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Europe's street music in a VAN

Travelling through Europe to find the best street musicians and tell you their stories!

About the project


Hi, my name is Marten!
I’m a record producer with a mission:

I converted an old VW ice-cream truck into a mobile recording studio with solar panels on top and a small bed inside. In this VAN I want to travel Europe to find the most authentic street musicians of the continent, record their music and share their stories with you and the world.

Maybe the connective power of music has never been as important as it is today.
That´s why I’ll leave on the 12th of May 2017 to make this mission reality. I want to bring Europe closer together by sharing true stories of music making from every corner of the continent. And finally store these memories on a double vinyl album and a photo documentary book.

This campaign is the first major step!

So, please donate and experience street music from an unusual perspective,
discover music so pure and rough we all might have ignored a thousand times before.
Thank you so much!

Du verstehst nur Bahnhof? Du kannst die Sprache ganz unten auf der Seite anpassen.



It all started two years ago when I met a person I will never forget. There was this old, long bearded man singing in the streets of Groningen (NL) with only his guitar and his voice in front of almost no audience. What I heard was so authentic and so pure, I was caught immediately. I knew I had to record this man. And some weeks later, we recorded his first album together. This was the begin of a very special friendship.
Later I realised that his music wouldn't be the only secret beauty, hidden in the streets of our cities.

Christiaan Mauer, Groningen (NL)

Michael, Glasgow (UK)


I will take you behind the scenes from the start. I will document this project in a vlog series containing mini documentaries for every musician, everyday vanlife struggles, amazing recording sessions, awesome travel highlights and most certain some mental meltdowns. 

Travelling Europe recording street musicians sounds like fun – and it is. But there is a much deeper mission behind it. I want to bring Europe closer together by sharing true stories of music making from all across Europe. And finally store these memories on a double vinyl album and a photo documentary book. Like I said it’s not just a journey – it’s a collection of the best songs played in the streets of Europe.


I knew this project would be a major challenge, so I´ve done my homework and been to several try-outs to test if this all would be even possbile. I've been to five countries, lived in the van for one month straight, met amazing people and recorded beautiful songs. 
Now it's time making this mission reality. The van is ready the toothbrush is packed. Please help me to get on the road by buying me a few liters of diesel.

Limerance, Liverpool (UK)

During my tryouts I could record some amazing songs with incredible musicians. But you won’t believe all the different kinds of people you meet when you randomly talk to local musicians on the streets. It surprises me everytime. I’ve met people who prefer to live outside in a small allotment, or people who used to sell drugs and run nightclubs before they got into music. They all have something to tell. And this is what I want to share with you. I can’t wait to step in the van again.

I’ll start in the northern countries, continue in the east and follow the sun south as it gets colder. But I’m not sure how it goes during winter. I’ll just go with the flow. But if everything goes well, I’ll be done during summer 2018.

So now: the van is ready, the equipment is tested and the toothbrush is packed.
I'm only looking for people who would like to support this project and buy me a few kilometers diesel or a ferry ticket. In return your name could be on the van, or you could receive a personal written postcard from a random place in Europe, or even get an exclusively brewed beer-liqueur. 
Visit to join the journey and help me getting this project to the streets.




What are the funds for?

This is the project kick-off! With this amount we can bring half of all countries of the European Union together. From Bukarest to Dublin and from Helsinki to Lisbon.
Most of the money is needed for transport (Diesel, ferry-, parkingtickets, toll roads) and technical equipment such as video cameras, audio equipment and insurances.
My personal expenses during that period are covered by a scholarship from the university of Witten, luckily!

Basic project kick off:

  • 6 months
  • approx. 20.000km
  • 15 countries of the European Union
  • 15+ musicians
  • vlog series
  • digital release

OMG this is AWESOME!!!
This is the real deal! Street muscians from every country of the European Union brought together in one album. Beautifully captured with high quality cameras and stored on vinyl and a photo documentary book.

The REAL deal!

  • 12 months
  • approx. 40.000km
  • Every country of the European Union
  • 30+ musicians
  • vlog series
  • release on vinyl 
  • photo documentary book

Make it complete! Let´s add Norway, Switzerland and Iceland to this journey!
If we reach that goal I will tattoo the van on my ass and make a live stream from it. 
No, I'm not kidding.

Unfornately I cannot keep the full amount. Not even close actually. 

About the project owner


Authenticity is important for this project. There is no big media firm or marketing agency behind this project, just one adventures record producer who wants to bring Europe a bit closer together. To keep this independence this crowdfunding campaign is essential. 

Check out:

Thanks to everyone helping and participating!




If you still have an unanswered question, feel free to ask the project owner directly.

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