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About the project

photo by BECKY YEE

After 3 EP's alone, under the name Slim Paul, I decided it was time to release my first LP, a real album. Indeed, under the impulse and experience acquired with my Blueshiphop project Scarecrow , I was definitly down to pass to serious things. For a year, I searched in my drawers and filled tons of notebooks. I went to New York to meet me again, perfect my style.

from the "No Yet Man" EP, 2017

Upon my return, I set up my trio. Mr. Jamo, whom you surely know as a bass player of Scarecrow, will be on drums, and his foreman, Monsieur Manu Panier, will sometimes be on bass, sometimes on double bass. The Blues will always be the root of my music.

Live Video of "Lady Sorrow", who will be in the album "DEAD ALREADY"

The Blues is my religion. But this album will not be an album of Blues, it has the only pretension to become an album of Slim Paul, the one who will lay the foundations of my sound, the one that tells my life, through the multiple musical influences, often Afro-American I admit, that lulled my course.

Today, I need you to help me start this new adventure.

What are the funds for?


I chose to record my first album at the Elixir and Face B studios in Toulouse, France. We are going to work with Mr. Manu Cabrol, who is not on his first try, for recording and mixing and then we will send the album to Brooklyn, New York, to Sterling Sound Studios where the great Chris Gueringher will take care of the mastering.

                                                                                                                              ELIXIR studio     

Because renting the services of quality studios like these for a month is unaffordable (for a bluesman !), We will do it in 5 days !! Yes, 13 tracks, 5 days ... The songs are in preparation for a year. If it can reassure you ...

Your help will help us pay for the recording and mastering services at first. And if the initial amount was exceeded, it would allow us to sharpen our weapons of the stage for the first tour of the trio. By this I mean that the money invested by you will always be at the service of the project, whether in merchandising or in instruments.


About the project owner


If you still have an unanswered question, feel free to ask the project owner directly.

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