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Comics mixing Adventures, Fantasy and Steampunk : "In quest to find her father, she will steal the universe..."

About the project

Sparrow is a comics, which mixes action and fantasy in a steampunk sprinkled universe.

Sparrow is the story of two pals who wanted to work together. One week-end, Ash, fan of John Byrne and Paul Smith's drawing, Alan Moore, Frank Miller and Bill Watterson's stories, picked up on his "to read" pile of comics, “LockJaw and the Pet Avenger”, drawn, a few years ago, by a young Brazilian artist, who was starting a career at Marvel Comics: Ig Guara. 

In the meantime, Ig had been working on “Blue Beetle” for DC Comics but, sometimes, Ig Guara was feeling like taking a little detour off the mainstream’s freeway and spend some time on the country roads of Indies publishing.

Ash decided to contact him and, they quickly realized that they had lots in common, but especially a desire to launch a new project, more creative and independent than in a US edition. Its name: “Sparrow

This comics would be offered on a cool high-quality collector's edition, Thanks to IGAM Entertainment company investment, Sparrow's production could start, leaving carte blanche to the creative staff. Sparrow ought to be the first comic of a future IGAM editorial line, designed to let any artists and scenarists express themselves freely. 


Hope is the daughter of the legendary James Morton, known as "Sparrow", the best burglar of the universe.

Held to succeed her father, she supports him successfully in his night life. This duo seems unstoppable till James' old acquaintances came from his past, forcing him to disappear from the face of the earth. Hope has no choice but to become the new "Sparrow" and surpass her father in every way to, maybe, one day, be reunited with him.

Ig Guara (born March 6, 1983) lives in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. He's Sparrow's artist. After studying in the academy of arts, he begun to work for Marvel 's series « Lockjaw and the Pet Avengers", followed by  "Blue Bettle", "Teen Titans" "Green Team" "Batman : Arkham Knight" for DC Comics. He has recently worked on "All New Wolverine" for Marvel. Sparrow is his first European project. 

Florence Torta (born March 30, 1979) works as colorist, scenarist and artist. She lives in Aix-en-Provence, France, where she studied Arts. During her studies, she met    the artist Philippe Cardona, with whom she has begun a still ongoing collaboration.  They both created "Sentaï School", "Serge le hamster de l'enfer" (Serge: hamster from Hell) and "Rolqwir". She also worked as a colorist in comics, such as "Nocturnes Rouges" (Nocturnal Red), "Les naufragés d'Ythaq" (Ythaq: The Forsaken World / Ythaq: No Escape), in short stories magazines, such as "Lanfeust Mag", "Coyote Mag" and in « manga TV series ». Florence also plays Nostariat in the web series "Noob".

Ash was born on august 21, 1978 in Lille (France). Ash is a self-trained comic enthusiast who started his career by fanzine, then moved to be a comics seller and also a reviewer on specialized media. He takes his pride by feeding an encyclopedic knowledge on the area. Nowadays, Ash is working on several projects as a scenarist and  artist. 

Each other’s perspectives. (Stolen thoughts)

"First and foremost, the thing I like the most about working with Ash is the fact that he understands and respects artists, what we think and like. He prefers to work WITH us, not over us. He will ask what you like to draw, and work with it! He is also a great guy to talk with!! He has great tastes and he is really good at giving directions when you are lost on the work. He really is an amazing partner and friend."

Ig Guara

"Florence has this rare skill allowing her to complete a panel with her colors, bringing an unexpected density and atmosphere. She never betrays the artist and the scenarist’s work. She likes to try new things and summit new ideas, she is not only coloring, she gives a real added value with her ideas and her talent. As an artist and as simply herself she always gives 100% to the project she is involved in."

"Ig, beside his outrageous talent to create original and appealing characters, is bringing a synergy, transposing, upgrading and transcending my ideas. He must be the only person I know able to make real what I have in my mind more accurately than I can ever imagine from only few words. He is totally invested, he got patience, creativity. His drawing is always improving. He is always curious, looking for news technics, new means in his art. Our discussion over Sparrow or all other subject are always bringing me a different light, he is never judgmental but all about constructive criticism. Someone as simple as humble as talented as Ig is a perfect match for me. He is my creative twin, my partner in crime, my buddy all in one guy."


"If I had to define Ash by is way to work the most important thing will be his ability to trust his team, and this means a lot to me. From our first encounter until now his main direction was always the same: “do as you feel it” or “make some suggestions”   
He’s very open minded. You can discuss with him, even when we disagree on something. We always manage to talk it through and choose the best option. As a professional he respects the work of each other and as a person, what can I say, he is a nice guy and that’s a huge plus."

Florence Torta

Artist N ° 1 = Unveiled after 25 shares of the page.

Artist N ° 2 = Unveiled after 50 shares of the page.

Artist N ° 3 = Unveiled after 75 shares of the page.

Artist N °4 = Unveiled after 100 shares of the page.

What are the funds for?

What is the funding for?

This crowdfunding is really a pre-sale and has two goals:

  • To gather funds to edit the first Sparrow’s volume as a collector version.
  • To present this comic directly to the general public, to confirm what we already believe in:

Sparrow will get these fans and has a potential to become a long term comic. If we reach more than 100%, we want Sparrow to be a regular on the comic scene.

We have decided to collaborate with ULULE because of their reliability and their international platform for us to reach a global audience.

About the project owner



Twitter: @sparrowcomics

Instagram: sparrowcomicsofficial