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Skills for Change

Empowering most disadvantaged youth in Bwaise- Kampala's (Uganda) poorest slum area

About the project

Our goal is to provide disadvantaged youth living in Bwaise, one of Uganda’s largest and poorest slums, with the opportunity to attend free four-months long vocational courses.with tools and skills that are necessary for employment and their professional development. Last year nearly 600 youths graduated from courses in tailoring and fashion design, photo & video editing, catering & food services, graphic design, cosmetology, hairdressing, and electronics.

100 % of the money fundraised here will go solely to buying the necessary material to organize courses!!!

“Cultures of the World” Foundation (Fundacja "Kultury Świata") /Poland/ in a partnership with Action for Fundamental Change (AFFCAD) /Uganda/  has received a grant from the development cooperation programme of Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs (POLISHAID). The two organizations will work hand in hand to implement the project "Chance for the youth of Bwasie. Vocational education and support of entrepreneurship in the biggest slum of Kampala". It seeks to improve long term  job opportunities for vulnerable and underpriviledged youth residing in the poorest areas of Uganda's capital city- Kampala. The program of the  Bwaise Youth Employment Centre (BYEC), successfully established by AFFCAD in 2013, in 2015 will provide vocational training in 7 areas, depending on interests and talents of its students. Vocational training will be accompanied by a coherent set of seminars that include enterpreneurship, leadership and financial literacy skills, which allow students to gain knowledege necessary to undesrtand basics of profitable businesses planning, management and marketing of their economic acitivities. Finally, it will create an opportunity for the most innovative and engaged students to start up their own businesses by competing for small grants, as well as providing guidance and support in establishing and managing their start ups.

The centre is now ready to start up a new round of courses! We are excited to welcome in June 340 new students. However, before the center starts operating we have to fundraise for tools for social change!

BYEC 2014 results

Bwaise Youth Employment Centre (BYEC) provides disadvantaged youth living in Bwaise, one of Uganda’s largest and poorest slums, with the opportunity to attend free four-months long vocational courses. Last year nearly 600 youths graduated from the BYEC courses in: tailoring and fashion design, photo & video editing, catering & food services, graphic design, cosmetology, hairdressing, and electronics, local crafts and arts. Additionally, over 80% of students took part in an intership program facilitated by BYEC staff, which seeks to link BYEC fresh graduates with the  local job market. Most importantly however,  almost 70% of BYEC graduates have found employment in the area of their vocational training within 2 months after completion of the BYEC trainings and internship program being either retained in the place of their internship, finding new employers or setting up their own small businesses.

Before the centre starts the new round of  courses we need to buy new materials and tools used during the courses as the part of projects’ local partner contribution.

AFFCAD, our Ugandan partner, needs your help! 100% of the money fundraised here will go solely to buying the necessary materials that will be used by the students during their practical training at BYEC.

                                                       Let’s try to get them tools for social change!

Voices of BYEC students- testimonies:

Namutebi Lukaya


My name is Namutebi Lukaya, a 26 year-old mother of three. I graduated from BYEC in 2014 after having finished a course in tailoring. Because of a lack of finances, I have never been able to attend secondary school. Therefore, I mostly stayed at home because of a lack of opportunities. That was before I was given the chance to study at BYEC. Today my life has improved tremendously. Because I was one of the best trainees at the centre, I was awarded a tailoring machine that has allowed me to start up my own tailoring business from home. Contracts to create school uniforms today make it possible for me to pay school tuition for one of my children, something I am extremely grateful for. BYEC has not only changed my life and my family’s financial situation, but also helped me  find  passion in life. My dream is to become a designer and start up my own fashion company. By doing this I not only hope to show my designs to the world, but also help people in difficult positions by offering training opportunities and employment just as BYEC did for me."

Katwuma Shafic

"Hi, I am Katwuma Shafic but friend call me Shaficity, one of the pioneers of Bwaise Youth Employment Centre (BYEC) offering, among others, electronic engineering course. Before I came to the centre, I had just finished my secondary school exams, having very limited knowledge about my personal skills as well as what I can do to earn money to sustain myself. Then a friend of the family told me about the BYEC. I started to meet different people, made new friends who have given me advice and shared their life stories, too often very drastic stories about growing up in difficult environment. It made me understand better that I am not alone with my struggles. I got elected assistant speaker and chairman of the students’ council which also improved my leadership skills and gave me more confidence in working with people. Being a student at BYEC helped me not only to develop my skills in electronic engineering but also has changed greatly my social life as an individual through various activities that included personal counseling, lectures, meeting with interesting speakers. I have also learned how to draw business plans and saving schemes. After my internship I got retained at the same place (2KM ELECTRONIC ENGINEERING) where I continued to grow professionally in electronic engineering and customer care. Currently I am running my own small business- it’s doing well and it’s still growing. I would like to that my BYEC teacher and supervisor Mr. Mulika Ashiraf, management of BYEC, fellow student- all of them who helped me to reach this far in my career as an electronic engineer- may Allah bless you!"

Mohammed Rashid

"Hi everyone - my name is Mohammed Rashid, known mostly as Softstone Nyobobo. I got to know about the BYEC programme from my close friends Paul and Shamirah who told me there was an open  chance for those who would like to further their education, an exceptional occasion as it is free of charge. They have explained me a lot about BYEC- about the idea of training young people in different fields like hairdressing and cosmetology, cooking and catering, graphic design, electronic repair, local arts and crafts ect. Among the courses offered I was much interested from the start in graphic design course since I already has some idea that this is where the world is going. Unfortunately, I had no real knowledge about it.  I made an appointment with my friends so that they could take me to the BYEC for my registration.  On the arrival I remember being warmly welcomed by Madame Jackie who gave us the forms to fill in and helped us with full registration formalities. I was lucky, it was a last minute call and already next Monday we started the lectures that took over 3 months and gave us hands in experience in computer graphic design, learning programs like Photoshop, Illustrator, Corel X5 and other. After a few weeks I was able already to design things like banners, business cards, calendars, signposts, billboards, receipt books ect. I would like to thank to the staff and the entire management of BYEC, especially my teachers who has greatly broadened my mind and helped me to become who I am today. I am still working for the company I did my internship with and I feel that I am growing more and more into the profession I have learned first at BYEC. Thank you!"

What are the funds for?

100% of the funds will be used to supply BYEC with materials necessary to run the courses for the 300 students. They are essential in order to be able to put in practice the newly acquired knowledge and skills. Materials will include:

- for local arts and crafts: materials used for jelewery, shoe and accessories' production

- for cooking and catering: mostly food supplies as well as small kitchen utensils

- for electronic repair: old phones, radios, screens ect.

- for hairdressing and cosmetology: cosmetics and minor essential tools

- for graphic design: mostly only printing materials

- for tailoring and fashion design: mostly cloth as well as other minor essential tailoring materials 

- for video shooting and photo editing: DVD's and minor additional equipment

We would like to thank you for your contribution to the project!  All the gifts to our dear supporters will be produced by UNIQUE AFFCAD - a tailoring shop located in Bwaise, launched in 2014 as a part of our first cooperation project between Cultures of the World Foundation and Action for Fundamental Change and Development. UNIQUE AFFCAD seeks to ensure sustainable growth of AFFCAD as well as supports BYEC students - it employs former BYEC students, offers internships as well as space to sell off their products on the local market.  

About the project owner

Our crew:

Aleksandra Gutowska - president of the board and project manager of the "Cultures of the World" Foundation (CWF) since 2009. Currently she manages two development cooperation projects, one in Tanzania, and the second one in Uganda (with AFFCAD).

Aleksandra Kraszkiewicz - co-worker of the "Cultures of the World" Foundation (CWF) and volunteer of AFFCAD. She has been volunteer in the frame of the programme of Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs called: Wolontariat Polska Pomoc 2014, and currently she is involved in the project implemented jointly by CWF and AFFCAD.

Muhammed Kisirisa - one of Action for Fundacmental Change and Development (AFFCAD) founders and it's CEO since 2009. Muhammed is responsible for various projects and initiatives carried out by AFFCAD. Currently he is implementation specialist within the project implemented jointly by CWF and AFFCAD.

Brain Baya - one of Action for Fundacmental Change and Development (AFFCAD) founders and it's financial officer. Brain is working for several NGO's in Kampala sharing his expertise in finance and accounting. Currently he is grants manager (seed fund for some of the BYEC students) within the project implemented jointly by CWF and AFFCAD.

Nyombi Jaffar Tazan Mwavutakwana - one of Action for Fundacmental Change and Development (AFFCAD) founders and it's community relations officer. Jaffar is very active in educational and promotional activities of AFFCAD. Currently he is responsible for community mobilization within the project implemented jointly by CWF and AFFCAD.

Elizabeth Parker - founder and director of AFFCAD UK. Liz decided to volunteer with AFFCAD in the summer of 2014 and soon became good friends with the founders and the whole AFFCAD family. After listening to the stories of the child sex workers and witnessing the poverty her friends face first hand, Liz was compelled to continue supporting AFFCAD from London. Continuing with the theme of empowering young people, Liz decided to involve her students at James Allen's Girls' School and started AFFCAD UK.

  (Aleksandra Gutowska and Muhammed Kisirisa)

  (Nyombi Jaffar Tazan Mwavutakwana, Liz Parker and Muhammed Kisirisa)

(Muhammed Kisirisa, Brian Baya, Nyombi Jaffar Tazan Mwavutakwana, Aleksandra Kraszkiewicz and Richard Kafuma)

More about "Cultures of the World" Foundation (Fundacja "Kultury Świata"): www.kulturyswiata.org

“Cultures of the World” Foundation is Polish non-governmental organization which was founded in 2009. It's mission is to promote intercultural exchange and education between representatives of different cultures through global development education projects, development cooperation, expeditions and research projects, as well as social campaigns and cultural initiatives. It is implementing development cooperation and volunteering projects in various areas: health care, education, environmental protection and in different countries all over the world, in Africa (Cameroun, Senegal, Tanzania and Uganda), in Asia (Cambodia, India and Myanmar) and South America (Argentina and Brazil). "Cultures of the World" Foundation is experienced in global and intercultural education projects and initiatives (see more: www.teatrzyk.kulturyswiata.org or www.heroines.kulturyswiata.org).

More about AFFCAD: www.affcad.org

AFFCAD is a grassroot organization founded in 2009 by 4 young man born and raised in the Bwaise slum with a mandate to empower slum communities to end poverty by promoting local self-reliance and prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS. Among our activities, AFFCAD runs Bwaise Youth Employment Centre that provides disadvantaged slum youth with vocational, leadership and entrepreneurship skills. The organization also runs Excel Education Centre, the only toll free community school attended by over 200 orphans and vulnerable children. AFFCAD offers as well HIV/AIDS prevention and reproductive health workshops, trains youth to serve as peer educators, distributes condoms and informational materials. Recognizing the strong link between HIV/AIDS and poverty, the organization empowers women to launch small businesses through entrepreneurship trainings and  micro loans programs. To learn more about AFFCAD see a short documentary at : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S3p8uRYOWGY

More about AFFCAD UK:http://affcaduk.org/     and      https://www.facebook.com/affcaduk?fref=ts

More about BYEC:https://www.facebook.com/pages/Bwaise-Youth-Employment-Centre/517666821636465?fref=ts

More about the project :http://www.kulturyswiata.org/co-robimy/projekty-biezace/szansa-dla-mlodych-w-bwaise-edukacja-zawodowa-i-wsparcie-przedsiebiorczosci-w-najwiekszym-slumsie-kampali

The project is co-financed by the Polish development cooperation programme of the Ministry of Foreign Affiars of the Republic of Poland.