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Solidream - The movie

A friendship around the world by bike

About the project

New target : €14,000

Thanks to all of you who contributed in funding this project ! Our minimum target has been reached. But this campaign is not over because in getting more, we will be able to dream bigger for this movie.

This minimum target has allowed us to :
- buy a powerful computer and external hard drives for editing.
- be sure to order a minimum quantity of DVDs.
- confirm our collaboration with a professional musician for the sound tracks of film : Baptiste Thiry (

With you, we can be more ambitious and aim at the 14,000€ target in the next 40 days left. We will then be able to :
- Make the sound mastering done by a professional, to get an optimal result both on DVD and on cinema theatres.
- Be able to record the voice-over on high quality microphones, possibly in studio.
- Order maps and other animation effects of the movie to a professional motion designer.
- Have the images graded professionally, thus reaching a cinema looking image.

What is Solidream ?

 The team goes through the Cardamome jungle in Cambodia

For 3 years, we cycled around the world and 54,000 km (~33,500 miles). We left France in 2010 towards Western Africa, then reaching Ushuaia where we got on board of a sailboat to get to the Antarctic Peninsula, together with the former Kim crew. After we crossed all the Americas on bikes, we paddled down the Yukon River on a hand made raft that we built ourselves. Then, we arrived in Oceania and, finally, in South east Asia. We then pedalled across Asia and Europe to go back home in August 2013.

We had to face the heat of the Sahara desert and the Australian bush, the sultriness of the Amazon rainforest and the Cambodian jungle, the intense cold of the Bolivian Altiplano and the Ancient Tibet. With a daily €8 (~$10) budget, we lived on the road for three years and met an incredible amount of people. We've been hosted by Indian tribes in the Amazon or were blessed by the generosity of Kyrgyz nomads. Overall, more than 200 families offered to share their houses, hovels or yurts. Eventually, our adventure became an unforgettable journey.

The Solidream team paddling down the Yukon River in Canada

Goals of the project

In three years, we've shot more than 100 hours of film about our adventure on all the continents, while sharing the adventure with thousands around the world on our website. The goal of this crowdfunding project is to present the Solidream adventure in its fullest in a long movie, leaving a unique and quality testimony that will represent the values of our association : dreams, challenges and sharing.

We have several motivations that can be summed up as is :

  • Sharing images of faraway and beautiful landscapes, unforgettable encounters, the spirit of adventure and the friendship that made us possible to live three years in promiscuity and exceptional interdependance.
  • Testify of the hospitality and generosity of the people around the world, as well as the determination and the will to tackle quirky challenges.
  • Inspire people to turn their lives into a dream, and that dream, into a reality.
  • Encourage people to open their doors and their heart to travellers of the world.
  • Offer an alternative concept for travelling : the one of visiting civilizations as equal human peers, away from touristic artifacts.

What are the funds for?

Our budget is small but our ambition is big. As independant film makers, we cannot handle the production costs of a professional ambition. That's where your help comes in, to improve quality and make us able to create a high value film : we will need to buy the necessary equipment and surround ourselves with professionals of the film industry to achieve that quality. The funds will also make us able to produce the copies of the DVDs of the film.

  • Editing : iMac coputer, hard drive, editing software license.
  • Music : acquiring music rights can be expensive. The more money we get, the best the music will be !
  • Post production : sound dubbing, colour grading (we will need a professional) and licenses for the necessary software.
  • Digital Cinema Package : it is costly to produce but will help us show the movie in theatres
  • Pressing : the production of the DVD copies with a third-party industrial partner. The more money we get, the more we will be able to produce. 

About the project owner

For most of us, we've been friends since childhood. We travelled together and already published a photo book with a French publisher called Transboréal. We've always taken great care of producing high quality material and being sincere in our testimonies. We will lead this project in the same spirit when we will be writing the scenario, editing or any other technical difficulties linked to this project. As amateurs, we know the difficulties ahead and that's when this crowfdunding project becomes necessary.

Cycling round the world is a Solidream project that has been supported by many companies and donators during the adventure, the list is here : 

Donators and patrons

On the social networks, they are thousands to follow the project :
Facebook and the fan pageOn Twitter, Flickr or Google +

Our videos, overall seen more than 200,000 times : Youtube & Vimeo

But also in the French and international media


If you still have an unanswered question, feel free to ask the project owner directly.

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