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Silex free website builder

Silex the free and open source website builder

About the project

Silex is a free and open-source website builder and an alternative to Wix. It inherits its spirit from the DIY and web maker movement, inspired by Mozilla and ownCloud.

Silex (https://www.silex.me/) is a free and open source website builder. Since 2009, designers, entrepreneurs, web developers use Silex to create professional showcase websites, starting from a blank page or on the basis of sample provided free templates.

Behind Silex, there’s a non profit organization, Silex Labs, that ensures Silex remains free, that it respects your privacy and web standards. On the other hand, we use Silex to initiate beginners to the web business, Silex being  a source of motivation and a tool to fight the digital divide.

And finally, we invite Silex on your visitors phones by adding a publisher allowing to optimize the mobile version of your websites.

The majority of funds will be donated to the association and this new communication experience with Silex users will guide us in further developments.

What are the funds for?

1.500 € => e-inclusion and cloud: Thanks to you, we will organise 5 workshops to initiate people victim of the digital divide to Silex. For you, we will add new services to store your data and to collaborate such as Github or Owncloud. 

2.000 € => 5 free templates:  We will create 3 CV and 2 business templates 

3.000 € => Documentation: If we reach this goal, we will create a website to host documentation and tutorials for Silex in different languages (French, English)

4.500 € => Responsive: We will add a responsive mode to Silex so that you will be able to create websites that will adjust to smartphones. 5 free templates will be add to the database.

About the project owner

Crowdfunding video

Subscritption for the free webinar #2 Silex on April 26th

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What is Silex Labs?

Silex Labs is a non profit organization,

Silex Labs is dedicated to helping open source communities. Our main objective is to share, sustain and expand free and open source projects.


We organize workshops, contributhons, conferences and after-work meet-ups about open source projects languages and methodologies.
We are heavily involved in the creation and the development of free and open source projects.


We believe that contributions and events can change everyone’s life :
By creating the best tools available on the internet and keeping them free.
By giving people a better understanding of the new technologies and how to use them.

Our goals:

Share our inspiration and our knowledge with everyone.
Help people take control over their digital and professional lives.
Contribute for a free and better World Wide Web.
Build human networks and inspire people.

If you want to change the world, contribute and show others how good it is to contribute. We are hiring the best volunteers who want to share opinions, knowledge, and good time!