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Youth in Action in Social Tech

Tackling Sexual Harresment in Ivory Coast - February 2018

  • Des News!! La Table Ronde sur le harcèlement sexuel chez les Jeunes. Le projet prend forme...

    Dans le cadre de la célébration de la journée internationale des droits de la femme, nous avons lancé le projet autour d'une table ronde dénommée "On Va Gbayé" en Nouchi un dialecte local Ivoirien qui signifie "Il est temps de parlé"

    30 filles/femmes appartenant à diverses couches sociales sont venues échanger autour du thème du "Harcèlement Sexuel chez les Jeunes" toutes avaient une histoire à raconter.

  • T H A N K Y O U


    To all I want to say a BIG thank you! last night  104% were reached. Thanks to all of you who have believed in my project, the Youth acting in Social Tech project will see the light.

    From February the Train & Travel team will start working on the design of the 12 workshops and the sponsorship. Of course you will be kept informed of the progress of the project, step by step.

    As soon as this first job is done, I will focus on the gifts you will receive by the month of April / at the latest July. Then we will launch the training, early July, hopefully.

    In the meantime, I wish you all a happy new year. For my part, I will take a few days off to come back with new ideas next week!

    1000 thanks again for your support and encouragement ;-)

    See you soon !


  • Happy new Year !! thank you, will we reach our target?

    We'v reached 58% in just 20 hours !

    We can not keep up the pace! We are already at 58% of the total budget of the Youth in Social-Tech project.

    Will we be able to reach our target before January 3rd?

     While we are writing to you here we are at 60%!

    How not to say it again and again: THANK YOU! and Happy New Year 2018 !!!

  • J-5

    Nous sommes à J-5 avant la fin de la campagne. Il reste 44% du budget à boucler et c'est tout à fait faisable ! Vous avez fait confiance au projet et vous êtes les meilleur(e)s ambassadeurs.ices pour en parler autour de vous.

    Nous avons jusqu'à Mercredi 3 janvier soir minuit pour fédérer autour de l'entrepreneuriat féminin. Alors je compte sur vous !!! 

  • We can do it !

    Well ... We have 52% remaining before tour taget in just 6 days ...... We are waiting for the miracle, and we admit a part of us is not quite resigned yet;) Whatever happens ... THANK YOU TO ALL WHO BELIEVED IN US! Thanks to you, our 13 contributors, it's 52% of the goal collected! You are super generous !!!

    We will meet again tomorrow in 6 days for the balance sheet and for the honor we continue to share :-) Thank you !!