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Prisoner of the mind

About the project

Singularity is a Sci-Fi short movie written and directed by Greg Tosolini. It is the fourth project developed by Farcaster Films, a production association founded by Ludovic Roussaux, also line producer on the project.

Here is the synopsis:

Duncan Singer is a special agent in charge of recovering a sensitive technology: A device containing the digitized mind of a man artificially maintained between life and death. Things get complicated when Singer loses his teammates and finds himself trapped in a ruined building surrounded by mercenaries trying to get their hands on the prototype.
While the situation seems hopeless, Singer has no choice but to contact the entity to find a means of escape.

The film is inspired by various works, both film and literary, from Christopher Nolan's Inception to UBIK by Philip K. Dick through Blade Runner by Ridley Scott.
As the references indicate, Singularity is a film that deals with reality and its multiple facets while remaining rooted in the more traditional thriller genre.
The story follows Duncan Singer, whose mission is a complete failure. He will have no alternative but to place his life in the hands of the artificial entity he was supposed to protect and who is held in a simulation.

Singularitywill be the fourth project directed by Greg Tosolini after WormEater a music video made during a festival organized by Nine Inch Nails in 2008, The Vagrant, an experimental short film made in 2010 and The Aftermath, a post-apocalyptic short completed in 2011 and already selected in many festivals including "The fantastic film week" in Nice or "The last night before the Apocalypse" in Lyon.

The film will be shot entirely in english in the first week of December in both studio and natural set in the Nice area on the french riviera. The cast brings together three talented actors: Spencer Austin, Michael Macqueen and Roxana Zachos.


  • Spencer Austin as Duncan Singer

Spencer Austin on IMDB

  • Michael Macqueen as TheEntity

Michael Macqueen on IMDB

  • Roxana Zachos as The Psychic

Roxana Zachos on IMDB


To achieve the best visual ambitions of such a project, Farcaster Films chose to shoot Singularity with the latest high-definition digital camera out from Sony's workshops: The NEX FS700.
We have just purchased a copy of the FS700 and a number of accessories like special lenses. Farcaster Films also have other material inputs such that the entire post-production equipment (sound and image) or a studio in which a part of the film will be shot.

The NEX FS 700 during a test

Wall texturing test and the same part of the set under construction.

This leads us to a simple and legitimate question: Why do we need your support?

What are the funds for?

Beyond the input material, Singularity is produced by Farcaster Films up to 8 000 euros which are already partially invested in the set construction and in the SFX makeup, however we need 3000 additional euros to complete the total budget of 11 000 euros by the shooting and this is where you come in!

The 3000 euros that we seek to collect will help us to rent the grip and lightning equipment necessary for the proper realisation of the project. Outside projectors and other essential tools, we plan to rent a dolly with a motorized arm and the accompanying traveling rails, which amounts to an average of 1 500 euros per week rental fee only for the dolly and the rails.

Camera dolly: Chapman Hybrid III

About the project owner

Farcaster Films is an independent production association founded by Ludovic Roussaux and Greg Tosolini in order to develop original projects wich are not matching the criteria of granting committees. Based in Nice, the association has a majority of local technicians but also uses different talents both in France and abroad.
For more information: www.farcasterfilms.com or our facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/FarcasterFilms


Greg Tosolini, 26, is the writer and director of Singularity. Following his studies, he worked on various shoots of short films, music videos and TV series, often as an assistant director and storyboard artist. In 2007, he participated in a master class led by Abbas Kiarostami (Golden Palm in 1997 for The taste of cherry) for who he was camera operator during the filming of an experimental short film produced as part of the master class. It was in 2008 that Greg Tosolini really debuted as director with WormEater a clip for the Ghost Film Festival organized by the band Nine Inch Nails. He continued in 2010 with The Vagrant, a surreal fable featuring the latest android living on Earth and responsible for carrying an ultimate mission. He made his last short film to date in 2011: The Aftermath is by far the most ambitious project directed by Greg Tosolini and the Farcaster Films team. The film takes us years after the beginning of the 3rd World War, in the heart of Reticuli 7, a fallout shelter undergoing a mysterious phenomenon.

Greg Tosolini on IMDB

  • SHOWREEL 2012

  • The Aftermath (2011)


  • The Vagrant (2010)


  • WormEater (2008)


Incomplete for the moment, the technical crew is expected to grow in the coming weeks with the arrival of people in positions of SFX artist, fireworks artist and composer.

Producer / Sound Director: Stéphane Blanchardon


Line Producer / Director of Photography: Ludovic Roussaux


Editing / Continuity: Sophie Daniels


Designer / Electrician: Julien Tosolini


Assistant Director: Maxime Salle


Thank you in advance for your support.

The Farcaster Films team