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I am you

Am I really your best friend? Look inside this book and find out

About the project

Between 1996 and 1998, I made a series of photographs that I entitled “Concerning Dogs, the Gaze, and the Desire”.

This series was the one that saw my first steps in “the art world”. Since then, my work has been acquired by some of Spain’s most prestigious collections, including the MNCARS (Museo Nacional Reina Sofía in Madrid), the Madrid regional authority, and the Alcobendas Collection, among others.

Beginning around three years ago, I felt impelled to revisit those photographs with a view to re-engaging with my earlier work and diving a little deeper into that bottomless well of signifiers and signified.

What I would like to do is produce a limited edition book displaying the very best of the more recent dog photographs, plus the ones that were taken in 1996/98.

I’d like the book to have 40-45 photographs in all: 23 -28 of the more recent, full color ones taken over the past three years, along with 17 black and white pictures from the previous series. In addition, the book will feature a few texts that explore different aspects of the question of subjectivity.

Why this book?

Through photography, I often think that what we call “reality” does not exist, and that all we have to go by are interpretations of things that are conditioned by the place in which they are observed, the culture one belongs to, the ideological environment, etc. Taking pictures is what has led me to this conclusion. And that is why I am fascinated by photography, because it allows me to gain some insight on myself and the subjectivity of others.

The idea behind this project has its origin in my determination to understand a phobia. One day I came to understand a little better how “the structure of the phobia” worked and I realized that it was not the dogs that were causing this fear.

With this book, I would also like to acknowledge my debt to psychoanalysis, which enabled me to find my way in life and photography.

What are the funds for?

My goal is to produce a high-quality art book in an edition limited to 1,000 copies. If I can gather enough support, I would like it to feature a hardcover binding, be printed on high-quality (150 g.) paper, and sized at approximately 26 x 26 cm (10.2 x 10.2 in.). The photographs would bleed into the page margins and occupy between 120 and 135 pages. The more funding I get, the better the quality of the book will be.

The support I am asking for would cover 50% of the project, so if I managed to get a little more, this would be great.


- For 10€, I would be deeply grateful and I will send you a digital photograph from the book.

- For 30€, I will send you a copy of the signed book (+ delivery costs).

- For 40€, I will send you a copy of the signed book with your name on the last page thanking you as one of the book’s sponsors (+ delivery costs).

Apart from sending you a copy of the signed book, I have prepared the following rewards:

- For 70€, I will send you 1 photograph of one of the book’s best portraits. Photograph size 25 x 25 cm, image size 23 x 23 cm, signed and numbered, on Ilford barite paper with long-lasting pigmented inks. Edition limited to 150 copies (+ delivery costs).

This is the photograph:

- For 100€, I will send you a copy of the signed book + the 25 x 25 cm photograph, with your name as a sponsor (+ delivery costs).

- For 900€, I will send you the book’s most special photograph, the portrait of the dog on the cover, sized 100 x 100 cm, signed and numbered, on Ilford barite paper with long-lasting pigmented inks (edition limited to 12 copies + two artist’s proofs) + a copy of the signed book and your name as a sponsor on the last page of the book.

This is the photograph:

- For 1.200€, I will take a portrait of your own dog and send you 1 signed picture, sized 100 x 100 cm, on Ilford barite paper with long-lasting pigmented inks, if you authorize me to use this picture in a future book, project or exhibition, as well as your name on the last page as one of the book’s sponsors.  + a copy of the signed book .

About the project owner

Amparo Garrido is a visual artist who lives and works in Madrid.

Her work comprises of photographs and videos that can be seen inimportant collections such as the MNCARS (Museo Nacional Reina Sofía in Madrid), the Collection of the Madrid regional authority or the Coca-Cola Foundation, among others.

As a photographer, she was awarded the first prize in the ABC Photo Competition in 2001, and the second prize in the Purificación García Photography Competition in 2007, among others. This same year, she started exploring the world of video thanks to an Iniciarte grant from the Andalusia Regional Government.

She has done individual shows and participated in many group shows since 1986.

Her last individual shows include:

“Tiergarten: A German Romantic Garden”, Museum of Romanticism, Madrid (Spain), 2012;

“What I cannot speak about”, Ameba Studio, Athens (Greece), 2010;

“What I cannot speak about”, Galería Travesía Cuatro, Madrid (Spain), 2006-2007; and

“A Home is a Text”, Galería Travesía Cuatro, Madrid (Spain), 2004.

Some of her last group shows include:

"El Sur - Der Süden". Galerie Susanne Albrecht. Berlin 2013;

“VIVA Collections on Tour”. Fundación Lázaro Galdiano, Madrid (Spain), 2013;

“REGION CERO”, The Latino Video Art Festival of New York. King Juan Carlos I of Spain Center at NYU (USA), 2013;

“Four Women; a Video Art Sampler”. Contemporary Art Museum of Ibiza MACE (Spain), 2012;

“Indomitable Women”, Cinematheque of the Matadero, Madrid (Spain), 2012;

“1st MAV Video Marathon: What are you up to?” Casa Encendida, Madrid, 2012;

"In Castilian and other languages", Project Room Space, Longwood Art Gallery, The Bronx Council on the Arts, NY (USA), 2011;

“Destino/Zierlot Berlín”. Studio 1, Bethanien, Berlin (Germany), 2011;

“Ten Years of Contemporary Spanish Photography”, Coca-Cola Foundation Collection, Cervantes Institute Sao Paulo, Cervantes Institute Rio de Janeiro, Cervantes Institute Brasilia, and Cervantes Institute Salvador de Bahia (Brazil), 2011;

"The Magnificent City. Architectures in the Pilar Citoler Circa collection", Andalusian Centre of Photography, Almeria (Spain), 2011;

CIRCUS PROJECT 8th edition. II Video-art Exhibition, Wifredo Lam Center, Havana (Cuba), 2011; or

“Shadow Hunters”, curated by Rosa Olivares and organized by the SEACEX in various museums in Latin America, such as Mexico, Cuba, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Peru, Brazil, Panama or Costa Rica, in 2010.

Should you have any query, do not hesitate to contact me at:

[email protected]

Her work can be seen on: