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Chic in Soft - Relax in Bamboo Loungewear

Help us launch our first collection of Bamboo Loungewear & we'll plant trees on your behalf !

About the project

We are Dany and Jannie, the two passionate behind the project "Chic in Soft"!

We decided to join forces to offer you a collection of comfortable, eco-sustainable and ethical clothing for the home. We chose bamboo fiber, a pleasant material for your skin and in perfect respect for the environment.

In fact, Dany loves bamboo so much that she made it her life project, embodied by Shoo-Foo.


We are self-employed and often work from home. We can therefore afford to dress in a more relaxed style than the classic "tailor and little black dress".

But the polyester flannel jogging does not suit us either!

In fact, nothing met our expectations. We wanted a comfortable, stylish garment with a reasonable environmental impact. So we decided to create it.

And to offer it to you at a reduced price of 25-35% off - exclusive price to Ulule!

The "Chic in Soft" Collection has been designed for women working from home who are in search for comfortable clothing that has style.

The adventure began a little over a year ago with the taste of comfort in mind.

Initially, the women we consulted told us they did not want:

  • elastic that cuts into the waist and deforms the silhouette
  • elastic that cuts the circulation at the ankles and distorts the silhouette
  • fabric that irritates the skin

They wanted:

  • comfort and style
  • a harmonious line to feel beautiful

Chic in Soft that's it! Comfort, a sober and elegant style and the happiness of contributing to a greener world.

Simply because bamboo is gentle on the skin AND for the planet!

Bamboo is the fastest growing plant on Earth, requiring no more than rain and sunlight to grow plentifully! No fertilizers, no pesticides, no water irrigation, thus no soil pollution, no soil erosion, no underground water pollution.

In addition to being gentle on the planet, bamboo textile is incredibly soft on the skin! It breathes well and brings us only comfort. That's why we chose bamboo!

By offering bamboo, Shoo-Foo helps to reduce toxins in the environment.

We decided to do more. We believe in the importance of forests for our health and the health of planet Earth. So we pledge to pay 5% of sales completed on Ulule to tree planting. The trees will be planted in collaboration with Jour de la Terre - Quebec and Trees Canada. We will plant "your" trees in the project of your choice!

We have pre-selected 3 reforestration projects and you can choose in which of these projects you want us to plant "your" trees! Each contribution is a gift for you and for the forest !

This is the magic number to allow our production to launch.

Today we come to a crucial stage of our project: the pre-launch. The Chic in Soft prototypes are complete, they have been tested and we cannot wait to share the result with you all.

At this stage, you can play a very important role for us. It is indeed thanks to your pre-orders that we will be able to finance the production of our very first collection.

To make this role enjoyable, we have created discounted offers. Indeed, by placing a pre-order on Ulule, you will benefit from a discount between 27 to 35% off the regular price in addition to enjoy a free delivery (in Canada and the United States).

A little secret: the rewards for Early Birds are the most advantageous!

We hope you will enjoy it and we thank you very much for your support and encouragement.


  • SIZES: You will not have to choose your size when ordering. At the end of the Ulule campaign, we will contact you by email for the choice of sizes.
  • FREE DELIVERY: We are offering free delivery in Canada and United States.
  • DATE OF DELIVERY: If the Ulule Campaign is a success, we will make the fabric in June, and the products during summer. Delivery will be in September 2018.
  • PRICES: Take advantage of Ulule prices which are 25 to 35% cheaper than the regular prices after the Ulule campaign.

What are the funds for?

About the project owner


The environmental cause has always been at the heart of my concerns. At 18, studying ecology was obvious to me. Very young already, it was a way of life, a conviction. Nature and exploration are part of my life, as are many Quebeckers.

After working in the national parks of Quebec as a naturalist guide, I began to realize my second passion, traveling.

I discovered China in 1983, an exciting culture full of natural resources.

In 2007, I discovered the bamboo fiber still little known at the time. This material was described as a soft, supple, resistant, antibacterial and environmentally friendly fiber. it was the click. I understood the potential of this new material. From there, I gave birth to Shoo-Foo, a home linen company made from bamboo fiber.

Following multiple requests, I decided to extend the project, creating with Jannie a collection of soft and stylish clothes for the home. For women working from home who do not want to always wear the same jogger, Chic in Soft is a solution to be both comfortable and elegant.


When we started working together, I was a student in Fashion & Design Management. I joined the Chic in Soft project for the pleasure of developing a product, from design, to the final result.

To work on the design of a garment, keeping in mind that a whole collection will result, pushes us to work with meticulousness.

Bamboo is a good option compared to traditional fibers. It's still considered a new fabric and need to be explore more. It's exciting to work on such an innovative product with such potential.

Thanks to my collaboration with Dany, I drew for the first time a project that will soon become real. It was exciting ! After drawing each piece and making the samples, we sent them to the factory to make the entire collection. Now, I cannot wait to see what's next. I cannot wait to present the result of our efforts and our love for this natural fiber!

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