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Sobre Sordos

Support our music project, by contributing to our first album!

About the project

Welcome to the crowdfunding campaign of Sobre Sordos' album.
We've finished recording, mixing and mastering, all self-produced, and are now reaching the end of the line!

With your help we will be able to finish the album, press and print the Double-CDs and Triple-Vinyl.

To know more, please explore this page, check out the rewards on the right, and of course, if you have any question, do not hesitate to contact us!

Through its eclectic musical universe, Sobre Sordos explores the imageries of beings inhabiting a few steps alongside the world surrounding them.

A polyglot (French, Italian, Spanish, English) and polymorphic writing, rooted in a multi-textured visual and sound identity, scratches the surface of their perceptions, fears and desires.

Sobre Sordos is a hybrid songs project, musical and visual, by

Ignacio Plaza Ponce
(Lyrics and music / Piano / Rhodes / Synth / Vocals)
Giustino De Michele
(Lyrics and music / Vocals)
Damien Serban
(Graphic art / Video / Digital art)

For the recording of the album we surrounded ourselves with sharp musicians from the jazz and contemporary music scene:

Simon Drappier / Double bass
Clément Petit / Cello
Sylvain Rabourdin / Violin
Bartolomeo Barenghi / Guitars
Matteo Pastorino / Clarinets
Hugues Mayot / Saxophones
Sophie Bernado / Bassoon
Joce Mienniel / Flutes
Fidel Fourneyron / Trombone
Aymeric Avice / Trumpet / Flugelhorn
Elsa Birgé / Vocals

Mix and mastering by Pierre Jacquot (Studio Pierre Jacquot)
Sound recording by Fred Mateu (Studio La Boïte à Meuh)
Additional sound recording by Matthieu Maestracci (Studio Montmartre Recording)
and Antoine Karacostas (Studio Aéronef)

The visual work is also a hybrid of diverse inspirations (from traditional etching to pixel-crushing digital experimentations).

The experimental films projected and manipulated live bring an intuitive vision, sometimes abstract, sometimes figurative, opening the doors to possible interpretations and weaving a sensorial narration during the performing shows.

We've just finished the mastering of the 26 songs in the album, and want to release them in Double-CD and Triple-Vinyl formats.

In addition to the teaser video at the top of this page, here are 3 songs from the album, with the videos projected during the live performances!

 PioveFugueTropas nevadas
que llegan al fronte


And also mark your calendars:




5 rue du Plateau
75019 - Paris



What are the funds for?

Finishing the album, Pressing and Printing
1000 Double-CDs and 300 Triple-Vinyl.

The visuals of the CDs and Vinyl records' covers will be printed on quality reversed carboard, for a matte render and a smooth grain to the touch.

Here is a simulation of the CDs:

Here is a simulation of the Vinyls:

If you wish, you can receive your CDs or Vinyls in a tote bag created for this campaign, with our logo designed by Damien Serban with the traditional technique of monoprint.

It will be produced in France on organic cotton bags, with another artisanal technique : serigraphy (screen printing), in anthracite blue or bordeaux purple.
Here is a simulation of these Tote Bags:

The album cover is a digital creation mixing 3d modeling, monoprints, paintings and photographic textures. We decided to make a Fine Art Photographic Print of it, 30x40cm, on Hahnemühle Fine Art Pearl 285 g/m² paper, laminated on an Aluminium Sheet 1mm thick. This numbered limited run of 20 copies will be made with Epson UltraChrome HDR technology and will have the Art-Trust® certification, guaranteeing a superior quality.

Amongst the different techniques used, some monoprints were created by Damien Serban. A few were directly integrated in the image of the cover (jellyfish, textures...), others are studies which ended up not being used, but we decided to allow you to enjoy them.
This is why 6 Original Monoprints (each unique piece was printed on Arches or Hahnemühle on an etching press) are available!

If you choose this reward, please make sure you select the number of the monoprint you wish to acquire (if it is still available).

Click on the image below to see them bigger:

In addition to the mentioned rewards, for all contribution to our crowdfunding you will receive a link to download the album in high quality digital files (FLAC and MP3 320 kbps).

If you have any question or comment, please contact us!

About the project owner

Photo by Benjamin Torres

Sobre Sordos was born out of a meeting between Ignacio Plaza Ponce and Giustino De Michele, set off by a vegetable exchange at the Belleville market in Paris more than 10 years ago, hardened by a Sardinian sleepwalking, premonitory.

Following the long gestation of a first song, more and more lyrics and compositions are born, written by them between Paris and Tuscany.

A diptych, a triptych takes shape.

This crowd of songs demands a visual body which Damien Serban weaves : experimental videos projected live, music videos, 3D architectures, creatures drawn on zinc plates...

The music gets richer with the participation of 12 musicians, some of them partners of Ignacio's silent film concerts, other chosen with care amongst the jazz and contemporary music scene, and also a few loves at first sight. They multiply the tones and shape the arrangements during a massive recording session.

After a careful mixing the 26 songs of Sobre Sordos' first album are ready to run the streets.

The only thing left to do is taking part in the story!

The crowdfunding campaign is managed by Biombos, non profit organization. Created 3 years ago, it helps the project Sobre Sordos, produces and distributes it. Today the organization is operated by a team of volunteers who wish to support the creation of artistic projects of the kind of Sobre Sordos.

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