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Help financing the first animated clip !!

About the project

Hello !!

We are a parisian rock band formed 1 year ago. We knew each other by ATLA Music School in Paris. We are passionates after all !!

Members :

  • Nicolas Coune (Vocals)
  • Benoît Adam (Guitars & Synths)
  • Mourad Djazzafonk (Bass)
  • Kévin Cordier (Drums)

Past members :

  • Laura (Vocals 2016-2017)
  • Nathalie Aranda (2017) (Singer of the band Knock Me Out !)


MUSE Fans may have the references !!! So our songs are influences by english rock (Muse, Radiohead, Placebo, Editors, David Bowie...), american rock (Interpol, Nirvana, RHCP, Cynic...) and japanese rock (L'arc~en~ciel, Luna~sea, Buck-Tick, DEAD END...).

Songs are in both French and English.

We define our style as "Progressive rock"


We actually had 5 gig. It may be not much compared to other bands tourings a lot, but we have the will to devellop our universe order to find our public. We are aware that our style of music does not please everyone, and that it is not festive or dancing music such as Funk or Rock'n'Roll !! As a result, some venues do not seem suitable for playing. Beyond that, composing, rehearsals, recording, edit videos, all this takes time, and we all have a job or studies next !!

The good news is that our shows are usually recorded with a pro, so we are able to offer you some of these professional quality recordings !!


We want to make a video for our song In The Cold. We chose to make a video animation because it seemed simpler, more artistic and more adapted to our project.

The scenario and the artistic direction are already completed. Here are some concepts to give an idea of the final render :

Here is a video of the song played live :

  • In The Cold :

What are the funds for?

The funding will cover the remaining costs for the graphic designer in charge of the clip !!

Let's not kid ourselves, a rock band has a non-negligible cost (equipment, rehearsals, training, venue rentals, promotion ...). Currently more than 3000 € have already been invested in the project. We appeal to the generosity of the participants to be able to soften the costs slightly !! In exchange, we give you a counterpart, especially the download in MP3 or FLAC of two live mini-albums !!

So what's is needed to pay ?

- Recording  has already been made in home studio, and finalized by an engineer.
- The mastering is automated by LANDR whose subscription has already been paid.
- All that remains is to pay the rest to the person in charge of the graphics, the reward cost and the ULULE platform.

=============== COUNTERPARTS ===============

Here are the counterparts we propose for this project:

=== The 2 mini-albums (from 5 €) ===

We offer TWO mini-album downloads:

  • Live @ Peniche Antipode with 7 songs
  • SPIRAL STATIC (Demo) with 5 songs + 5 bonus songs!

You can find the list of titles on our Bandcamp.

=== Concert tickets ===

Concert tickets are unlimited in time !!

=== The Handspinner ===

The unique object, funny and limited to only 100 copies !

=== The bass lesson by Mourad Djazzafonk! ===

The experience, her extraordinary knowledge of Soul and Funk, and her natural good mood will make this bass lesson a memorable moment of your life !!

(Only available in the Paris area)

=== The Masterclass by Benoît Adam !! ===

This special course of 2 x 1 hour is an exclusive !!! Benoît offers a quick and effective training on the principles of composition, arrangement and group work.

  • You do not know how to shape your songs?
  • Have you ever had an idea but blocked at some point ?
  • Do you want to write coherent lyrics in French or English (or any language) ?
  • Want to know how to effectively work your songs with other musicians regardless of their level ?
  • Do you want to save time (and money) and avoid the mistakes that I myself have been able to make ?

Then this course is for you !!! Prepare your notebook and your pen, there will be things to note !!

As a bonus you will receive the complete score of "In The Cold" in PDF and Guitar-Pro !!!

About the project owner


Our graphist is called Yingxue Li, student at LISAA, "L'Institut Supérieur des Arts Appliqués" in Paris.

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Any help is welcome !! Don't hesitate to like & follow us on Facebook & Instagram !!

Moreover, with 100 Youtube subscribers we could have a personalized URL ! So subscribe on YouTube!! You will be the first warned as soon as the clip is online !!

You can also help us by making subtitle for our YouTube videos !!