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A ship for refugees

Be a part of the crowdfunding effort to fund the first rescue campaign of SOS MEDITERRANEE in partnership with Médecins du monde.

About the project

Since January 2015, over 100.000 people have risked their lives, leaving off the coast of Libya and crossing the Mediterranean Sea, hoping to find refuge in Europe. According to the OIM (the International Migrations Observatory), more than 2.500 refugees lost their lives in an attempt to reach European shores.
Given the current situation, the numerous shipwrecks and the lack of available resources, SOS MEDITERRANEE is launching a first European initiative for the rescue of refugees at sea, using a crowdfunding campaign.

Our objective: Unite and mobilize European citizens, to form a civil society initiative and consequently raise sufficient funds to launch our first sea rescue operation as soon as possible.

Credits : Captain Phillipe Martinez

The funds will be used to charter our first rescue ship, which will be leading the rescue efforts between the Italian and Libyan coasts.

We are working in partnership with Médecins du Monde, with whom the rescue operations will be run.

What are the funds for?

Credits : Captain Phillipe Martinez

The financial needs of this kind of undertaking are sizeable, as a ship has to be chartered or bought, the ship has to be technically equipped for sea rescue operations, a professional crew has to be recruited, a medical team is needed, and the logistics of the operation on both land and sea need to be established.
 For the first month of operation, we need one month of preparation for both the teams and the equipment.

In order to meet our goal we need you !

Credits : Captain Phillipe Martinez

Credits : Captain Phillipe Martinez

Credits : Captain Phillipe Martinez

Credits : Captain Phillipe Martinez

Your support is crucial. There’s no such thing as small contribution: it’s the involvement of many that will make a difference.

About the project owner

Crédits : Ole Ekhoff. SOS MEDITERRANEE - Launch conference of SOS MEDITERRANEE on may 9th 2015 (Europe day) in Berlin.

Created on May 9th 2015 in Berlin then Marseille in June, SOS MEDITERRANEE is a humanitarian association, politically and religiously independent, based on the principles of respect for human beings and their dignity, without partiality as concerns their nationality or origin, their social belonging, religious belief, political position or ethnic identity.  

The initiative is led by a group of European citizens with various professional backgrounds (naval, humanitarian, medical, legal etc…) in order to organize the rescue operations of refugees in distress on the Mediterranean Sea. Their goal is to also help those individuals benefit from a better protection once on land while also reporting their situation to the public.

The association is also hoping to open conversations between protagonists of the European, Mediterranean and African civil societies, all directly involved with the migratory issues currently affecting the Mediterranean Sea.

SOS MEDITERRANEE has set several aims:

➢ Save lives 

- Through maritime rescue operations for boats in distress

- By providing emergency medical assistance on board of the rescue ships

➢ Protect and Assist

- Through listening and providing psychological care

- Through guidance and accompaniment to the proper authorities and sources of information and by offering assistance once on European soil

➢ To testify about the realities and the many faces of migration

- To inform the public about the situation of refugees in the Mediterranean Sea, to pay tribute to those who died on their journey to Europe.

- To inform refugees in their home and/or transit countries of the realities of the access conditions to Europe and the risks of trying to cross the Mediterranean Sea. 

- To raise awareness amongst the public, European institutions and national governments about the consequences of their migratory policies.

The project was initiated by Klaus Vogel (Berlin), who was joined by Sophie Beau (Marseille). The other members of the association are citizens living in Germany, France, Italy and Greece.

 As the campaign moves along, we will introduce our teams and the supporting committee.