artwork, always promoting beauty and life.

The creation of the swimwear and multi-sports bra is part of this objective. Swimming, going to the beach or swimming pool, exercising with appropriate clothing is essential for an amazon to feel good. But these clothes also have a symbolic role: they make the amazons visible, they show them off and they don’t hide them.

So, 3 women, a seamstress, an artiste and an amazon: Lucie, Pascale and Valérie. Now, Lucie has moved on to follow other adventures but she has left us her legacy “It’s up to the clothes to adapt to womens’ bodies and not up to their bodies to adapt to the clothes". A new amazon has joined us, Tessa, slowly she has spread her wings and now she is proud to wear our colours and values.

Come and join us!

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