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Soolizi, my life, your life, life

Live your emotions, tell your memories, share them and pass them on !

About the project

Soolizi is an app and a website that allows you to capture and transmit your memories, all those details that make you unique.

Because it is important to remember each other and preserve the precious moments we have lived, Soolizi allows you to share your past, your present but also your future through photos, texts, books ...

Become part of the Soolizi community. Be one of the first members to join this unique experience to treasure your life story in the greatest authenticity.

Bring your memory to life

Share your memories and emotions

Select, archive and transmit your memories

Do this in a personalized and totally protected way

An app and website to capture and transmit your memories

A private and secure platform

An offer of attractive and predefined models

A tool for sharing and organizing your memories

A way of sharing your memories

To organize your memories in a few clicks using the bubble templates

A joy to experience, but also to share

To give meaning to your memory

For creating the "book" of my life

To participate in developing the memory of humanity

And not to forget that we are all unique and have our own story to tell and transmit.

What are the funds for?

Our goal is to raise a fund of €300,000 to continue the development of the functionalities and the publicity of the project and to release it in Autumn 2020, as planned.

First of all, this money will allow us to develop an easy-to-use tool with optimal security. We already have a competent team working on the tool, and we would like to increase our capacity with new members.

We need to communicate in order to make the project well-known to a greater public. Therefor we need to reach our funding goal.

This is a crucial moment in the history of Soolizi to prosper in the long term and to achieve the goals in a sustainable way.

The first level of success : We will be able to launch Soolizi as planned in the fall of 2020.

The 2nd level of ascension : Improving Soolizi to increase the quality of your experience tenfold.

The 3rd level of Infinity : We can launch Soolizi and offer you the opportunity to submit the functionality you would like to see and use in Soolizi!

25 euros: Real Soolizian !

Bring your support and we offer you a personalized Soolizi book (digital, models to choose from)

50 euros : Great Soolizian !

Bring your support and we offer you a personalized Soolizi book (digital, models to choose from) + 1 year subscription (Soolizi Life 5Go).

100 euros: Exceptionnal Soolizian!

We offer you a personalized Soolizi book (digital, models to choose from) + 2 years subscription (Soolizi Life 5Go) + "Ambassador" status (become a tester of the first versions and immortalize your name or nickname on the thank you page of the Soolizi app/website).

1 000 euros: Extraordinary Soolizian !

We offer you a personalized Soolizi book (digital, models to choose from) + 1 Soolizi Life Ad vitam aeternam subscription (for life) 500Go + "Ambassador" status (become a tester of the first versions and immortalize your name or nickname on the thank you page of the Soolizi app/website).

COUNTERPARTIE 25 e 50 100 e 000 Personalized Soolizi Book (digital) "Ambassador" status 1 year subscription Soolizi Life 5Go 2 years subscription Soolizi Life 5Go 1 subscription Soolizi Life 500Go Ad vitam geternam (for life)

*Ambassador status: become a tester of the first versions and immortalize your name or nickname on the thank you page of the Soolizi app/website.

In any case, we send you a huge thank you and a lot of love !

About the project owner

The project leader

Gaelle Anderson, is the project leader alongside her 10 partners from K2 Project.

"Sometimes we don't know the true value of a moment until it becomes a precious memory."

Gaelle Anderson describes herself as an underestimated person, having lived all her life as a quiet and discreet person surrounded by a few real friends, colleagues and people sharing her activities and affairs. She says she would love to be a serial entrepreneur, but that she is "a little too down-to-earth for that". Being European at heart, she has lived in Belgium, Great Britain, visited Spain, Bulgaria, Switzerland, Russia, Italy, Germany and now  she lives in France.

She is a devoted mother, sister and daughter and is also the managing director of three small businesses in France.

Can you tell us the origin of your project ?

Well, I came up with the idea for Soolizi in 2013, when a few people close to me passed away and I realized that not much of their life was left on this planet. We had our memories of shared moments, but nothing of their real personality or the stories they told from their perspective.

Then I realized that we know a lot about famous people or people who are supposed to have made history, but very little (except in anthropology or psychology books) about normal people, like you and me.

I came up with the idea of a website where people could write their history, past and present and update it as they live it.

Ordinary people should have a say in human history and so they would.

Sounds great...

Yes, but it's actually very specified in time and geography: my biography may interest my friends now and my family through a few generations, that's all.

Our present builds our past: the decisions we make now are going to be the results we see in our biographies. So it's about telling our life story, but also about how we want, or can, shape it and change things if we're not comfortable with them.

In short, Soolizi is a place where you write your story. You can share it now or later, but it is there, it exists.

Don't you think people are going to be afraid to write their own story on the Internet?

Well, first and most importantly, your writing is private unless you choose to share it.

Second, "only write what your grandmother wouldn't mind reading".

Thirdly, although we have chosen a very good encryption system and put in place many other means to ensure data protection, hackers will be able to penetrate it. If they can get into the Pentagon files, there is not much I can do more. This is a risk that we all face when we use the Internet. I tell myself that my life story and most of the other stories will perhaps interest 50 or 100 people, out of the 8 billion people on the planet.

Furthermore, we do not advise to reveal state or family secrets. Nevertheless, If you can get rid of secrets during your lifetime, you will live better.

Remember that briefly before the planecrash on 9/11, the people inside the planes called their loved ones to tell them how much they love them, and I think it should be the same when you write your story. Revenge stories are not about you, they're about someone else. So don't bother. Read the little "Guide for Life" that we give to all Soolizi members and you will understand.

But of course, you are free to write whatever you want, as long as it remains private.

Will Soolizi be free of charge ?

Nothing in life is free, everything is an exchange.

If I want to provide a site that is easy to use, with interesting tools and good graphics, I have to ask people to spend time developing it, and I have to pay them in exchange for their time and skills.

But I will try to keep the price affordable for most people and I have written in the legal documents that at least 30% of the profits will be reinvested in the project.

At first I wanted Soolizi to be a foundation, but I thought it would be more active and efficient as a company. We need to deliver a good product and gain the interest of more people.

For now we need 300,000 euros to stay independent for as long as possible.

Who's on Team Soolizi ?

There are 11 shareholders, people who like the project and believe in it but also want to participate financially.

Then we have a team of developers, marketing specialists, a legal team and infrastructure security specialists. Not all of them are working full time on Soolizi. This is just the beginning, but we are looking for funding to bring them on board permanently.

The first opinions on the Soolizi project

Soolizi is an essential application for Soolizi represents a real opportunity transmitting personalised to save time in creating memories information in a fun and secure way. while sharing unforgettable moments - Frangois with your loved ones. Beatrice In addition to perpetuating life's My aunt has had an extraordinary memories in a condensed form, life, would like my children to Soolizi offers impressive simplicity benefit from her experiences and and genealogica potential. knowledge. Abygaelle - Alexis

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