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Spirit of War: The Great War

The inescapable wargame on the First World War

About the project

All pledges give access to all the version of Sow (Android, Ios and PC), without any restriction ! You'll be able to play the game on your favorite platform !

Spirit of War: The Great War is the first element in a series of Turn-Based Strategy games to be made available on tablet, smartphone and computer. Entirely conceived in 3D and aimed at all strategy enthusiasts, SoW: The Great War will allow you to take part in two campaigns following the events of World War One.

Early December 2014

Make your way through two campaigns totaling more than 20 original maps each. Dive into a Wargame ambiance by taking control of more than 47 different unit types, faithful to their appearing date during the Great War.

Duel against your friends in an addictive multiplayer mode. Choose one of the 20 special maps to wage war and prove once and for all who the best strategist is!

  • Full 3D strategy game.
  • Turn-Based Strategy game, for up to 2 players.
  • More over 30 campaign maps and 20 multiplayer maps.
  • Complete historical summary of the period between 1914 and 1918.
  • Intuitive control scheme thanks to touchscreen integration.
  • 47 different unit types completed with their historical descriptions.

We are passionate about history and strategy games.

As such, we wanted to leave a tribute to the 'Poilus', the french soldiers who fought during World War One. What better date to release a game on this theme than the commemoration of the centennial?

The game itself is resolutely 'old-school', being turn-based and using a map made of hexagons, as it was inspired by games that came out when we were kids.

Support dematerialization allows us to make games without having to deal with an editor, so we thought to ourselves: “Let's make a video game company!”. G-old and Spirit of War: The Great War were born that day.

5 000 € - Online Multiplayer

If we reach this goal we can add an online fonctionnality to let you play on the net ! Start to fight your friends wherever they are !

7 500 € - Leaderboard

This strech goal allow us to implement the Leaderboard fonction. You'll be able to see your classement depending of your victory against friends and online players.

10 000 € - More maps ! More units !

By reaching this goal, we'll be able to produce more multiplayer maps and more special units exclusive to the multiplayer's mode !

What are the funds for?

SoW is already being developed. What we need you for is to allow us to finish the game serenely and implement all the mechanics which will make of Spirit of WarTHE definitive strategy game for tablets and smartphones.

We are currently working on the game, but some features such as the AI, social network integration or multiplayer can be better. We found solutions, though, but they need a larger amount of money.

That's why we need your help to polish the game.

Any money we get over will allow us to go beyond the initial project, which means even more playability, more maps and more fun !

About the project owner

A lot of member of G-old came from the same video game school and has already worked together. When the studio has been created, they were the first in.

From left to right: Maxime Piquot (Lead Programmer) Tristan Faure (3D & 2D Graphist) David Sellier (3D Graphist) Loïc Petrier (Lead Graphist) David Leneveu (Game Designer) Antoine Maurin (Game Programmer) Benoît Renard (CEO / Game Producer)

Out of picture but always in our mind: 

David Kuhmel – Co-CEO, Producer and animator

Nicolas De Feran – Sound & Music Designer