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Spiky - Paleblack

An Orchestral in a factory... creation of a music video.

About the project

This event is all about the creation of a music video, 5 minutes lenght dealing with a new Rock / Orchestral / Steampunk track. Lot of people were asking for it, and the idea was growing in my head, faster than a magic bean in a tale, so that's how it goes, and it cannot be done without your support. We plan to shoot the first part at the Magic Mirror, it's a kind of old '20s cabaret (350m²). With the participation of Marc Jenoc, wich is an orchestra conductor, and its orchestra plus other students and profesionnals in this branch.

All together, we would like to create something beautiful, something great, and truely personnal for this first video clip. We have few ressources but a great motivation, and a very skilled team with the will to create something big !

That's how it looks. Some views of the Magic Mirror :

Because making something great but invisible is sad, we do rely a lot on communication and diffusion. So we will do our best and truely care about the fact that our message will be broadcasted massively.

Marc Jenoc playing with its orchestra :

And that's me having fun during hollidays, ups, wrong picture you said ?

What are the funds for?

We need funds for the first part of the clip wich is an orchestra being filmed by thousand of 5D cameras (ok, I have to admit, there won't be so much cameras). The funds are covering the rent of lights, makeup, chairs (no kidding !) and a van and some fuel to move all this stuff !

About the project owner

Spiky is a Rock / Orchestral / Steampunk project.

It's already two albums.

It's music, picture, it's a universe, and the will to stay independant.

Maybe it can also be a video if you wish to.

Do you want to know more ?
Or ask Bigbrother, ahem, Facebook :) :

Here are lot of reviews about the last project Carnival Symposium :

Some artworks dealing with the previous project.